What are your top three policy priorities that you pledge will realistically be accomplished by the end of your first term. Real Republicans ANSWER Questions! John Brady | Don Greene | Milissa Holland | Michael Schottey. Those PACs are chaired by the same person, William S. Jones, who is the former chairman of the Alachua County Republican Party. You seriously just lost needed votes. There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing by either the Palm Island mayor or deputy mayor. Your email address will not be published. "I have never heard of William Jones," Holland wrote. However, she has been “endorsed” by Mullins. That means all registered voters in Palm Coast, regardless of party or non-party affiliation–Democrats, Republicans, independents and others–may cast a ballot for Palm Coast mayor or council. The out-of-the-area funding includes 11 $1,000 contributions from 11 different political actions committees, or PACs. This RINO is a soulmate of Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, and Whitehouse! All rights reserved. But what the Hell were you thinking? After the Land Act (Aboriginal and Islander Land Grants) Amendment Act 1982 had established a system for granting a Deed of Grant in Trust (DOGIT) rather than land title to Indigenous councils, the Community Services (Aborigines) Act 1984 (Qld) was effected in order to transfer land currently under the administration of the Queensland Government to locally elected Aboriginal councils, giving Aboriginal councils powers and responsibilities similar to other local governments in Queensland. I was looking forward to his answers but now will probably just leave the mayor spot blank. “Basically it's been people calling me or going to my website and hitting the donate button,” he said. Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council keep an ongoing register of interests available to the public. FOR the first time in 12 years, Palm Island will have a new mayor, with Alf Lacey stepping down from the top job and opting for a councillor tilt. Ask him how much the loan was from SunTrust bank that he defrauded from them in the 90’s.

If a candidate for mayor wins 50 percent plus one vote or more in the Aug. 18 primary, then that candidate is the outright winner and mayor, making a runoff unnecessary. The PACs all go by patriotic, civic-minded names. I was really leaning towards Lowe but I think I might have to rethink that. All local government councillors must declare all financial and non-financial interests, including the interests of persons related to them as set out in the Local Government Act 2009. And the candidate has not shown himself capable of handling the interview if he is not willing to answer more probing follow-up questions.

Required fields are marked *. Palm Coast relies on the sheriff for policing.

Use the links above to see a councillor's statement of interest.

5. Whiteout works.
He does not have one. Use the links above to see a councillor's statement of interest.

Cite three issues or concerns that in your view the city is addressing poorly or not at all, and explain how you intend to convince the council to change course. He said all the PAC money Holland is receiving raises questions. © 2020 www.news-journalonline.com. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Way to own the libs! For further information please contact the Office of the CEO on 07 47700 200. They’re paid $9,600 a year, $11,400 for the mayor, not including a monthly “telecommunications” allowance. Financial Disclosures: Not disclosed. Me. Read More:Palm Coast Disconnect: Dueling narratives arise as questions of corruption loom at City Hall, Read More:Alan Lowe, facing Milissa Holland for Palm Coast mayor, accuses her of running racist ad.

9. 14. I’ll leave it at that (for now) but again, extremely disgusted by the candidate pool put forth by the Republican Party in Flagler County for 2020 elections. How do you propose to diversify Palm Coast’s housing options?

But if none of the candidates manages that majority, then the top two candidates with the most votes will go on to contest the Nov. 3 general election. Any candidate who refuses to answer softball interview questions such as these, (no matter how the candidate feels about the publication) where every candidate gets the same questions, clearly doesn’t value the opinion of the voters. Some apartment complexes have gone up in the past two years, but the city still faces an affordable housing shortfall as housing prices have risen steadily. We have Danko, with a checkered past, who looks down upon wearing a mask, (this from a family member who was subjected to ridicule from Danko and his group). Palm Coast Mayor Milissa Holland has emphasized to voters during her campaign that she has lived most of her life in the city and has deep roots in the community. What is wrong with the people in this town? Failed pool cleaning company? The Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council is constituted by a Mayor and 4 Councillors. Hmmm, must be his current ‘handyman services’ company.

If so, please explain, including cases where charges or claims did not lead to conviction or disciplinary action.

A resident of Palm Beach for more than 38 years, Gail Coniglio was elected Mayor of the Town of Palm Beach in 2011 after previously serving two terms as Council Member. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of that contract, and tell us what specifically you would change about it. But he did steal the questions and post them illegally on a social media platform, even though our letter to him with the questions stated specifically that “The Live Interview is copyrighted material.” (Candidates must contact the editor to get permission to repost.)

If you’re one of the incumbents, evaluate your own successes and shortcomings, with specifics, telling us why you’re better suited to continue than any of your challengers.
13. How have you been, or how will you be, different, starting with your definition of economic development? "My understanding is many business leaders contribute to organizations that support pro-business candidates," Holland wrote in the text, "and those same people have seen what I have done for Palm Coast over the past four years and have decided to support my re-election.". Have you ever been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor anywhere in Flagler, Florida or the United States (other than a speeding ticket), or faced a civil action other than a divorce, but including bankruptcies, or faced any investigative or disciplinary action through a professional board such as the bar or a medical board?

He does not have one. Well Allan, failing to respond to FlaglerLive’s request for “Live Interview” categorically makes you unqualified to handle the demands of the Office of Mayor. The Jones-controlled PACs that are helping to fund Holland's campaign collectively contain millions of dollars that are mostly used to spread around cash to people running for various offices. Then can he answer these hypothetical questions for us: What 37 years of ‘business’ does he consider “skin in the game”? How she’s not in jail for practicing without a license is beyond me. Alan Lowe 4 Mayor website says “I believe in transparency…” Really!?

Failed SeaLab brine company? All told, Jones — who also did not return a phone call — chairs 70 different PACs in the state, according to records from the division of elections. Because no one has turned her in until now. The State of Florida is the ONLY LEGITIMATE LICENSING BODY IN THIS STATE, the Florida Department of Health (to be more specific, for anyone practicing any form of healthcare or mental health care). Holland, who spoke out for unity after Black man George Floyd’s death in Minnesota at the hands of police, said she would have the controversial picture removed from the ad.

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