After it was fully updated authentication started working again. It always says that the tasks have completed successfully. I have occasionally used this fix as well (2 minutes ago in fact) and it does work, but I have to wonder what it's going to break down the line. The following figure shows the example criteria in the Filter dialog box. This appears to be happening to one of our users also. When I pin the box and leave it open when I click Send/Receive All Folders, it doesn't show the progress of sending or receiving like older outlook versions but just show the main progress bar at the top. How funny, I'm on the phone with a user with the exact same problem. Did you clear the stored creds in Credential Manager? Disable the send and receive progress dialog box popup. However, you can use a simple context menu to customize it, and either add or remove different values and shortcuts. Make sure to mark this as the best answer! Clearing the O365 credentials resolved it. Therefore, you have to install only Oscintl-en-us.msp from the following package (for U.S. English versions of Outlook 2010). To resolve this problem you have several options. I ran into this when O365 was NOT fully updated. Has anyone seen this issue and found a proper fix? If the status bar indicates a value less than 3.99 GB and you either switch away to another folder or you exit and restart Outlook, the status bar may go back to displaying the above text when you return to the same folder. We found that logging the user out of the affected product ( which removes their Office 365 account from all of the Office desktop products) then adding their account back into Office, recreated their account in all of the Office products and the user was then able to successfully log into Outlook. The following update is the latest released localized update package for the Outlook Social Connector. To customize the status bar, right-click it to open the “Customize Status Bar” menu. For those using app passwords, you can revoke them via the admin portal. When you synchronize your Exchange mailbox to an Offline Folder file (.ost), the Outlook status bar never shows higher than 3.99 GB when a folder is being updated. For those affected (assuming this is a wide-spread issue at the moment), do you recall the registry fix that you could share? by For example, the following steps show how to create a synchronization filter that causes Outlook to only synchronize items received in the last six months. In PowerPoint, the status bar tells you which slide you’re looking at. Basically what we get is one of two things: In both cases Outlook shows "Need Password" at the bottom. He's also worked as a trainer, technical support person, delivery manager, system administrator, and in other roles that involve getting people and technology to work together. The status bar along the bottom of the Office 2016 window gives you information about the file you’re working on. clearing ALL in Credentials for Windows in Controlpanel cleared the issue with blank window. HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\Identity\EnableADAL REG_DWORD 0. Another option is to reduce the size of larger folders by either archiving items or moving them to other (smaller) folders in your mailbox. This is because the filter hides some of the emails. It also presents the view buttons and Zoom controls. This menu is simple to use; click any item within it to toggle between visible (with a checkmark) and invisible (without a checkmark). If you then allow the synchronization process to fully synchronize the folder, the status bar may eventually indicate the following text. By default, the number of read and unread messages, information about the mail server connection, reading pane toggles, and zoom information all appear in the status bar. So far the delete Credentials has not helped us. Usually that will do the trick. Status bar progress never shows more than 3.99 GB on initial Sync of large folders in Microsoft Outlook. You can use other descriptive text in the Value box for your criteria. If we click the "need password" item, when the popup is closed, it simply re-authenticates and without needing to type the password and we're good... until Outlook is closed, after opening the issue returns.

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