1505 0 obj <> endobj Taking a test tomorrow? The correctional officer also needs excellent communication skills; again, this relates to life experience.

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The Probation Officer Examination consists of multiple-choice problems in a single test booklet and an accompanying answer sheet. SAMPLE WRITTEN SELECTION EXAM FOR THE CORRECTIONAL OFFICER. I hope this article has helped in some way. Once your application has been approved, you are required to take a written exam, along with a background check, a medical exam, and a psychological exam. 0000000948 00000 n County of Riverside Probation Corrections Officer Hourly. B: Swordtail Times, a local paper, features yesterday's inauguration of Pringlewater. Volunteer/Internship Programs with the Riverside County Probation Department.

0000068073 00000 n This photo, taken by the US Air Force, shows an FBI SWAT team conducting a hijacking exercise at Keesler Air Force Base. No outside organization, person(s) or images used here has any affiliation nor endorses any of the products or information provided. The Correctional Officer Exam is an important step for individuals who wish to be hired or advance to a higher level within the U.S. system of corrections. H�b```�-�l�� ��������1����Lé� 3S�',�����P�H�]pI��a����\�"��ܫgi�]�ف�2LdL���������† �Im} ;?qS�И(�̤�Q����ޥ�٩���3�PL���N%�n�\ ���T4��]Mr�?m���+d�~n��D�G//�)�% To be exact, such devices are only applied to inmates who exhibit behavior that can directly threaten the safety of themselves and others.

Free Online Corrections Officer Practice Quiz.

Image #1 Copyright © Civil Service Test Study Guides. About the Probation Officer Test. Those who score high on the exam increase their chances of becoming Probation Officers. #1: 41238-F Zulfa, Maryam Ajeebah (1963 Aug 28) Completing the sample exam does not entitle … Persons who fail may retake the test after a period of six months. Start preparing today for your job assessment with JobTestPrep. Thanks! In fact, those who undertake cell extractions undergo a high-level training, which includes the proper use of safety devices to ensure that they are not harmed while doing it. Reading Comprehension – This section assesses the ability to read a passage and answer questions that may require identifying facts and details, interpreting information, or drawing conclusions. Preparing for the written test with our CD… This is a panel interview where you must answer questions to a panel of professionals. Unfortunately these are not made public. It will help you immensely and save you from retaking the test. When using physical restraints, policies and protocols issued by the correctional facility should be observed, and proper documentation is required. ]f��]��x�r0��@66��;`���p�(B��FAu��76��u`h�H(�A6�O6 - A: Aspiring corrections officers are invited to take a tour of Pringlewater's facilities. Writing Detail – This section assesses the ability to evaluate written information and determine whether it provides a useful, detailed description of people or events. If they are lacking in that area, they will struggle mightily on the Riverside county written exam. d) A, C, E, B, D. Study the images in this section, one at a time. Image #3 #7: 17653-F Bembole, Taime-Keicha (1985 Feb 22) c) A, B, E, D, C Perform business and record keeping functions 5.

in Justice Studies and M.S. Are you looking for a police exam study guide to help you prepare for the Riverside County entrance exam? Use without written permission from the owners of this website is in violation of the law holding our right to take legal action. Interview. .���p�t��`���))mlO��H�Ztt�$9���CF�n*NY�b����z���f���z='�qq��X�1ś�X�q����3;9'-�Wq�:�2K�熢!P P{�Eބ�O՟ JobTestPrep offers an affordable and comprehensive Probation Officer test preparation pack geared for your success. 0000079365 00000 n Test schedules and locations are available by phone or email from the Human Relations Division; 951/955-3500; hrdept@rc-hr.com. �A`35�^1�`}!1A�A��W,Lwnp(�6?�``��4[������BÍ��L/�X8��\�e�,X The process took 9+ months. Once you have successfully passed the tests (refer to the application process), you will then participate in a mass orientation and interview process. B An announcement on the upcoming CCO exam appears in the newspaper. a) E, B, A, D, C 0000006145 00000 n Take in as many details as you can memorize within five minutes. Many of those candidates who fail the test would have otherwise make good police officers, but because they did not  study for the exam, they failed. D: Devonshire Lee Feldman resigns his post as Pringlewater's director. Probation and Parole Concepts – This section assesses your knowledge of areas required by the field of Probation and Parole, such as psychology, interpersonal skills, interviewing, case management, and criminal justice. Only a small percentage- roughly 3 to 4 percent of all applicants- proceed through the entire selection process, and the exam is one of the most common ares where applicants fail. Legal Disclaimer: None of the material on this website is affiliated with or endorsed by any official testing organization.

In the first part, you must demonstrate your ability to check the accuracy of information coded in report forms compared to a written summary. #6: 26095-M Alessandri, Gianfranco (1974 Oct 26)

Federal and state laws permit the use of physical restraints on inmates, but in no case is it allowed as a mode of punishment. All organizational and test names may be trademarks of their respective owners and are only used for reference and informational/marketing purposes. That’s why I’m a big fan of a police exam study guide. All of the selection components must be successfully completed for job eligibility. Access to Practice Police Exams – It is time to stop guessing and find out what questions are on the exam.
You will have adequate time to complete all test items. You can improve your exam potential through test preparation. More importantly, cell-extraction elements are organized into teams that are well-coordinated, alert, and efficient. %PDF-1.3 %���� #10: 54162-F Hollas, Suzanne Fiona (1991 Jul 26), Make a logical story by arranging the sentences in the following situations:

c) A, E, B, C, D

in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement, Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.

0000003016 00000 n D: Administrators prove leakage and nullify the exam. #8: 05974-M Voragyev, Segei (1994 Apr 06)

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