u/lareamartell I'd like to clarify that u/crazy_john doesn't mean that Sailor or Platinum nibs are inherently scratchy, he means that they're feedbacky. What I'm looking for is "rankings" in those respects. Models such as the Vanishing Point, E95, and Custom 74 often serve as a first introduction to the world of quality fountain pens, while the much-loved Falcon and Custom 912 series pens serve as the most suitable writing instruments for our noted Spencerian modification. But I see the same models differ in quality so much that this is not much to go on. How do I achieve a specific style of writing that I have seen? Sailor nibs tend to have better quality control overall. Sailor 1911 vs Platinum 3776 vs Pilot Custom 74 .

The entire world could love a feedbacky pen and you could hate it. Decisions...). I do not have a Masuyama Needlepoint nib, and I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with both of these nibs and can tell me if there is a great difference or hardly any. It's the thinner Japanese nibs that have a unique feeling. /r/fountainpens - A community for fountain pen enthusiasts, from the novice to the collector.

Those things, combined with the excellent grip shape and unobtrusive threads, make for an excellent pen to use. The Sailor just wasn't as nice of a writer. Archived. I love my Pelikans and have far too many, but Pilot run them a very close second. Nibs.com My first fountain pen was a Lamy joy with a 1.1mm italic nib, so I'm used to writing in an italic style or cursive with a broad-edged nib. Now I know I will like the Pilot best! One of the nicest pens. Thank you in advance! However, it is a very nice pen and writes beautifully. Switching to Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo made a noticeable improvement. But by comparison my Pilot Falcon SEF is nearly as fine as my UEF and much smoother.

The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. A little gimmicky (though seen regularly on vintage pens) with the heart shaped breather hole but all in all, a relatively cheap pen with a great nib (provides quite a bit of feedback, but it's nice). The pen is great; all three are. Nice infographic! I wonder how they would fair compared to Aurora and Twsbi, Neither of these two companies make music nibs, but I do have their italic nibs. Always writes nicely and the weight is just about right. I've heard good things about the Platinum cartridges, for what it's worth.

Mine is the Oshino. I have the Pilot but had been wondering about the other two.

I would probably choose the Platinum over the Sailor (though a hard choice) but considering the Pilot would make things much harder. I think there's something to be said for the simplicity of the Custom 743. Good generous flow, but I think it's a hairline thicker than the Platinum fine and the Sailor. One of the largest pen companies in the world, Pilot excels at the production of high quality fountain pens at an affordable price. But what do you mean with "overall finish"? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.
By the way, does the pilot take concentration to write with like a typical Italic or can you write fast and effortlessly with it? All 3 pens are approximately the same length unposted (I think), but due to the 3776 being thicker, the other two feel longer to me. It's just softer.

I didn't really give you an answer there, I just explained different parts of each of the pens and hope it's enough to help you land at your own conclusion. The Custom 74 is simply amazing. Also, buy it in a F or preferably a M. I have an EF 2k and the nib is even more finicky than normal. Thanks for this, I have a music nib custom 74 on the way right now! Dumb question but are music nibs "soft?" I looked up some videos and threads, and sure enough it's a documented problem.

If you like more defined lines then Pilot is probably the best bet, but if you aren't much of an italic nib person and want more a forgiving nib then the other two are very good for providing some line variation without tearing up your paper with crisp corners. I will get back to you shortly - the Pilot music nib was a loaner. If you ever get a pen that feels like it has too much feedback - by all means test the wetness first before attempting any “smoothing” which is almost always unnecessary with pens from the Big 3. What should I know about custom fountain pen nibs for my calligraphy practice?
Especially if you go for the #15 size on the Custom 823.

I've heard a lot about the "platinum feedback" too haha. USA, Call:  323.655.2641 If by any chance you're in London, UK, there's a pen meeting that happens on the first Saturday of every month (more details over at r/LondonUKPenClub) and if you come next month, I'll happily bring all the pens with me. The EF-F tipping provides a noticeable (and audible) amount of feedback while writing. Thank you for summing it up haha! I think one big reason why the two are hard to tell apart is because the Platinum feels crisper than the Sailor when writing, but is also the wetter of the two, so the end result is similar in stubbiness.

The 1911 and platinum have a feedback, and if I remember correctly, the platinum has more feedback than the 1911. Quality control is probably better at Pilot. Note that being made from gold doesn't ever indicate whether a nib is soft or not.

And I hear a lot about the special "feedback" some of these brands have. That nib is softer than a Falcon or 3776 SF but it's still not a flex nib to go crazy with. /r/fountainpens - A community for fountain pen enthusiasts, from the novice to the collector.

I'm going back home on Sunday for the day so I can pick up the pens there. Even the Soft Fine from Platinum isn't a flex nib - it's not even semi-flex. If you are looking for something with flex, of your two options, the Falcon is what you should get. I guess I should try it out in person to decide what it is.

Thanks for the comparisons! Both use Pilot's 14k gold, #15-size nib (same size as a #6 nib from other brands), but as I already mentioned, the 743 gets a few more interesting options than the 823, in this case the flexible Falcon (FA) nib. 1911s is the prettiest. From the responses of my last post, a lot of people suggested that a Sailor 1911, Platinum 3776, and pilot custom 74 are good pens similar to the Lamy 2000 price point. During the 1970s, the “Big Three” pen makers in Japan engaged in a “karat war,” each trying to outdo the others in offering more luxurious-appearing nibs by including more gold. It's still just semi-flex. As for 74 vs. Lamy 2k, I'd go for the 74 unless you have some fountain pen experience with different nibs. I’ve experienced (fixable) dry nib issues with pens from all 3 brands. One was so dry it was unusable - as in the pen would lay down no ink. You can get them in gold or silver. Thanks for sharing!

The Platinum nibs are bloody gorgeous. See also our Namiki home page for the Urushi, Maki-e, and limited edition pens created by Pilot's artisanal sister company. I think most people would actually smooth it out, but I'm able to enjoy it (might also be due to the fact I won it on eBay second hand and/or I'm a lefty over-writer so it's a different nib angle). Also, if anyone feels differently, please correct me as I rarely write with the 1911 (only occasionally test it out because it belongs to a friend). The no-frills, workhorse design means serious business, and under the hood, it packs some serious performance.

Another way to look at it is this: with the 823 you have to stick to one ink for a considerable time, the 743 gives you the ability to change inks a bit more frequently. for maximum line variation? This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. I've heard great things about all 3 pens so it's really hard to pick. Maybe at the time of review the fa nib option was not available. I can't attest to the Platinum one though. Considering the Falcon, I also want this one but I think I'm over to design over function, I like the flex tho but I'm a fan of big nibs. They all offer different writing experiences, as the other commenters have mentioned. Yeah I guess my question is very misleading cause it all comes down to personal taste. What should I know before buying my first pen? I own all three, but the Sailor is with a zoom nib so I can't really comment on how the nib feels, as it's a, I suppose, specialty nib. This nib gives me a lot of feedback (this one is actually a soft fine). What Is The Difference Between Rollerball, Gel, and Ballpoint Refills? I think they're close in size, but I would guess that the 3776 is a touch bigger. What is the difference between flexibility and smoothness? It's fantastic for writing small sentences in pocket-size notebooks. I'm definitely adding the Pilot music nib to my wishlist. The only problem - as some of you will know - is that most Japanese web stores can be really difficult to navigate, even with help from Google Translate. You get some feedback, but not much. I do have a Sailor ProGear with a fine nib, however. And Why Would I Want One? The Falcon SF has a little give, although I do not flex my pens because I am afraid of pushing them too far. It seems to muffle the feedback as well, and I can almost feel it all absorbed by the more solid feeling body of the pen versus the 3776. Note, there's also a shorter version of the 1911. Thank you! It's fantastic for writing small sentences in pocket-size notebooks. Hey Nabi, You're right, they do offer the 823 with FA nib but this is not a stock option and only two retailers (that I know of) currently sell it with the FA configuration so I dismissed that for this comparison.Regarding the choice between the 743 and 823, if you can get your hands on the FA versions, I think the choice boils down to the preferred filling system. PS. It's an excellent option to get your hands on modern flex: a pleasantly soft and responsive flex nib, that gives plenty of line variation. You must fill out the appropriate repair or trade form before sending any pen or nib to us. Keep in mind beyond medium/broad sizes, Japanese pens mostly write very similar to Western nibs.

On top of that, the pencil feedback isn't there, although there is a tiny bit of feedback. Anyway if you don't have any of them and you're going to pull the trigger on one of them (743 or 823) with fa nib wich one would be your choice? I'm happy it's as stiff as it is, because I'm not into that whole flex "thing". I'll go check all 3 of them out in stores tho, thank you! Some of these old threads are very helpful. You must fill out the appropriate. The Falcon is just slightly soft but you won't see that much line variation. What should I know about test writing fountain pens in a pen store? Pilot. If you really want to try flex, the easiest way is vintage. Opinions vary in this thread. Out of the box it has been my smoothest nib with no feedback.

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