Combined with its lightweight body and 24-inch barrel, the magazine capacity should be more than enough for you. Even the trigger takes less than 30 seconds to remove, clean or adjust if needed, and put back on. The variable nature of the length owes to the adjustable buttstock. Generally, the mag will feed .338 Lapua rounds, but if you can easily recalibrate the magazine to house 300 Winchester rounds. per page . In short: the 110BA Stealth 338 Lapua has stunning accuracy. When empty, the magazine is dropped and the bolt is locked back, which can be annoying if you wanted to single load. The AR-30A1 measures anywhere from 48.1 – 50.1 inches and weighs 15.3 pounds. With the MRAD, head shots and chest shots were being hit easily at 800 yards, and even non-shooters are able to comfortably and accurately hit a target 500 yards out after some time and practice with the rifle. As the rifle was originally intended for military utilization, and the prohibitive cost of both rifle and ammunition, demand has yet to drive supply to the point of bringing prices down to mere mortal capabilities to purchase. The .338 Lapua puts a lot of stress on an optic, and one of the first considerations one should have is the scope’s strength and durability. The Finnish.338 Lapua Magnum was adopted as a military sniper rifle, sometimes classified as a large-caliber, long-range rifle. So “running and gunning” with such a firearm is likely out of the question for most shooters. One flaw in the design is that the handguard generally comes off-center, which does impact accuracy the further out you go. Not cheap but fantastic bang for your buck, especially compared to Barrett and their overpriced rifles. Due to the grain size and the weight of the round, the distance covered and the trajectory changes. Initially, this rifle was built to shoot a 16.2-gram bullet to penetrate military-grade body armor from a distance of 1000 meters. The teeth (supposedly to prevent slipping on wet armor) dug into my shoulder. Accuracy is crucial in a precision rifle, and the overall consensus on this RPR is that it hits the mark. Ruger and Winchester, however, have met the need for a rifle to actually be used in the .338 Lapua Magnum caliber. After putting in a considerable number of hours into our research, we have put out a list of our top 9 picks for you. It provides comfort in that the stock is adjustable, a nice little feature for different arm-size shooters, and has a polymer cheek plate. What about the ones who started it all? For a rifle with a 26-inch barrel, it is super lightweight, weighing in at just about 13 pounds. Props to the efficient designer who came up with the idea to use that normally wasted space! A semi-automatic design for the cartridge makes the reputedly stout recoil a little less daunting and the idea of rapid follow up shots less a fantasy. An uneasy, difficult trigger pull can affect every aspect of your perfect shot. Precision – and tactical – shooters can find the most value that companies like Barrett and Remington and Savage can offer. Which is not at all unfitting as the cost and recoil will more than likely encourage judicious and measured firing. Either a 10 round polymer box magazine from MDT or an Accuracy International detachable 5 round box magazine. High powered rifle cartridges are nothing new to rifle maker Weatherby. Equipped with a muzzle brake, make sure to keep the spectators at a safe distance because the muzzle will be loud. In terms of hunting, you need to be very still and quiet in order to catch the animal by surprise. You’d be familiar with how the rifle handles, and also appreciate the updates and changes in the new design. If you ask us, that’s enough ammo for any sort of rifle related activity. Built with some of the highest quality materials, this really is a precision rifle of sheer class. The AXMC 338 LM comes with a 27-inch Quikloc barrel constructed from stainless steel. The RPR .338 Lapua would make a great choice for a beginning competitive precision marksman who is just starting in long-range shooting. The shortened barrel will actually help you in maneuvering quickly through the woods. However, when using factory ammunition, they experienced no problems. One reviewer managed to hit a 3 shot group of 4.5 inches on paper at 1,100 meters with this rifle well below 1 MOA accuracy. It’s affordable and can be easily customized to fit the shooter’s preferences as they develop their unique shooting style. Equipped with a match-grade trigger, you will hardly put in any effort when pulling it. The heavy magnum barrel features a button rifle design and is topped with a muzzle brake of three inches. It comes out of the box at around 3 and a half pounds, which most marksmen find comfortable. Luckily, triggers are reliable enough to sustain themselves during abuse. Snipers have said that prior to using the MRAD, their previous rifles were just out of reach, resulting in other tactics used to take out the enemy. Because of this, you can take it anywhere: Rain, snow, sleet, sand or any other climate region you can think of. Although there are other guns within the same caliber range, they tend to be longer and heavier when compared to the .338 Lapua rifle. Speaking of the barrel, it has been constructed from cold-forged chrome-moly steel and threaded specifically for each model. The XCR has an X-Mark Pro, externally adjustable trigger for simple and quick adjustments in the field. The Accumark is a more toned-down version of the Mark V Tacmark elite we discussed previously, but it does provide a quality shooting experience. This rifle will let you adjust the trigger from a single stage release to a two-stage trigger. So, you should always consider choosing one that can survive the extreme conditions the best. A 2 stage trigger rounds out the package on an AR10 style lower receiver with elongated mag well to accommodate the longer magnum cartridges. The innovative piston driven design makes use of semi-automatic side charging mechanics to give you minimal recoil and max penetration range. The .338 Lapua Magnum MRAD is for anyone who wants a comfortable, accurate, and smooth long range shooting experience. These manufacturers have left you with a wide range of color options for this rifle from black, elite sand to even green! The 110 BA has a barrel length of 24” with an overall length of 45 3⁄8-inches to 48 1⁄2-inches. Nevertheless, there are some options that allow for the caliber to be used without completely breaking the bank. With a price tag usually under $1500 it is downright cheap compared to many of the other models explored here. All this means is the bolt rotates 60 degrees to unlock. Never the less, the BA Stealth remains a popular choice for shooters looking to explore the Lapua as a long range target round. The Savage options offer a quality and rugged simplicity that offers reliability at a cost, when compared to the other rifles on the market, appear to be downright steals. 338 Lapua rifle tend to be more susceptible to wearing out, which is an inconvenience since snipers need to fire many rounds in order to polish their skills. This 111 long range model is one of the best .338 lapua magnum rifles of the Savage center fire line and rightfully so. As with all Savage firearms, the patented, adjustable AccuTrigger is factory installed. They are rifles that scream to be used and, with the possible exception of the Stealth, abused. The 388 Lapua is serviceable for hunting and will get the job done because of its considerable range and power. What brings the modularity of this rifle to impressive standards is that the barrel can be swapped out for up to eight different calibers, so the same rifle can be used with cheaper and more plentiful ammunition while still maintaining the capability of employing the Lapua cartridge. 3 contour barrel which is 28-inches of one of the most sturdy barrels in the market. Though the bullet diameter is closer to 8mm than 7.62, and the nominally 200 (or greater) grain bullet has a long sectional density to maintain stability to stay on target over considerable differences. You have nothing to worry about, because the Barrett MRAD rifle’s short barrel length is well optimized with the muzzle velocity of the gun.

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