It also comes with an app that makes it very easy to use.

I need to try out these cleansing brushes!

SHM Answers!

PMD Clean – Smart Facial Cleansing Device, Foreo Luna 3 for Combination, Sensitive, and Normal Skin, Conclusion on Choosing PMD or Foreo Luna 3. I document my adventures in health, food, style, travel, and creativity as I seek to live my best life while living with Fibromyalgia. And like you say, it’s very easy to clean anyway xx, I heard so much about these, they sound like such a good way to clean your skin however i couldn’t justify getting one at that price x, Foreo do smaller ones that have a set number of uses for cheaper so you can try it out before you buy? The FOREO Luna FoFo has tiny sensors that you can put onto your face for an analysis of your skin, after which the app customizes a cleaning routine for you. Finer brush for sensitive skin, regular bristles for normal skin, and medium for combination skin. Hope you have a nice stay! I have also been using the PMD Clean as I was gifted it too!

The brush on the unit comes with a different configuration. Xx, I did wonder if you got to choose your colour because I would have guessed that you would choose pink! Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window).

Have that at the back of your mind when buying. The device doesn’t just promise to help you reduce the appearance of fine lines or clear old-ugly wrinkles. From reading your post it sounds like they can make your skin feel lovely. Clarisonic vs PMD: Who Makes the Best Electric Brushes? PMD Clean uses sonic technology, and has four settings or speeds.

There are no brush heads to replace.

An item included in this post was gifted. I was swayed to try a Foreo by a rep a few years back and loved the fact that there would be no more replacement brushes, ... PRICE - The PMD Clean Smart Facial Cleansing Device is significantly less expensive than a Clarisonic (Clarisonic ranges from $129-$350 and the PMD is only $99). I am a particular fan of the handle as it gives me a better grip, especially because I use the facial brush in the shower. Although I already have both a Clarisonic and a FOREO, I was definitely interested in trying out the PMD Clean as soon as I got it. If you’re not ready to dish out $$$ for a cleansing device, this may not be for you. Have you considered adding a cleaning device like the PMD Clean to your beauty routine? This also makes it easier to adapt the Luna 3 to a skincare regime using a simple 4-step system. Although I enjoyed all of the great stuff I received from my FabFitFun boxes (including my FOREO device), I just felt like it was a good time for a change. The first two settings are for use when cleaning with the front of the device (the part with the small silicone bristles), and the third and fourth setting are to be used for applying serums with the back of the device (which is smoother).

In terms of how the devices work and the benefits for my skin, I feel like the PMD Clean and the FOREO are very similar. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. My FOREO is compact, gentle enough for every day, and seems to help me obtain smoother skin. PMD Clean Retail Price: $99 The Specs : The PMD features a silicone brush design that's similar to early Foreo models, and pulses at a rate of 7,000 vibrations per minute. Overall, I find that both of those devices have a place in my beauty routine. This is a particular benefit as if you’re too rough on your skin, your skin suffers.
Used twice daily, the cleaning device can clear up the face and help you open up the confidence that’s undermined by untidy dead skin cells, oil, and dirt. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Despite this, I still used the device for 15 seconds on each section just as I did with the Luna mini 2 just to make this comparison fair. With the power of Luna 3, you can enjoy this. Personally, I prefer the Luna Mini’s way of power but PMD do kindly provide the first battery and only one is required.
With the Microderm Classic, you don’t need to go out again to get your Microdermabrasion — you can now do it in the comfort of your own home. really helpful! In addition, you no longer have to replace brush heads which is yet another savings. In any event, it is a very nice feature that definitely goes into the pro column.

Your email address will not be published. I will continue to use my Clarisonic for its ability to provide a more intense and deep clean occasionally.

Glad you love yours as much as I love mine! Another difference which is quite substantial is the power source. I will continue to use both however as both keep my skin in the good condition that I like it in.

The PMD Clean wins the spot though for daily use in my beauty routine for now.

I used to use a Clarisonic and loved it, but I wanted to try one of these two for a few reasons- I love that I wouldn't have to replace the brush heads like you do with Clarisonic, and that these 2 options seem more hygenic as well.

SHM Answers!

Destroys dirt and oils that pores produce on the skin. The fact that it’s affordable than the rest doesn’t affect its performance too, judging by the hundreds of reviews with more positive reviews.

Aside from the cleansing solution, the product also offers a massaging feature for reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the face.

And it’s recommended that it be used every 6-7 days for the best results. Let’s look at what this device is all about: It is a powerful device that pulses at a rate of 7,000 vibrations per minute – deeply cleanses the skin and contributes to a youthful look. They both do exactly the same thing so in all honesty, I wasn’t expecting too much of a difference in price. However, without the handle, the FOREO device is much more compact, which is why it will probably be the one I use for travel. The Luna mini 2 has a pause in pulsations when you should change the area of your face that your massaging. SHM Answers! SHM Answers!

Usually, small bits of charcoal get stuck between the bristles. Really interested to hear the difference between the two. Both are made of silicone so are very hygienic and aren’t a risk of worsening your skin. Both are silicone sonic cleaning devices, and both leave my skin feeling very refreshed, super clean, and more youthful after use.

Overall, I am happy to have added the PMD Clean to my beauty devices. If you have oily skin, you’re more prone to acne than someone with dry skin. This isn’t a big deal except that the charger may cost as much as $$. For the cleansing modes, the first speed is a gentle vibration and the second is a more intense vibration. I usually rinse mine after each use and it has been fine for me. My FOREO Luna FoFo with its compact size will be perfect for travel.

Thanks for sharing!

Instead of boring you with the history of both brands and how many years they’ve been running, I’m going to review two specific products from both brands.

I was curious about how it would stack up against my existing devices, especially the FOREO, with which it seems to share so many similarities.

What people like about the product, however, is that each charge lasts a long time. The effects that can be seen the moment right after you have used the Foreo electric brush is that you will have gentle smooth skin. It’s important to note, however, that this is an expensive item.

Cleansing modes: gentle and intense vibration; Anti-aging modes: gentle and intense pulsation.

It’s not a major feature for some but I personally appreciate it. Some, like the Clarisonic, use a brush with bristles that moves with the pulses of the device to scrub your face clean. The bristles of the PMD Clean is also shorter than the Foreo Luna mini 2.

My Clarisonic is great for really deep cleaning one or two times per week, and I like the changeable brush heads. My skin always feels soft after using and makes me much more confident in my skin.

The Foreo Luna mini 2 is powered via a charging cable, the PMD clean, is powered by batteries. I instantly switched from the Foreo brush to the PMD one and I noticed no negative effect from this. The same is true of the third versus the fourth speed for the massage modes.

On the other hand, it does make it difficult to choose a favourite between the two. They recommend the massage modes to apply serum as it pushes it further into the skin than your hand can. The app also gives you a lot of hands-on advantage although a lot of people are complaining about not getting the app to work. This makes cleaning a lot easier and I don’t think it compromises the performance of the brush at all. There are some key differences though. Related: Is Clarisonic Better than Foreo? Black would definitely suit my cleanser as my pink one can get a bit dirty but I do find mine very easy to clean xx, That’s definitely an advantage of the black one, it won’t show any stains! Both are made of silicone so are very hygienic and aren’t a risk of worsening your skin.

It can also mitigate the appearance of large pores. Thankfully they’re both waterproof so provide no danger for me. Both brands aim at removing dirt particles, sebum, dead surface cells as well as makeup leftovers with the use of their sonic cleansers.

PMD Clean’s website calls the cleansing speeds “vibrations,” while it refers to the massaging speeds as “pulsations.” There definitely is a difference in the way that the massage modes feel on your skin as compared to the cleansing modes.

I personally have found that these types of cleansing devices help to remove impurities and build-up that can be left behind with regular washing. Majority of products aren’t tested by the site owner (except a few).

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