Phonetic spelling of back to back turns or ‘S’ curves. Often RUBs are Posers. Typically (at least in the ‘old days’) a bike that someone had taken apart and hadn’t the skill to reassemble. Honda XR650L). The throttle controls the engine’s power by restricting the substance that enters the engine. Driving in the narrow passage between oncoming cages and parked cages when normally cars take turns going through. To crash a motorbike. Generally, the rider who makes the strongest start is said to have gotten the “holeshot.”. 2. Meth.

When Harley Davidson 1200 Duo Glide came in 1957 it came with a new feature, the “Bullneck” is a headlight cover that stretches from the headlight to the steering handle. Refers to the wearing of all safety gear (helmets, jacket, etc.) (1) Honda PC800 (Great Britain) (2) Mid-ninties Honda CBR’s. More specifically, a valve is a mechanical device that controls the entry of fuel/air mixture into a combustion chamber, as well as the exit of spent combustion gases from the same. The UK government body which, among other things, controls the content of the British bike test. Live Club Name, Die Club Name (ie. The whole front part of a motorcycle, comprised of all the parts of the motorcycle forward of the yoke of the frame. Parts of the motorcycle below or not supported by the suspension such as the rims and tires. 1. The basket-weave construction helps add abrasion resistance as opposed to a plain weave. VOCs are carbon-containing gases and vapours such as gasoline fumes, but excluding carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and chlorofluorocarbons.

A structure that is made as one unit from a sheet material. When a bike has been idle a few years and the battery is dead, calipers seized and of course the carbs are filled with varnish sludge. A way to start a motorcycle by turning on the ignition, placing it in gear, disengaging the clutch, then running along side the motorcycle, jumping on and engaging the clutch suddenly. Motorcycles modified to resemble racing motorcycles from the 1950’s and 1960’s. A plug that doesn’t have a hot enough spark to burn off carbon deposits and will foul. A one-piece seat with a saddle for the driver, a passenger saddle behind, and a high, padded backrest raised about six inches above the driver and attached to a high Sissy Bar. and many other racing organizations.

While in formation, maintain a 2-second interval from the rider in front of you. The average of the Urban and Extra-Urban figures, as defined by the manufacturer. Sons Forever, Forever Sons 2. Sports bike, ’cause they are plastic and the riders think they are fantastic.
The shortest distance, the Saddle Sore, is 1,000 miles in 24 hours, the longest, the Bun Burner Gold is 1,500 miles in one day. Instead of just riding from Point A to Point B, however, there are also several stops in between (usually 5 total). Also called L-Head or side-valve. Online Privacy Statement. (1) New old stock; OEM bike parts that are no longer in production but are still in stock. Can be used synonymously with Jesus-clips. Any Bike that has plastic arm rests for passengers (like Honda Goldwing). Hit the Ctrl and the F keys on your keyboard to search this page for a specific term. A custom motorcycle seat made by Bill Russell. This is the membrane between the upper material and the actual lining, which is suspended in the garment without any seams. / Panhead = The Panhead engine (V-Twin, produced from 1948 – 1965), Pucker Factor = Refers ), Tells it like it is, no b.s., Talks the truth, speaks their mind. Brown Miniature Schnauzer Breeders,

Chopper = Bike with the front end 1. In some countries certain motorcycle models are sold with less horse power to comply with legal or insurance regulations in that country. club. A slang term for Sport Bikes. 2. Used more by people outside of the biker community than by the motorcycle clubs themselves. 2-piece outfit of protective clothing, consisting of a jacket and pants, often constructed to allow the two pieces to be zipped together at the waist. North American Russian Motorcycle Association. Soup Movie Website, Sch3 German Shepherd For Sale, Cranial Colon Impact Syndrome is a self explanatory term coined by a friend of mine a few years ago for those afflicted and deserving of such praise or attention. A specific nylon developed by Dupont for the U.S. Department of Defense for use in flak jackets. The cylinder shaped space in an engine where the piston moves up and down to compress and explode fuel, which generates the engine’s power. This in turn varies the ratio of the volume of an engine cylinder before compression, as compared to after compression. You’d find an ad in the paper and go over….”my brother took it apart and never could figure out how to put it back together, what will you give me for it?” Also someone who is unhinged as in, “she/he is a real basket case.” So, a bike that is in pieces, usually has been for a while. Highly combustible alcohol/methanol-based fuel mixture. Improves visability of the motorcycle to other drivers/riders. The volume through which the piston travels during a single stroke of an engine. Goodnight See You In My Dreams Manhwa, Slope of the front forks. However, the Revolution™ powertrain remains true to Harley-Davidson’s heritage by retaining the values of style and durability, while delivering a dramatic increase in horsepower. In-depth cleaning, polishing, waxing and other maintenance to make a motorcycle look great. In a pushrod system, the cams are located below the cylinder heads and push on the rockers arms by moving long rods, called the Pushrods. 1. A membrane made of teflon (PTFE/Polytetrafluorethylene). The combustion chamber is the area inside an engine where air and fuel are compressed and ignited. Designed to reduced unwanted motion transmitted from the riding surface. Used to describe an off-road/trail ride competition and the bikes that are used to compete in these competitions. Also can be used as a fasion statement. The sworn enemy of motorcyclists, more commonly known as automobiles. A derogatory term typically applied to owners of sportsbikes who have 1-piece leathers colour-matched to their bikes. At the last stop you turn in your poker hand, and whoever has the best hand wins. my knowledge by me in a 1997 during a Chapter speech, then at a MRF and then a AMA meeting, as only 5% of motorcyclists were

A gear ration of less than 1 -1. Some clubs’ patches are earned (the wearer had to complete a specific task in order to earn the patch) and some patches are bought (the wearer does not have to earn the right to wear the patch).

Often called a “dyno”, it is a device for measuring force, torque or power. The way the fuel is ignited inside the engine. FTW - Fuck The World or some are using Forever Two Wheels, Hard Tail = A motorcycle frame with no rear suspension. Revolution™ = The 2.

An engine configuration in which all six cylinders are aligned in a row. cage driver (usually the bastard that cuts you off), Plates used to block the holes when removing Reed Valves, Kawasaki Concours Owner’s Group ( ). On drum brakes the wear indicator is a scale on the outside housing of the drum. Birmingham Small Arms. Some are 86 from club functions. A custom-built trike in which a Harley-Davidson front end and frame is grafted to a Volkswagen drivetrain (subframe, engine and transaxle). Cars following a motorcycle should allow four seconds as motorcycles can stop much more quickly than cars can. Now has a class of its own and defined as any thing Mad Max would shoot at. Bodywork pieces that cover the engine and transmission of a bike to improve aerodynamics and visual smoothness. Rarely, or never, seen to actually run. To date, over 1,000,000 Evolution engines have been built. These bikes often have good aerodynamics and lots of power, making the top models of this category the fastest bikes around. Helmet manufacturers are not required to apply, qualify or receive a SNELL rating unlike the required by law DOT rating.

They are washable and reusable but require special K&N filter oil.

1. It is the process in which heat is added through combustion of fuel and converted into mechanical energy. Tire design where the cords of the tire run from the left side of the tire to the right side. A three-wheeled motorcycle with no sidecar. Friendly parting expression. 1. They tend to be light, flickable machines, and are used in a new genre of racing that usually encompasses riding on a mixture of pavement and dirt surfaces. 2000 to 2006 After six years of development, the new Twin Cam 88 engine was introduced on 1999 Dyna and Touring models. 3. Low, flat, straight handlebars. Substances introduced into the environment from, among other sources, vehicles.
Two Stroke Engine 1. Riding behind someone so close that he saw your wheel beside him. More generally, any hold used to control the passage of gas or fluid. This is known as the ‘rubber-band effect’. The line a motorcycle must take in order to minimize the time taken to complete a curve. Get your answers by asking now.

If one wheel has 25 teeth and the attached one has 50, there is a 2 -1 ratio. A sickening, over posted poem about the ‘soft and caring, unseen side’ of bikers. All tires should be replaced when tread depth is 1/32nd of an inch or less. Instrument used to delay a job. 666 Patch worn by the Hells Angels: 666 = FFF = Filthy Few Forever. These people usually come up with some poor excuse to justify trailering and have been the culprits that have caused Bike Week to be referred to as Trailer Week by some.

Combination of the words twin and single. An engine in which the piston assembly/assemblies run four strokes per cycle. Raised ridge in the tire tread to indicate when the tire needs replacement. Many individual VOCs are known to have direct toxic effects on humans. PFFP = Pagan’s Forever, Forever Pagan’s). Also called freeze-up. Disc brakes are located on the front tire (and can also be found on the rear as well) and use stationary calipers that squeeze pads agaist the discs that rotate with the wheel. Racing flags are traditionally used in auto racing and similar motorsports to communicate important messages to drivers by a flagman. 2.

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