The AI-450C-2 is a modification with increased power. Product sheet Turboprop engine TP100 - Turboprop engine TP100 with 180 kW Output.

We have been in the turbine business since 1996 and have years of experience {{#each pushedProductsPlacement4}}, {{#pushedProductsPlacement5.length}} {{#each pushedProductsPlacement5}}, With AeroExpo you can: Find a nearby distributor or reseller| Contact the manufacturer to get a quote or a price | Examine product characteristics and technical specifications for major brands | View PDF catalogues and other online documentation. PBS TJ100. Aircraft engine impellers and guide wheels. Small installation dimensions; Low weight; High static power; PBS.TopImage.Btn.Scroll. The integrated starter-generator ensures reliable 24V battery start-up, supplies electricity to the vehicle’s onboard wiring and cools the engine after shutdown.

We provide all these items for the non FAA certified {{/each}}.

Designed to power general aviation airplanes.

PBS TP100 - TURBOPROP ENGINE The PT6A engine family is the world's most popular engine in its class and is one of Pratt & Whitney's greatest success stories. PBS TJ100. Save this search. That engine costs twice as much as a brand new Lycoming IO-540 (fuel injected, 260-300HP, 6 cyl) and 3 times the cost of a good mid-time one. Find out more. The system is designed for use in both push and tractor configuration ... ... aircraft offers legendary reliability, culminating in today’s 450shp M250-B17.

questions and concerns. I guess this is the Czech PBS TP 100. [1],, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 February 2020, at 21:27. Standard equipment fuel-oil system, control system, ignition unit, connection cables and manual or fully automatic control. The PBS Schedule lists all of the medicines available to be dispensed to patients at a Government-subsidised price. The PBS TP100 and TS100 develop maximum power of 180 kW. support you require 24/7. One of the main advantages of this turboprop engine is its light weight combined with a power thrust of 241 HP (180 kW) and its capacity to achieve flight levels of 29,500 ft. (9,000 m) with a maximum starting height of 19,700 ft. (6,000 m).

The information contained in this table is generally updated once a month, around the second week of the month. building experimental aircrafts, parts, and overhauling various turbine engines.

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