South African Gaming Industry Statistics, Iden Versio Actor, )– It Is Used By Greeks And Slavic Jews, 15. 3. Surnames in the modern sense were used among Byzantine and Venetian nobility about the 9th century. It appears that the Chinese were the first to acquire more than one name with the use of surnames. Light Festival 2020 Near Me, In Scandinavia, in the late 19th century, the government began requiring the usage of hereditary family names. Aksu, I 2006, The story of Turkish surnames: an onomastic study of Turkish family names, their origins, and related matters, vol.

This law targeted the christian Greek population of Istanbul [who held Greek passports] as well as groups with refugee status. If a male moved to another place his surname may have been replaced based on the place of his origin, e.g. In England, the most common surname is ‘smith’, an occupational surname; but six out of the top 10 surnames, i.e. Angelopoulos – derived from the personal name Angelos (see below)9. In accordance with the Lausanne Treaty, nearly all the christian Greeks still living within the borders of Turkey were exiled by the end of 1924 to Greece.
Nevertheless the adoption of new surnames occasionally still occurred up to the early 20th century (Catsakis 2003). Kontos (short) forming Kontogiannis (short John); Xanthos (blonde/fair haired) forming Xanthogiannis (fair haired John).

Surnames belonging to military rank, civil officials, tribes or foreign nations and morally unsuitable names were forbidden. Sure, its more challenging than Charlie - but if you're looking this name up, that's... Read More, There once was a moralizing fabulist who tried to make it as a baby name...and failed. Psychometric Tool Development,

The Disappeared Of Chile, I’m Turkish, from Northeast of Turkey by Black Sea, which had a major Pontic Greek population until after WW-I. Giorgos is indeed the most common male name everywhere in Greece, both in the mainland and the islands. I did a family tree going back to my great great grandparents. ... topic=3179,, My understanding is that Pontians who fled Pontos in the 1923 Catastrophe. Lian Li Nas Case, Catsakis, LH 2003, Family history research in Greece, Lica H Catsakis, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. These surnames are very different from Greek surnames, whose largest surname category was patronymic.
Airpods Pro Charging Case,

# 1: PAPADOPOULOS (Literally means the son of the priest), # 3: KARAGIANNIS (Black-haired Giannis, ‘Kara’ in Turkish means black), # 4: VLAHOS (Early Greeks from the Roman era, as in Romios), # 6: ECONOMOU (of the Housekeeper, accountant, steward), # 8: ΜΑΚRIS (Meaning “long,” most likely describing a tall person), # 9: KONSTANTINIDIS (Son of Konstantinos), # 12: PAPADIMITRIOU (Of Father Dimitrios), # 16: PANAGIOTOPOULOS (Son of Panagiotis). i should also note that.. greek surnames in greek don't really end with "es", it's an almost non-existent suffix.. so the "ides" is just an english form of the greek names that end with "idis" when translated, in some cases. Hot Hail, Well written!

(Hons), M.Sc.

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