However I have tried to pay and withdraw money out today and it’s saying declined by location based security!? No offence, but I seriously doubt that would work (but Andreas might be able to confirm that - even though I dont think they will disclose it). Alright, thanks for that detail, that would rule out “country”. I can think of lots of places where I could move many miles without the phone being able to get a location. That’s what I tried to say.

Go to the card section and find the security options. Payment in Turkey declined because of location based security . Or may I’m wrong. Two French autoroute toll booths, 30km apart, same operator. @MampfderEchte i suspect that the payment in the airplane was done offline. ( just running with the app on my sons phone?) I recently went through two French autoroute toll booths, 30km apart, same operator. But I didn’t understood it in the situation. in iOS) to Always or will ‘While Using the App’ be enough? my experience with this security, is that it uses broad location. Then the information showed up “… not authorized”. They are determining merchant location based on POS settings. So I guess that must be the culprit, which makes the geo bases security useless and pointless. Which leaves me now with no money at all and stranded please help? 20 June 2018 18:24 #10. Not really, because this is the very thing that is unclear and what the OP asked about. If you use your physical card without your phone , e.g. @MampfderEchte guess only support can debug that. (I don’t think there are detailed location informations for merchants available that can be checked in real time.). The first one worked, the second not.

my smartphone was in my pocket so may be 30 to 50cm distance to the payment machine. I can enable this feature for my physical cards (Visa & MC) but when I check the status a few moments later Location-based security is switched off again. I’m currently in Turkey and have used my card successfully.

So the “location” is definitely closer than “same country”.

They all have their exact latitude, longitude positions? thank you for your tip. All in all a poor experience, as there is no indication of what is going on at the point of failure. She received info about the store where the transaction had been attempted and the merchant somehow held on to the card (no details given about this). Do you know that you can disable/enable the security features of your card in the security section of the app? I held the card at the edge of the transaction device to pay contactless. Unlike other apps (e.g. 24 September 2020 05:42 #1. That was fantastic but felt also a bit odd, cause again in the same Coffee-Shop in Central-London I couldn’t pay with my card and the flight-modus was not activated. I also have a question about this feature - if you enable it do you need to set Location Based Services (e.g. Few kilometers? Thank you for your feedback and your time. Are you able to help please? But why it did not work?

If my smartphone (iPhone) can’t recognize my location by GPS, then it’ll not work, i think. If the App can’t recognize what my position is, then I could give me a hint and ask me, if it’s ok or not.

This just happened to me in London (Pure next to Moorgate). This was irritating. May be the “snoozing”-function could be added by an adjustable radius of NN km or miles?

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