All Kiwi motorcycles are hand crafted and proudly made in America by master craftsman. Kiwi's bobber features internal handle bar controls, right side drive, oil tank in right side gas tank, low center of gravity and low seat height. Find Out More about Custom Chrome's Chopper Kits! Want top-notch components, most of whic are made in America? Our machines are unique re-creations that capture and combine the essence of the most iconic designs of the past with the most innovative technical engineering of the present. Check out new kits available from various manufacturers. The robust double loop frame design was also introduced making Indians extremely durable along with superior handling. 1953 Chieftain Replica. It's the Kiwi way. That's right, it truly is a custom made motorcycle after all, who else custom makes their own motorcycle and engine from scratch themselves. $150.00. Time Bandits and Time Travellers are respectfully but extensively mechanically re-engineered and manufactured with newly designed proprietary components. Click the image of the bikes below for more information on each kit.

We don't compromise. !►CHECK OUT THE NEW 2018 STURGIS PICTURE GALLERY!►INDIAN PARTS IN STOCK, 32-47, 52-53 Rear Wheel Speedometer Drive. This is a clean 2moto track kit. Chopper surplus offers a variety of rolling chassis kits, or give us a call or email us, and we'll put together a custom rolling chassis kit for you!

That’s where Old School Motorcycle Company comes in. Retail Price: $19,998.69. Kits available as rolling chassis or conversion kits for rigid frame bobbers, softails, sportsters, buell, and old bikes. Bike In a Box Kits. Each motorcycle is lovingly hand crafted right down to each engine component thus making theseawesome motorcycles the most custom made motorcycles in America today.

It is a wish come true for us….and we hope for you too.

If Time Bandits and Time Travellers from OSMC are NOT replicas, NOT reproductions, NOT restorations, NOT custom, NOT “kit bikes”……then what are they?

It's our passion to keep the vintage Indian alive,but if you have a dream to do something "different" then we can help! 1939 was a grand year and the sleek styling of the rigid frame Indian models had reached its pinnacle along with a choice of vibrant colors. We invite you to ride one…and share the joy of bringing this proud history into your future. Some bike kits come complete with everything you need, others require additional parts. Even each engine component has been carefully redesigned whether it be, crankcases, connecting rods, valves, cams, heads, etc. The early 1900's saw a mechanical revolution with advancements in design taking major strides each year. With our Exact Indian Motorcycle Rolling Chassis Kits, © KiwiIndian Motorcycles Inc. 2018           PARTS INDEX        *Visit by appointment only     Contact us here    or   951-780-5400                Terms & Privacy                  Web Design by Ronnie Martinez, ►► USE OUR NEW ONLINE PARTS CATALOG! All kits are nearly complete and feature El Bruto engines. Ski Bike. We use only the finest American made raw materials in the manufacture of our motorcycles. © 2004-2010 Red Dragon Publishing, All Rights Reserved. Pro One offers a full line of pro street and chopper kits for your next project! During the 1920's, motorcycles were still making advancements in mechanical design but the changes from year to year were not as significant as the pre 20's. 2moto Snow Bike Kit. Known to be different, Kiwi's bobber is available as a complete finished bike or as a kit.Engine is powered by Kiwi's own 84 ci proprietary Flathead engine. The early 1900's saw a mechanical revolution with advancements in design taking major strides each year.Board track racing was huge with crowds reaching in the tens of thousands. The entirely new exteriors are meticulously faithful to the appearance of the original design given some slight size modifications to accommodate larger engines and modern fabrication materials. *Girder Front end optional, BUILD IT YOURSELF FROM THE GROUND UP! Price reflects dealer rebate. Since 1994 we have built over 1,000 replica 427s and 289s. Our top selling Kirkham 427s The 427 cars pack a V8 big block punch and are available with original style or updated suspension for impeccable cornering and drive-ability. Copyright © 2020 Old School Motorcycle Company LLC – All Rights Reserved. That's right, it truly is a custom made motorcycle after all, who else custom makes their own motorcycle … Bike In a Box Kits. The 1917 Kiwi PowerPlus takes ques from the iconic 1911 Board tracker, but with a retro yet functional look! Kit can be assembled with ordinary mechanic's tools and includes parts book and maintenance manual. V-twin offers several replica bike kits and rolling chassis that offer everything you need to build a old-school panhead or knucklehead. N eed help? 11/17/2008: Ridley launches new site for the company's line of vintage style motorized bicycles.. 11/10/2008: Ridley Vintage Motorbikes featured on site as a "Cool Item". Create Custom Package with these great bike kits! Morgan, UT. It was the ultimate dare devil motor sport in its day. Now you can own a vintage styled motorcycle in brand new condition. Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer who is on a tight budget. Our 1948 Replica Panhead Kit is an authentic style reproduction of the original.

Our 1948 Replica Panhead Kit is an authentic style reproduction of the original. Spike Polaris:: New, full warranty. Bike-In-A-Box kits is a complete build-it-yourself bike kit that includes everything you need except gas and a custom paint job for that final touch. The HR3 line from Custom Chrome is the best selling line of bike kits on the market.

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