There are few articles on TechNet surrounding redirection. Connection broker is configured with redirection — redirects to the pool name of the Desktop Pool Ryan is an end-user computing specialist with a great passion for virtualization. Does a wildcard cert solve this issue? Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? You must use the farm name, not the computer name, when you connect o an RD Session Host server farm. If you deploy only a single RD connection broker, you will not have any load-balanced DNS name at all. A speaker and presenter, he has helped customers and technical communities with end-user computing solutions, ranging from small to global 30,000-user deployments. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Remote Desktop Connection cannot verify that the computers belong to the same RD Session Host server farm. *This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google

Before it would force me to use the farm name. You dont need to point the clients towards the connection broker to establish sessions, this is only when you have a VDI redirection. You would need to import the certificate into the local computer container and I would also recommend running the wmi script to change the computer default certificate. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I hope you can help me in this “Redirect Topic” too.

For example. by

Note that you should not have the exact same certificate without private key in the machine Personal store or the certificate installation fails. With Windows 2012 this changed. Consequently, the connections to the Session Hosts are failing. But in order to import the certificate from GUI or PowerShell, the Subject must also contain something. Point to note: once configured you will need to access the connection broker via mstsc /admin otherwise you will be redirected to a Virtual desktop. You muse use the farm name, not the computer name, when you connect to an rD Session host server farm" In the gateway manager, i setup a local stored computers group with "RDS Farm" as the name and having the rdsh01, rdsh02, and rdfarm as the network resources. 3) Setup the Remote desktop service telling it that it is part of a farm. I have a VDI pool setup working great however I am confused about the SSL certificates required. I have installed successfully Virtual Desktop pool and I could remote the virtual desktop through Web access. I don’t see any config where this farm name is associated with my RD Broker server, I have tried to connect to RD broker server from client, but it didn’t redirect me to RD session host servers How are you connecting to the RemoteApp’s ? I would say that you would need to create ACLs or routes if I understand you correctly. You also have to enable the remote control through group policy. not recognized the site, any clue to fix it,, Note again, the farm name points to the RD connection brokers. If So Remote sessions work. The same applies for the manually set DNS name if you change it with the Set-RdClientAccessName. thank you for your advice which I will consider. can you launch a remote desktop from the RDWeb site ? This happens when the specified target session host redirects the client to another node in the farm. This allowed me to connect to the farm but gave me an error saying: “An authentication error has occured. If you enable this policy, you must enter a keep-alive interval. – I would like to use NLA for Windows 7/8 clients. Right. Thus leave the registry value ShowInPortal = DWORD = 0 in the CentralPublishedResources.

Is this even an option with RDS 2012 or should we look at other solutions? Even made a rule to allow access to all resources for testing purposes.

I verified round robin is working for the dns pointers. Do we need DNS records for the pool name? Verify the computer name and domain you are trying to connect … If they did so, they might receive one of the two following error messages saying the following: Remote Desktop Connection cannot connect to the remote computer.The remote computer that you are trying to connect to is redirecting you to another remote computer. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I was looking for a way of telling the connection broker to only worry about the IPs on the FE nic.

Unfortunately, a rather curious person (who has remoteapp rights) can also rdp directly to the web address that points to our SB. You must use the farm name, not the computer name, when you connect to an RD Session Host server farm. I would double check that you have all the correct patches first.

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