You took my maidenhood, Poseidon and for all, we know I could be pregnant!" Hera asked. With the eyes of a man with no courage or hope left, Perseus straightened and looked at the Olympians. "Instead he has been aiding the Persians! As the thirteen immortal beings took their seats, carefully avoiding their enraged king's eyes, Zeus snapped his fingers and a woman in celestial bronze chains appeared in the center of the room.

Zeus bellowed. "This is the most aid we can currently offer. Hera smiled feeling a lot more comfortable, before quickly given both twins a hug and flashing out with her husband. She's probably doing this because of our constant bickering over what part of us controls the body. His father insists that as soon as Percy shows himself worthy enough, he shall become one of the major gods. She bit her lip when Poseidon knocked three times. He then started to explain what happen last night and with every word Artemis eyes grew wider and wider. Perseus just gave her a sad smile, thinking about how much he loved his sister. She says heart but I say mind, and it keeps going from there. "Don't be ridiculous, Poseidon, there's a big chance I could be pregnant!"

Perseus looked at each of them with utter betrayal in his eyes, eventually focusing on Hera.
Athena started to breath more heavily when she notice that she wasn't wearing any clothes but the blanket wrapped around her. "Oh, my Gods…" Athena said, putting her hand over her mouth. Apollo pouted. She groaned and buried her head into the pillows she was sleeping on. He made his way over to his sister's palace and walked in, glad to be away from the crowds. ", Perseus, being the god of heroes, courage, hope, and family, decided that now was his time to speak up. "You have betrayed Olympus, Perseus-be grateful that you are not in chains as well. Artemis came back in and gave them both the water and said, "And I will help this child how to hunt and defend themselves. Although, he's having a rather "complicated" relationship with Athena. I will raise the child as my own and say one of the Nereids or Oceanids is the child's mother as there are many of them.

Lastly, Zeus and Hera approached Perseus and Athena, both with worried expressions on their faces.

Finally, Apollo being Apollo decided to speak. "Your traitorous mother deceived me. Zeus growled. "What have you done, Father?"

A grinning Perseus leisurely strolled down the streets of Olympus humming a tune, not in a particular hurry. The twin brother of Athena once loved and adored on Olympus is banished by his fathers paranoia, and betrayed by those he trusted most. Athena took a deep breath and turned her head. Perseus gave his sister a soft kiss on the forehead as they both grieved the loss of their mother.

Then he walked out. He becomes the husband of Artemis where only a few know about their relationship, but how did they come to be husband and wife? Perseus and Athena both dropped to their knees and stared at the spot where their mother was mere seconds ago, now just a blackened streak on the pale throne room floor. Poseidon stared at her with serious eyes, "Artemis, this isn't a joke. Zeus looked on proudly at his dearest son and daughter. Pure love. Athena nodded and got up too. She just got back from riding her moon chariot all night and wanted to take a nap before she had to check up on her hunters and see if any of them are injured still from after the war. I hereby relinquish any familial ties other than the ones who have stayed by my side. So, he went to his father, Poseidon, and decided to help him around the palace. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Only to be saved by his sister and a primordial goddess, will he seek revenge on his father?

Based on Forbidden Marriage by FallenFireDemons. Athena, one of the most bravest Goddesses, was afraid to turn to her right. He and I are on a good enough basis. Residents who were milling around smiled and waved at the Olympian god, and Perseus gave a polite nod in return. Things to note about these characters and story, all of the Second Generation of Olympians but Dionysus were born before the Titan War and the Giant War will happen about 100-200 years after the Titan War in this story. The Olympians nodded, recalling the moment. In the shadows one primordial goddess of the sea could be glimpsed crying for one the greatest souls to ever live, wondering if he could ever become a figment of who he once was. "Okay so there is a big chance you are but there's also the chance you're not.

Thunder rumbled ominously in the sky. I myself am quite good at hiding my feelings, but to be honest, I feel a touch of jealousy at times. "They will have key roles on the Olympian council-the oracle has already foreseen this.". This is a one-on-one lemon shot of Percy Jackson and Athena. "What is it you need my help with?" I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, or … ", Metis looked thoughtful for a moment. He got out of bed pulling some of the blankets with him to cover himself. "The boy shall be named Perseus, and the girl, Athena."

Your review has been posted. Hestia smiled fondly at her favorite nephew from her spot in the Hearth. I hope you all enjoy this story based on Forbidden Marriage by FallenFireDemons. Metis smiled at Zeus. "Athena, what are you doing here? "I thought our peace was made, what the mortals believe is true you are indeed a spiteful goddess." What will the other gods do when they find out? Percy x Athena. Perseus happily returned her affection and took his sister's arm as they made their way to the throne room.

"I don't know if. "What have I done to deserve this treatment, Father? Poseidon, God of the Sea and her least favorite God, was sleeping next to her, naked from the waist up and a blanket covering him from the waist down. Athena took one more deep breath and started looking for the rest of her clothes. Zeus is going to kill me!". "What shall we name them, dear?

Athens most brilliant Strategos is commanding a Greek fleet in Artimesium.

", Athena paused for a moment.

At the age of twenty, Poseidon took Percy to Zeus and demonstrated how over-qualified Percy was to become a god.

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