This will not give you any new abilities or perks in Destruction. If you’re playing a thief or assassin build (and if you’re an Argonian, we’d suggest you do) the ability to breathe underwater can also open up unique avenues or angles for either ambush or escape, particularly during select Dark Brotherhood quests. While any class is able to do this, Dragonskin and the innate Resist Magic make the Breton a prime candidate for one of Skyrim’s coolest builds. Couple these 12 stones with the 10 different races and you’ve already got 120 permutations from basically the start of the game. The Orc becomes a melee tank, his Berserker Rage ability granting him both protection and buffed damage for a full minute. A typical player will not max out all skills to 100, and will instead reach only around level 50 or so. Combine this with equipment or potions that regenerate your health and you’ll be VERY difficult to kill. Strategies for Playing as a Dark Elf: Dark elves make excellent casters, and get the most useful resistance type aside from generic Magic Resistance. When you think High Elf you probably think crazy Destruction magic, and you should. Argonians are unique in that they are the only race with two passive abilities: Resist Disease, and Waterbreathing. The Wood Elf is the master of stealth archery, one of the mightiest builds in the game. His maximized Destruction bonuses can put him toe to toe with even the most magically adept High Elves, and his Light Armor proficiency and fire resistance make him capable of holding his own in a fight comparably well (albeit differently) than the Breton. Conjuration [3], In Skyrim, one of the races is called Elder. Neither of those other races can block lightning at all. Another excellent contender for the ‘best rogue’ crown, the Wood Elf has the same bonuses to Light Armor, Sneak, and Pickpocket as the Argonian. Strategies for Playing as a Nord: Nord can use their skills to make a very easy build to play, wielding a two-handed weapon they are skilled at blocking with, wearing light armor for mobility, smithing their own armor and selling at higher prices with the Speech skill. There’s a perk under Alteration called Magic Resistancce that will eventually allow you to block 30% of a spell’s effect (though you’ll only need 20% since Magic Resistance caps at 85%). Since all thief abilities benefit from a high Sneak, the Khajiit is the best race to play if you plan on spending most of the game hidden in the shadows. high elves are the besst majes and orc or imperials are best combat specialists. This might make him seem like the weakest of the three defensively, but this is not the case. This offers them protection against enemy spellcasters, but also any instances of fire or frost (remember this game has dragons?). Then you can increase your overall damage with all bows by enchanting your armor. [2] Therefore, all races do the same melee damage at the time of character creation. If you like to dabble in sword-and-board One-Handed and Block tree, but want your primary focus to remain Two-Handed, then the Nord is your best bet. This ability allows the Wood Elf to make any animal his ally for 60 seconds. Sew chaos by adding a well-timed illusion spell to the mix and sit back and watch as a crowd of frenzied bandits go at each others’ throats while your summoned storm atronachs take pot shots at them. Though the Breton receives no bonus towards any martial skills, their passive talent often makes them suitable for the role of a ‘battlemage’ or summoner. Using the console command player.setscale to change the height of the character will increase the size of a character in addition to increasing their movement speed, jump height, and damage output.

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