Religious OCD can take many forms. I from then tormented myself daily saying there is no point I’ll be In prison for the rest of my life + tormenting myself and praying over and over scared I have upset the lord and thinking there is no way out. Are you afraid that you are mentally ill? •Deep breathing exercises and mindfulness This is exactly what I’m experiencing right now, I’ve tried CBT therapy but the content of my thoughts seem to be getting worse and worse. Is the pandemic a sign Jesus is coming soon? Delray Beach, FL 33445, Copyright 2017. Your post has made me realise God would never torment me like this. Plz help!!! Jesus is our chainbreaker. you can also search google for it. The same article recounts a story about a man who eventually stopped eating and speaking in an attempt to please God by making sacrifices similar to those made by certain biblical figures.

In some cases, medicines are combined with this type of exposure and response therapy. I think I may be developing this disorder, or maybe I’ve had it for a long time, but lately I feel like it has been getting worse. Their behavior and constant praying weren’t in keeping with what they believed to be an expression of God’s love. In addition to the wide variety of services offered, the center will provide supportive and education programming for families. He asked where her accusers were and if she had any, and she said that no man had condemned her, so He told her, “Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.” This is the God we serve. Find out here: The Center for Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders, the center for treatment of anxiety disorders, Psychotherapy for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the center for treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, Compulsively praying, which can involve restarting the prayer if you get distracted while saying it and/or repeating it if you didn’t feel you were concentrating properly on the prayer or on the meaning of the prayer, Asking others if you are behaving correctly or if you “did the right thing”or analyzing your behavior throughout the day to be sure you are acting “appropriately”, Reading or studying religious writings, books, and texts excessively, Questioning your motives in numerous situations, Excessively apologizing to a deity (God, Allah, etc) and seeking forgiveness for your behavior. ?. place. I wish you prosperity and happiness for this new year. You would be better off doing Yoga and Pranayama , that will deal with your disorder .No Hindu God can help you as THERE IS NOT EVEN ONE “G.O.D” in Hinduism . My beautiful 24-year old daughter has Religious OCD. }. This particular anxiety disorder represents a very serious condition that often grips the victim’s mind with fear and, in a very real way, controls their lives. and remain a Hindu by nativity. He will never leave or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). I have struggled with this for a complete year now… It’s so difficult. You can contact me on my WhatsApp +923456134761. He that feareth is not made perfect in love (1 John 4:18). Indian Arts and Culture India Past and Present Important Texts Temples and Organizations Hindu Gods I was hospitalized for a health problem, and it just made my OCD worse. Hi Sandeep, Please contact us through the contact page for the options and support available. My intrusive thoughts have led to full out panic attacks.

I am Sonia from India. आज देखा जाए तो हजार में से 10 ,11 लोगों को ओसीडी की बीमारी हैl इसमें इंसान जो सोचना नहीं चाहता वे विचार उसके मन में बार-बार आते हैं ।, आज बहुत से लोगों को धार्मिक ओसीडी है। इसमें लोग भगवान के डर से अपना बहुत समय और पैसा बर्बाद कर देते हैं ।यह एक वहम की बीमारी है ,जिसमें इंसान सोचता है कि अगर ऐसा नहीं करूंगा तो मेरे साथ भगवान बुरा कर देगा मेरे परिवार को नुकसान हो जाएगा ।, कई लोग तो मन्नत मांग लेते हैं कि अगर मेरी यह बीमारी ठीक हो जाएगी तो या हमारे बच्चा हो जाएगा या कोई अन्य कारण से जानवरों की बली चढ़ा देते हैं । इसलिए यह बहुत भयंकर बीमारी है l जिसमें निर्दोष प्राणी भी सजा के भागी बन जाते हैं।, जब तक लोग अपनी मन्नत पूरी नहीं करते वे डरे हुए रहते हैं कि घर में कोई अनहोनी ना हो जाए। कई लोग पंडितों को बहुत पैसा देते हैं वे सोचते हैं कि इससे हमें पुण्य मिलेगा ।वे उन्हें बहुत पवित्र समझते हैं।, इस धरती पर सभी इंसान एक जैसे हैं फिर भी हमने लोगों को जातियों में बांट दिया ऊंची और नीची । जो लोग अपने आप को ऊंची जाति में समझते हैं वे कोई भी घर में अनुष्ठान करते हैं तो सोचते हैं कि नीची जाति जो हमने ही बनाई है को इसमें शामिल नहीं करेंगे इससे हमारी पूजा आराधना व्यर्थ चली जाएगी फिर दोबारा करनी पड़ेगी। ऐसे लोग उन लोगों के घर में भी जाते हैं तो वापस आने पर अपने शरीर पर ठंडे पानी के छींटे लगाते हैं वे मानते हैं कि हम अशुद्ध हो गए हैं छींटे लगाने से शुद्ध हो जाएंगे।, कई ज्योतिष, वास्तुशास्त्र वाले भी वहम में डाल देते हैं कि पेपर देने जाने से पहले मंदिर गुरुद्वारे में कोई फल नहीं चढाओगे तो पेपर अच्छा नहीं होगा l इसलिए लोग डर से फल चढ़ाते हैं। कई औरतें व्रत करती हैं तो अगर भूल से कुछ खा ले तो डर जाती है कि भगवान हमें सजा दे देगा हमें पाप लग जाएगा और कई लोग बहुत दूरी वाले धार्मिक स्थानों पर पैदल चल पड़ते हैं क्योंकि उन्होंने मन्नत मांगी होती है l पैदल चलने से उनके पैरों में छाले पड़ जाते हैं l बहुत तंग होते फिर भी ऐसे जाल में फसे रहते हैं। अपने शरीर को बहुत कष्ट देते हैं। कई लोगों को देखा है जो बस, गाड़ी में जा रहे होते हैं तो ड्राइवर या तो होरन बजाता है या हाथ जोड़ता है।, हमारे भी हम घर के सभी सदस्य सालासर गए थे वहां जाने के बाद बहुत लंबी लाइन लगी हुई थी तो हमारे घर वालों ने हजार रुपए की वीआईपी टिकट खरीदी और मंदिर में बहुत जल्दी प्रवेश कर लिया और खुश हो गए कि हमें साक्षात भगवान के बिल्कुल नजदीक से दर्शन हुए हैं हम धन्य हो गए।, यानी अब लोग भगवान को भी रिश्वत देने लग गए ।कई लोग घर में रात को पूजा करते हैं तो उनका वहम होता है कि जब तक लौ ना आए तब तक पूजा अधूरी है ,भगवान प्रसन्न नहीं होते इसलिए वे घी चढ़ाते रहते हैं और जब लौ आ जाती है तब खुश हो जाते हैं कि भगवान हमसे राजी हैं An ABC News report discusses the problems of one Catholic woman who was faced with saying hundreds of prayers a day to obtain forgiveness for her self-perceived wrongdoings. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with these fears and anxieties, like right now.

Hinduism is not at all a religion. Learn the equation of maya that is E=mc^2. Do you believe in ethics more than anything else, and not following your ethics gives you anxiety?  =  That man was a liar and only the lords word saved me. •Cutting down on sugar and caffeine I love the lord so much . Hello your are suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder, every answer I see below is not related to your situation, I have also suffered from OCD.

I am currently going through the same thing since my mum died recently and I still struggle but some things you can do which might help are: •Find ways of distracting yourself (a film or meeting friends)

Just looking unto Jesus who healeth all diseases.

I am going crazy. Trust and rely on Him! It is a culture, tradition, custom and Hindus way of life. This means God will either deliever us from OCD or He will keep us safe during it if we just trust in Him. People with religious OCD strongly believe in and fear punishment from a divine being or deity. Let God’s perfect love cast it away. I won’t lie, I still struggle with it, but the huge thing that makes religious OCD so bad is that fear and the lies it implants in you. कहीं आपके विचारों की गाड़ी भी OCD रोड की ट्रैफिक लाइट पर तो नहीं खड़ी है ?? I was an addict till the lord found me and had many freak outs on drugs one of which was super bad. Hi friends!!! Hi Rhonda, Please contact us through the contact page for the options and support available. Hinduism is thus neither old or new religion. Policies.

How does Richard Dawkins compare against Stephen Hawkins ? I have this and i am suffering this by repeating prayers, analysing my behaviours, always feel sin have done, how i can cure from this. now i can able to handle 90% of OCD thoughts. Whenever someone enters her room to feed her she’d immediately close her eyes. my thoughts are hurting me., Our Address: OCD is a broad disorder that encompasses many subgroups: in the case of religious OCD (also known as scrupulosity), the person is fixated on obsessions that are based in religion and/or religious beliefs, or around beliefs concerning morality. Hinduism. You may or may not have a mental illness called Religious OCD or Scrupulosity. We get caught in the ‘God loves, God hates’ cycle, and such a thing must surely be detrimental to one’s mental health; indeed, I would go further as to suggest that such a dichotomy could cause actual physical harm to one’s brain cells. ?isnt it normal for everyone to make mistakes?

Please contact us through the contact page to learn more about the options available.

Plz help!!! NSAC is a national organization dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of cutting-edge treatment for social anxiety.

But you’re handicapped when in spite of your rituals you can’t get over the bad thoughts like you normally did and these thoughts worsen by the second like satan is playing with your mind.You just have to stop no matter you think that your thoughts can’t get any worse.It’s extremely difficult when you’re in the vicious cycle.I have failed multiple times trying the same. Find out more here. We are held in His hands, and no man can pluck us out (John 10:27-30).

I feel i may get punished because of my irreligious thoughts towards god. I met a Psychiatric who administered SSRI,s and Benzodiazepine. I will say a prayer for you, I hope you find peace. It is a culture, tradition, custom and Hindus way of life. Thank you, I really needed this. He is a God who loves His children. I needed to read these words today. We lives in Delhi, India You can send me msg through whatsapp 7991148889. I still struggle with terrible fear and bad thoughts about the lord but I know he loves me one day I’ll be at rest. This is not a very nice relationship, in my opinion. OCD is a broad disorder that encompasses many subgroups: in the case of religious OCD (also known as scrupulosity), the person is fixated on obsessions that are based in religion and/or religious beliefs, or around beliefs concerning morality. Reading this has saved me, God is great and loves all of us xxxx, Can you please help i am suffering so badly with such thoughts I can’t tell you how bad those thoughts are about god Jesus and holy spirit at tines I feek I have blashphmey the holy spirit Religious OCD, also known as Scrupulosity, is an observed condition that dates back to the 1600s in the Catholic church. I am just trusting in Jesus. I can’t seem to manage it anymore. I’ve seen religious ocd is a thing, but I can’t help worrying that they are my own thoughts. •Doing hard exercise for 20 minutes or more A full service center offering a variety of clinical, therapeutic, educational and supportive services to children ages two through twenty two in warm and welcoming environment.

She was tired. Fax: (561) 498-7698 What should I do. At times I wish my life had never been touched by religion, I think I would be a much happier person now had I just concentrated on living this life instead of trying to constantly placate an angry God. you need help whenever you get these thoughts do not care the thoughts or fill the space of those thoughts with another thoughts like doing some work but do not question yourself and answer yourself of you doing it correct or not. As compulsions, I would read the Bible all the time, pray all the time especially to ask forgiveness for my bad thoughts, and I would not eat the food I liked as an attempt to punish myself in hopes that God would see me punishing myself, so He would not punish me. Never stop your nature’s call (urination or stool) for your compulsions or whatever your rituals to reverse the effects of bad thoughts.This only increases the problem and makes it worse. About The Children’s Center for Psychiatry, Psychology, & Related Services. She was just breathing weird.

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