It is, and it’s also a novel about a big old guy violating a spindly child over and over and over. But straight white men don’t, so much.

In the hands of a gifted feminist writer, however, the essay form can force readers to question their assumptions and also their lives. 91€07, Rebecca Solnit retells ‘Cinderella’. We don’t need to be told that a problem exists or to repeat a conversation that has already been had; we need someone to help further the discussion, to question why the problem persists and how, if possible, it can be solved.

Danto describes the worldview of those who assert there is an apartheid system between art and life: “But the concept of art interposes between life and literature a very tough membrane, which insures the incapacity of the artist to inflict moral harm so long as it is recognized that what he is doing is art.” His point is that art can inflict moral harm and often does, just as other books do good. So You've Decided to Launch an Imprint... You can now read the only surviving full draft of a Jane Austen novel, in her very own handwriting. Je dirais que cette vague a débuté fin 2012, après une vague de viols sur les campus aux États-Unis.

“To hope is to give yourself to the future,” she wrote in her 2004 book, Hope in the Dark, “and that commitment to the future makes the present inhabitable.” Practically all of her writing has centered on that philosophy, on the existence of future possibilities.

Lire la suite, 5 neufs à

Féministe engagée, favorable à l'écriture inclusive et au mouvement #MeToo, elle a « le sentiment d’avoir assisté à une insurrection féministe de masse à travers le monde.

ebook (ePub), Em seu ensaio icônico "Os Homens Explicam Tudo para Mim", Rebecca Solnit foca seu olhar inquisitivo no tema dos direitos da mulher começando por nos contar um episódio cômico: um homem passou uma festa inteira falando de um livro que "ela deveria... In that essay—written before the judge dismissed all charges against Strauss-Kahn—Solnit describes an experience she had as a teenager in Paris, when “a geezer grabbed my ass” and she responded by pelting him with the three grapefruits she had been holding. Rebecca Solnit est née à Bridgeport, dans le Connecticut. Par la suite, elle s'inscrit au collège pré-universitaire.

‘I talk about violence, but also about the slippery slope: you know, that the man who talks over a woman at a dinner table may refuse to listen to her say no in the bedroom.’. The popular argument that novels are good because they inculcate empathy assumes that we identify with characters, and no one gets told they’re wrong for identifying with Gilgamesh or even Elizabeth Bennett. modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata.

‘Silence wasn’t a side effect,’ she says, speaking by Skype from her home in San Francisco, her long, greying blonde hair loose, and her imposing aura tangible even via a screen. Consequently, such writing doesn’t often win the easy praise that Solnit’s work does. ripping up Lire la suite, Anarchistische Welten 5 15€26, Los hombres me explican cosas

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