By continuing to use our site you are agreeing to our, Chakra Clearing with Reiki and Archangel Metatron,,, Best of 2015 – Top 15 Articles – Reiki Rays, Best of 2016 – Top 16 Articles – Reiki Rays. The traditional sitting position with legs folded under body, sitting on them in an upright position. There are five infact, that’s why it’s called the SYSTEM of Reiki.

are serene. upon which everything is built upon. outwards in a million different directions to every living being that might be Please feel free to use this guided meditation reiki for your reiki sharing/healing and meditation groups. Include any thoughts, words, images or feelings that came to you. breathing. meditators and as it connects with our fellow meditators it becomes stronger Every day at 6am IST as we tune in to  transmit  mass  distance Mystic Energy  Healing   . this beautiful planet with all of its wondrous sights, with all of the We are going to start being making sure we are all sitting is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. With hands in Gassho position, on the in breath notice the Reiki concentrated in your hands. legal, or other professional advice. Syria or Iraq where people are living in fear and need that loving energy. Place your attention on your first energetic center: the root chakra. While you are in this profound and receptive silence, center your attention on your crown chakra. One basically places their hands in prayer position, closes their eyes, and brings all their awareness to the tip of the fire (middle) finger. Our site uses cookies. Reiki is a form of energy healing. 3--Now all our powerful tools are coming in our hands – dragon beguel , pink and violet crystal wands, shivashakti yantra, Archangel Michael’s , Durga, kali, shiva’s swords, and many other such tools which we are not consciously aware of . We feel our hearts filling up with love for

From the center of your body, this light radiates all your being until you only feel peace and fullness. The blue light gently and slowly washes over you just like water. wonderful water flowing and cascading over us.
So by these two tools we are asking God’s help . Sweep your left hand down your right arm from shoulder to open palm. It may be someone you know who needs healing, it may be a country like --Start— by clearing your mind from clutter and any and all form of stress, strain – by taking deep long forceful breaths. giving ourselves permission to love ourselves, to nurture ourselves, to cherish Take a few deep breaths and let your chest rise and fall with each inhalation and exhalation. We approach the stream and watch the reeds and aquatic plants gently

rise. Gassho means “two hands coming together”. So it’s a mostbeautiful place, with sun shine, comfortable temperature, birds chirping sounds, water rushing down through spring lake, gentlr breeze wristling across your body. Once I became a Reiki Master I was guided to start recommending the use of the color blue after a Reiki attunement. Draw the Usui mental and emotional symbol in front of your body and with your hands, move the energy into your heart. The most important relationship we have is our relationship with God.

We are conscious that our This meditation will provoke an opening and activation of your chakras.

our best articles on this topic, and offer it for free to all our newsletter subscribers. As we fill ourselves filling up with this Your intension is your tool . !

and then when the energy has reached its maximum power we then take that energy Come out of the situation , which feels triffling your soul, binding your steps, blocking your vision. In this session we will have an overall understanding of Reiki Healing and have a practical healing session . of loving universal energy wash over us like warm waves of soothing pure warm As your breath goes in and out, you will begin to calm and relax. our grounding with mother earth. Longitudinally slicing , absorbing , flushing – from front to back covering full range  and disposing excess and waste in to the container below our feet.

rich blue and we feel our throat chakra opening wide and enabling all of our Notice the energy building in your middle fingers. This is a challenge for nearly every person on the planet. Beloved Beings of Light , Namaste ! Simple… just DO it! As you exhale, become aware of the Reiki moving to your hara. It was even prevalent in the time of  Jesus and Budha and even before them many mystics had been in tuned with this Divine Gift . From the depth of this silence glows a transparent indigo light. We are

Guided meditation transcript. take a really deep breath starting the breath from our diaphragm and be From within, a transparent, radiant, clear blue light glows. Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy and has wisdom of its own . Create one if you donot have one.. comfortably with our feet both firmly on the ground and our backs straight. itself outside of the earth’s blue glowing magical splendour and then links We can feel the sun beat down on us and warm us to the core.

see fish swimming in the river. on your lap. Shut your eyes. Achieving this connection can bring a …

in fact They  are threre with us doing this for us. This can take place during special sacred moments that you set aside specifically for the purpose of meditation, or spontaneously. It seems like a flower with its green leaves that surround it. This net is seiving, sifting,burning, fuushing,clearing, trasmuting any and all form of uncompatible energy (misguilified) . Place your attention on your […] Next post: Chakra Clearing with Reiki and Archangel Metatron. This stirs questions and comments from many of the students. Let these tools slide up to down  your aura clearing, cleansing ,reconnecting, mending your Nadi meridians . finally the water changes from an orange glow to a shining red and we feel our Includes four guided meditations and four meditation music downloads valued at $71.60 Bundle Price: $29.95 (save 60%) Monthly Special Offer.

our heart chakra. the ground and sending those white roots deep deep down into the earth’s core, grounding us.

As you exhale allow the energy to permeate every cell of your body, and expand out into your emotional body, your mental body, all the way into your spiritual body. All Rights Reserved.

with others around the world who are also sending their loving energy upwards You can follow Justine on her website and on Facebook at Serenity of the Mind & Soul. Activities when spontaneous meditations often occur are while brushing your teeth, in the shower, hiking, running, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn and yes, we have all had those auto-pilot moments while driving the car.

We See Only Love. You can also receive these transmission   any where /where ever you are ! The most optimal way to prepare for a guided breathing meditation is to adjust this session to the time you have available.
Everything within you and within your life finds its place; all things that die and all things that are born. The most important relationship we have is our relationship with God. As you let the light go within, it will become deeper and subtler, making you more receptive, more conscious, quieter, in complete concentration. You deserve precious, sacred moments to commune with and develop a relationship, a friendship with God and with the healing love of the Reiki energy.

Story of traditional and modern healing technique begins with Dr Mikao Usui who dedicated his life to ancient teachings of Truth and rediscovered this ancient form of healing which was lost with time .

Whatever the schedule of my household is at the time, I arise at least an hour before everyone else. our best articles on this topic, and offer it for free to all our newsletter subscribers. As it rotates, it becomes more and more orange. (It isn’t just the Hands on Healing, although that is the most famous aspect.). Feel how it begins to swirl. The amazing thing about this place is that it has no limitations of place, time, shape, front back, down above. legal, or other professional advice. and as we link again the love energy intensifies and strengthens and we can see Do you want to experience Reiki more accurately? Exhale out through your whole being.

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