The mask looked brand new. BAD PART IS YOU DONT GET TO CHOSE YOUR SIZE! Still satisfied however, as its in excellent condition. After the regime change in Poland there was need of a new gas mask to replace the MP-4. I ordered 2 of these and they came in pretty good condition. They are big on my 10 year old son. Great product, cheapest around, good quality, my only complaint is its a tad hard to adjust but one its adjusted it fits great very comfortable , the filter that comes with it is completely sealed and unopen.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Received the french version of the MP5 gas mask. Been a Budk KOTM member for almost a year and pulled the trigger on these and I’m extremely happy!

Purchased 4 for the family. I collect gas masks and with the current situation, most sellers have resorted to serious inflation BUT NOT CHKADELS. It is completely replaced in service by the MP-6 "Apollo". Note that these are French ARFA masks, not Polish MP5s. Filter is listed as ABEKP NBC LOT: FZ 02/99. The lenses were scratch free! 0.790 kg, /w bag 1.430 kg The bag is fantastic and I'm using it for another gas mask I purchased on line. Shipping was relatively fast. MP-6 (Poland) Works great against tear gas, yes, gas me Teddy!

The filters packaging was slightly damaged but the filters were still sealed. For $29 seems to be worth it. Storage bag in good shape. 6-days. The best part is that this mask was cheaper with shipping that the other mask was without shipping. The other mask didn't come with the external drinking assembly. Poland Intel Core i9-9900K Desktop Processor 8 Cores up to 5.0GHz Unlocked LGA1151 300, Dyson V7 Allergy Cordless HEPA Vacuum | New.

Don't care, as about the only difference is in the voice communicator design that the Polish copied with permission. $69.95. Also $89.95 $ 89. It contains external pouches for the water bottle and drinking tube and features a tray in the bottom that holds the carrier's shape and holds the filter. Many popular civilian gas masks are modeled after military units, like the MSA Advantage 1000. so when I open the box and saw this one it was like being issued a new mask it fit perfect all latches work and the case it came in was ten times nicer than any thing I was ever issued so I'm happy happy happy over this pitches aspecialy for the price. 3/4 grey lenses. I'm generally quite happy with what we got for the money, but they came in a variety of conditions. The mask is gonna serve it’s purpose, but I got a size 3 which is too small for my face, a size 2 would’ve been perfect, I wish there were a way to choose the size.

Oh, by the way, if you are buying these and are expecting it to be like an Avon or Honeywell gas mask, your not the brightest crayon in the box. I had purchased the french version of this mask from another surplus retailer and it literally disintegrated afew days after I received it. $15.57 shipping. Instead got a perfectly fine mask with a slightly scratched and dirty visor, cleaned well. For use with the Polish MP4 “Bulldog” Gas Mask, this set of authentic military issue internal cheek filters are like new. It fits well and the filter is early 2000s gonna use it at work cuz my boss said I could butt I don't think he knew who he was talking to. Drinking straw was there so maybe i got lucky? We won't be able to ship this item until we receive more stock. They do a pretty good job of getting you the size you want I ordered 2 orders 1 of 2 mask 1 of 3 mask one straw for each order and no canteens come with these masks I've yet to track any down on the internet I haven't tried a u.s. canteen yet overall a hell of a product for the price. Made me feel a little uneasy. Shield was clear. The gas mask bag was covered in mold, but with some Lysol it was fixed.

Again thanks ChKadels! Both appear unused and in excellent condition with the mask rubber soft and non hardened. Last one is clear. Price on this mask was too good to pass up! Like I said a big guy. If you apply goo gone to lens as directed it look brand new after you complete the process which take about 10 minutes ! I bought two. That in itself is a wonder. Can't be, my exchanged mask arrived already? You'd be a fool not to add this to your collection. Got 2 not bad had to be cleaned the lens were yellow but good it clean. One of the biggest challenges of purchasing the Polish MP-5 gas mask is the fact that it looks very similar to the French-made ANP-VP F1 gas mask. MT-213/2U The rubber/plastic of the mask is aged, hard, and cracked through from nose to chin. Gas Mask and Respirator Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The Polish MP-5 is available in 4 sizes; 1 = XL, 2 = Large, 3 = Medium and 4 = Small. This like-new gas mask helps to protect the face, eyes and respiratory system against chemicals and radioactive and biological warfare agents in the form of gases, vapors, aerosols and more. This protective mask is not only authentic, it's still serviceable. All filter from mid 90s. The MP-5 is a Polish-licensed copy of the French ARF-A mask and was issued to the Polish Army where it replaced the MP-4. Also, you can talk through this one better than a lot of the others. #2 Serviceable - size 3, yellowing lens (but not bad), no inner drink tube mouth piece. Ended up with a size 3 that with some adjusting fits well.

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