The only con is the traffic is getting bad in this Four Corners area. That number grows by about 30,000 or more a month, and it’s not native Floridians that are leaving. Homes are some of the least expensive in the area and it seems there are new subdivisions going in all over the place. Plus, apartment living? Everything in FLORIDA “IS NOT CHEAPER & BETTER” at all. You can wear shorts and flip flops anywhere in Florida all year long and fit right in. We have owned the property for 14 years/ house for 4 years. Cast Member Support Spotlight: Two Chef Mission, Restaurants at Walt Disney World Serving Special Thanksgiving Day Menus, Cast Member Support Spotlight: Jennael's Bake Shop, VIDEO: Cadaver Dans Sing Halloween Songs at Magic Kingdom. Did I say it’s warm and sunny all the time yet? No matter how much someone weighs, their physical conditioning or their age, wearing a speedo or bikini is acceptable daily dress in Florida, even if you’re hours from the beach. OMG We are retired, living in upstate NY. Hospitals are relatively close but with the building of a new hospital in the north side of town it will be better. To avoid the Florida sun’s damaging rays, you have to wear a huge hat and dress like it’s winter or constantly grease yourself up with sunblock. A lot of the groves have sold off for apartments, condominiums, town houses, strip malls. With all of the people piling down there, it has to be an overcrowded mess and getting worse all of the time, and with that has to come all sorts of other issues. Livability Area Overview Best Places Nearby Cost of Living Crime Demographics Employment Poll Results Real Estate Rentals Schools Weather. Where do you expect people to move that aren’t tourist areas? I’ve been to the theme parks so many times they bore me now. Prices are expected to rise given the shortage, so even if you don’t like the weather after a while, you should be able to sell at a nice price.”. Everything else that you think you will always get to do that you typically do on vacation starts getting too expensive. Other than that, it is a family friendly place to live with not much crime. Folks are still waiting for repairs to their homes from September 2017 hurricanes. My husband has worked for the same company and we can’t move until retirement. – can take 2 hours (sometimes to drive 10 miles); everything is expensive – so nothing to do – every place charges a hefty admission + parking + expensive food unlike the northeast and elsewhere in the U.S. Schools are not the best and certainly not the safest by any means. If you are buying new the developers are drooling from the mouth on all the extras they will get out of you for a home that is now over $100,000 more when you walk in. I have been visiting Florida every year since I was a born and have seen the changes and never considered a move here until this year. Florida is no longer as “cheap” as some may think. It wasn’t packed in with strip malls & developments then. I would like more police presence. If you are thinking of moving here do allot of research! nice quite town 20 min from Disney World. It’s even worse in the winter months. “I really can’t think of a single negative. We’ve lived in Florida in two places over the last 11 years, not because we wanted to but because of employment. - Moving to Florida Pros and Cons. You won’t have to shovel snow in Florida, but your yard will require a constant fight to keep it from returning to the overgrown jungle it was meant to be. A/C will cost you plenty as will water. Most developments have people coming & going on a weekly basis, so you don’t have long term neighbors. I do love living here, however the cost of renting an apt/house is allot considering what the average hourly pay rate is. NC? Before you decide to buy a mobile home, weigh the pros and cons to make certain your decision is consistent with your financial and housing goals. With over 20 million residents and 100+ million tourist a year, driving and parking just about anywhere in Florida can be maddening. The overall cost of living is also higher in Florida. Job opportunities are good especially since everything is local. And if by chance you have to cancel a surgery you generally have to do that at least 5 days before otherwise you will be charged $200+. You won’t play as much golf in Florida as you thought because of the aforementioned heat and humidity most of the year will take the pleasure out of it. Easy access to the highway and hospitals. Davenport is growing in every aspect. Home is reasonably priced. So the fact is rent in Florida will be higher for most people than where they moved from (source You’re right Florida IS NOT INEXPENSIVE. Davenport jobs have increased by 2.9%. Especially the cheap places. Please. I just came back to the Northeast and even though it’s on the chilly side – the air is fresh, no biting ants, snakes, gators, no traffic congestion and some of the “Best in Healthcare” available in New England unlike Florida which was recently listed 48th in healthcare from the bottom. I have done the research and I too suspect that it’s NOT the economic and climatic Utopia that he thinks it is, He subscribes to the “EVERYTHING is cheaper and better in Florida” point of view! Recent job growth is Positive. His other son and our daughter are still in Connecticut. If anything, it’s more expensive to live in Florida than NJ and the Tri-state area as well as New England. Clermont, Florida – Everything You Need to Know, Hunter’s Creek, Florida – Everything You Need to Know, Winter Garden, Florida – Everything You Need to Know, Windermere, Florida – Everything You Need to Know, MetroWest, Florida – Everything You Need to Know. and child care options from other states and lack of job opportunity. I’m calling the Realtor right now to sell the house and I’m going to start packing. Sad state of affairs in Florida – glad to be out of there. Simple outdoor tasks become a burden.Golf is not enjoyable. Lots of scams and crime and Florida is NOT RATED AS ONE OF the better places to live. I spend a lot of time and energy researching, writing, formatting, etc to publish the best places lists on this site. If your dream is to move to Florida and buy a boat, you’ll learn that the two best days in a boat owners life is the day they buy their boat, and the day they sell it. You can buy beer at almost every gas station, convenience and grocery store in the state. Insurance is costly (and bound to increase after all the storm damage) – both for home (hurricane deductibles out of your pocket) and vehicles. I keep seeing that prices are high but to me they are very low comparing to NY. Even in the summer the hottest and humid parts are typically from 9am-6pm and some relief otherwise. For example, on rent in Florida… I hate have to drag things in and out because of storms and cleaning up the house and yard after them.. I found beautiful place in Brick New Jersey right on the water. Now on the coasts there is toxic algae – very unhealthy and is killing fish and mammals. There is HIGH CRIME EVERYWHERE and the police and/or sheriffs dept. I stayed on the west coast for 2 months and now residing in Delray beach. But my husband has been hammering me for easily 10 years to move to Florida and I despise it there. Walt Disney World Resort Reservations Available Through End of 2021!! If you want to stay in Florida, consider the places on our best places lists and crime will be likely be among the least of your concerns. to consult with then have to come back to actually see the doctor. _____ The Pros and Cons of Living in Florida Here are 2 different pro vs con lists of what it’s like to live in Florida full-time. It’s the people who moved to Florida for “paradise” and eventually discovered that the place wasn’t where they could live permanently, like they had thought before the move. Add taxes, Insurance,Thats $26,000 a year for living in an apt with a community pool not including a mortgage. Recently retired I moved down here from NJ about 4 months ago after selling my home. All Rights Reserved. Congratulations to you for moving back to NJ.

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