We easily find that the kinetic energy at the bottom of the loop must be equal to the potential energy of the object at its initial position on the inclined plane. For a second variable you could try changing the current or placing the probe at different distances from the centre. A bulb is thus said to be non-ohmic [recall that an ohmic device is one where the current is proportional to the voltage]. It's no good just finding out there is a difference without having some hypothesis to test. A good bibliography that contains authoritative sources along Thanks Chels. A clip of the steel ball bearing rolling across a watch glass 10 cm diameter. What's going on here?

Your project would be to see how the intensity varies by incident angle, for water and glass. You could investigate the effect of different metal bars, coil size, size of AC etc. Might there be a good reason for this? Your teacher will also be concerned about safety (see "weapons" note above). The field generated by this secondary coil is oriented to oppose the main field and reduce its spread. Since they generate electric currents, they're also useful for making automated measurements. However, this is a bit of a lie as the angular displacement decreases with every oscillation - it is not constant. Results from directional antenna; max gain @ 0 deg. As it speeds up is the breaking force still the same. This voltage drop depends on the temperature difference between the two junctions. Here they are trying to get an accurate value of the existing soil conditions for a geothermal project. In an EEI you would have to look at resistivity, temperature coefficients of resistance and why - at an atomic level - resistance changes. Amiee Leong (Year 12 Moreton Bay College) gives it a go. Do they vary in any sort of systematic way, or are they random.

The time interval between the peaks is 50 seconds and this can be used to determine conductivity [Proc. Light intensity is expressed as lumens (lm). A great EEI would be to see how the reflection varies with angle of incidence. Has any topic sparked my interest in recent physics lessons? on the experimental process and point out serious limitations and or flaws in our experimental Variables that affect drag forces in boats. Talk to your teacher and look at the criteria sheet in detail before you get too carried away. Victoria and Alexa have set up a 12mm diameter aluminium rod on a hotplate. The sound intensity level (L) is proportional to the log of the ratio of sound intensity to the threshold of hearing intensity (L = 10 log (I/Io). This will lead me to sub-topics like: All of these factors are areas that you will come across in IB SEHS and interestingly, have probably The ball behaves like a pendulum speeding up as it rolls towards the centre and then slowing as it rises up the other side. The greater the % carbon the lower the resistance. Who knows. The volume of water, the height of water? This specificity also makes it easy to satisfy your “Personal She had some ethanol in the plastic container beside the computer. You will need to work out how to do this. When the stopper is removed the water jets out under gas pressure. A biconvex gas lens will bend sound waves so that can be focussed providing the gas in the lens has a density higher than the surroundings. On this rough side of the carpet tile and a starting height of 4 books (11.8 cm) the car travelled 83.2 cm unloaded but travelled only 63.2 cm with a 50 g mass Blu-tacked to its hood. It is like a "fudge" factor but can be justified by physics theory. By changing the values of the resistors and the capacitors you can change the flashing rate. Look up the triaxial shear test, or even thedirect shear test for ideas on how to measure repose.

Transistors and temperatureYou don't see many Senior Physics EEIs based around transistors. Occasionally, SEHS students will

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