Artemis kills her and Apollo curses the next man she falls in love with. And besides, I am a god now. Her advice was more than worth it.

", "Prove your love, Perseus.

I couldn't help feel my heart flutter as I got my first view of Percy.

", "Very well. ", "I, Zeus, and Hades will stay away from the wager. ", Sally thought about it for a few seconds, "I think that is a great idea.". A collection of people reading the Percy Jackson books fanfiction.

She had forgiven Nico. Several months later he receives an unexpected surprise.

I climbed into bed next to him, and he affectionately put his arm around me.

It should count for something.

I said, and Sally lead be to the couch.

"I have terrible news for you all. Welcome to neutral Switzerland.

The Seven Become Gods Fanfiction.

Tired, mostly.

And I am no Zeus to get him down. I heard most of the questions about if Percy was going to marry me.

"What happened to Percy?" (these are all the female goddeses on the polls list and what they are thinking about him now). In which Percy Jackson is a non-cis male person — including fem & trans!Percy. Percy saves him, but he was given a punishment, despite his efforts. "What about Percy Jackson?" (T for swearing). This is a community about all the stories relating to Percy joining the hunters of Artemis, becoming the guardian of the hunt, or creating a group similar to the hunters.

He was not there… ever, really. There was something strange in his voice.

I nodded. Still… I made Kronos my bitch. Artemis, I think your man-hating reign has gone too far.

When Annabeth thinks Percy cheats on her, she becomes a Huntress. I shook myself out of my thoughts to Percy lightly tugging my wrist.

You either enjoy it or you die.

I couldn't even focus when I said the vows. How do they find out that the demigod they have a crush on is dating another person? No longer a major deity.

Hello Everyone!

"You are going against my niece, and she will call in every favor she has to stop you. I immediately stood up to bow, but she motioned for me to sit. What happens when the fates put him to sleep and it ends up costing him the love of his life? Not the usual power of the sea, but a power of hope.

A Percy Jackson, but how he would have looked like if he really went through everything in the story. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 68 - Since: 07-10-12 - Founder: Goddess of the Multiverses. Shall you wish for something we can't give, and you will have only yourself to blame.

Father smirked. "Hello, I presume that you are Sally Jackson.

This community was created to store well written and interesting stories.

Talia? I doubt he will be happy with me trying to rape his twin sister. Only Athena smiled, knowingly.

A couple of things to note before we jump into the best Percy Jackson fanfiction: The following recommendations are based on you being familiar with the official and original series of The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. I'm still a mortal, the other side countered. Goddess of love rivaled with Artemis from the time immemorial. If he was not married to me, I would have killed him instantly, though he is a mortal. It was gorgeous, making me feel like everything was complete.
I wish to marry her and ask for her hand as my reward.".

And besides, I am a god now. Dad, I need to talk to you, I thought in my brain. Only... that Percy is the one who manages to make them completely fall for him. I whispered.

Days passed for deciding on what to wear, what to look as, and for me, which flowers in my bouquet, if I should wear shoes, should I paint my nails, things like that. Hades burst in laughter, shaking. She was attractive, and she was forbidden – it made her thrice as appealing.

i am not Rick!*). One was bathroom, and the other was closet. I have come here to talk about your son."

A being powerful enough to end the reigns of both his siblings and his parents. English - Staff: 5 - Followers: 93 - Since: 11-11-09 - Founder: LostinaFreefall, Only PERLIA stories here people.
Food appeared, and as I ate, Percy's hand was gently covering mine.

However unknown to the Titans and their children, another being was born from the churning of the oceans.

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