The Sodor and Mainland Railway engines are based on Neilson 0-4-0 box tanks, a simple and robust class of engine built in Glasgow and sold all over the world. Stepney, named after a district in London, is a tank engine. Bulgy was later brought back to the road to help with passengers while Thomas and Emily needed repairs, but the chickens who had lived in him nestled in his luggage racks and caused trouble the following morning. Peter Sam is kind, well-mannered and popular with passengers and coaches alike. The original Iron Duke was displayed at the Great Exhibition in 1851, and by 1855 Gooch had produced another twenty-nine locomotives in this style. Tim is a black gold-domed narrow gauge engine. They will play tricks on an engine based on how they treat them. 68896 and NER J27 No. River Esk is a steam engine working on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway. "Duchess of Hamilton", a real locomotive, is an LMS 8P Princess Coronation "Duchess" 4-6-2. "Duchess of Hamilton" is painted LMS maroon with gold lining and black wheels. Thumper is painted orange with his name painted on his side of his bonnet in white. Buster likes to think of himself as the "world's fastest steamroller", and often dreams of winning races. On return, there was a long list of repairs including wheel turning, new pistons and piston rings, crankpins, neck rings, piston cotters, closing up slidebars, closing up eccentric straps,link motion overhauled, axle boxes refitted, reversing lever and quadrant overhauled, 4 mudholes re-tapped, new brakeblocks, new gauge glass and valves set up. The following year he appeared in the film "The Flying Scotsman". In 1939, Gordon went to Crovan's Gate for a rebuild. However, when his cheating placed Rheneas in danger, Freddie was forced to put his knowledge to better use. 2, Northern Chief in 1972, the railway company decided to construct a new 2-6-2 locomotive, originally to be named Sir Arthur Heywood. His temper matches his paint, and he can often be hot-headed. The Fat Controller requested that the pilot be grounded. Although she is not allocated to any specific engine, there was a period when she worked exclusively with Lord Harry when the Manager took him off passenger trains. Jock, named by Douglas for his yellow-green livery, is the newest steam engine on the Arlesdale Railway, and the strongest. Conductor and threatens to drop him off the viaduct into the river underneath. Junior, pleased and encouraged by his success in helping out, offers to take a job on Sodor, and was hired on as conductor so that Mr. He appears to be rather pompous, and a bit of a yesman. Bill and Ben were quick to tease Gordon, and jokingly threatened to haul him away as scrap. In jigsaws and other merchandise, the car is yellow, except for one where it is red. His whistle is a generic steam whistle recorded from a Canadian engine at Steamtown NHS in Scrantion, Pennsylvania. Cyril is a fogman who lives in an old cottage in Misty Valley. Later, Thomas sought out his help in looking for a truck of flour. 9449 "Blue Circle", which is the only one left in the world. But the day before, while he was idling at the station his smoke blinded a painter, who fell along with his paint pot onto Henry. The Fat Controller attributed the incident to the wagon's poor condition, but told Oliver not to disclose the fact, saying it was "bad for discipline". Judy and Jerome (voiced by Teresa Gallagher and Tim Whitnall in the UK and the US, respectively) are breakdown cranes, who take their jobs as the breakdown train very seriously. Stefano (voiced by Antonio Magro in the UK and US) is a large amphibious cargo ship who can run on both water and land. His model was based upon the BR 80 heavy-duty tank engines used primarily in Germany and Poland. Godred MacHarold (known in Sudrian legend as King Orry or Starstrider) was King of Sodor and Man from 979 to 989. His design is based on the Grand Trunk Western U4-a Steam Train. Upon his arrival, Stanley became very popular and enjoyed the company of the engines. These form the fast and important passenger trains and are normally pulled by Gordon, James, or Henry. Duck was unimpressed by Diesel's claims of being "revolutionary" and left him to his own devices. This is a powerful engine, and would be very useful. Hunter is based a Great Western Railway 4500 Class 2-6-2T Prairie tank engine, first built in 1906. By 1962 Prince was in need of a major overhaul and was given a different frame arrangement, to try and take the drawbar load through the frames and not the boiler. The Sodor Warbler is a rare, brightly coloured yellow bird. Godred Crovan, the son of King Harold and grandson of Godred MacHarold, was born in Iceland in 1045. Red lorry is a small red lorry, seen at yards and harbours. He vaguely resembles Peter Sam and Stanley, minus a cab roof. Ol' Wheezy is the biggest crane in the logging camp, but is dangerous and reckless; he tends to throw logs and flatbeds instead of working properly. He formally carried the numbers 2650 and 58850, and presently carries the LMS number, 27505. Toby finally lost patience and left Mavis to her own devices. The Ffarquhar Quarry Co. trucks carry stone from Anopha Quarry. In 1983, Thomas helps the police when he sees the thieves, who stole some valuables from the Statiomaster. 98462 and 87546 are two blue tender engines who visited Sodor in 1922. The engine is painted dark green with red lining and grey wheels and cylinders. James and Thomas were jealous because they thought it would steal their passengers, but soon came to like it after James accidentally re-inflated it with his steam. It is recorded in The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways that it had some tank engines of its own, but no further details were given. Finally, Thomas apologized after Percy helped him after he punctured his water tank and the two became friends again. She lives in a big city, but came to visit him during the film. Tom Jones' Diesel was a 4-6-4 diesel hydraulic locomotive partially built by Heathcotes of Cleator Moor in the 1950s. However, he most resembles a 1964 Osh-Kosh W800 4X4 aircraft rescue fire engine. The tea room could be based on the Talyllyn Railway's seventh coach, which was once a tea room. Apparently, if Barry is ever introduced into the Railway Series he will also work on Duck's branchline. In 2007, Bertie was mentioned as being unable to help Toby and Henrietta with carrying the quarry workers. The real Rocket, now rebuilt, lives at the Science Museum in London while a replica, built in 1979, lives at the National Railway Museum in York. In the end, Thomas goes to Diesel 10 for help to move some derailed trucks and he agrees. Nelson is based on a Scammell ballast tractor with a low loader trailer. Marion 40 (voiced by Olivia Colman in the UK and the US), is a self-propelled steam shovel, who sometimes works at the China Clay Pits, with Bill, Ben and Timothy. Once Hiro was restored, he helped Spencer after his accident, and worked with him and Thomas to finish the Duke And Duchess's summer house. In 1889 it was fitted with "new sanding apparatus" which seems to be steam powered. Bowled Out - comes to quieten the engines after they make a noise protesting at the Diesel. On his 2nd visit to Sodor, Stepney was repainted into his Black livery from 1960 and was accompanied by his long time friend Bluebell. To make it up to him, the crew and the Fat Controller renovated his station and made him stationmaster. Appearances Trevor used to work on farms doing odd jobs like threshing corn and sawing timber, but his owner thought him old-fashioned and sent him to the scrapyard. The clues to finding his magic lamp are feeling a rush of wind when the lamp is near, hearing a strange creaking sound, and see a flickering light that shines on and off. Lady has been known to help Thomas and his friends when there was no other engine to turn to.". However, on a number of occasions he has found himself in need of help from those he has insulted, and is, in the end, apologetic. Of course, by this time the others were aware that the matter of all Diesel's fault, but Duck's triumph certainly helped. Also, the Snowdon Mountain Railway never replaced L.A.D.A.S. In 1959 Sir Topham Hatt needed a goods engine, and by his request BR transferred 57646 (Donald) to Sodor. Toad decided to be Douglas' brakevan to thank him, and the Fat Controller rescued an autocoach named Dulcie and gave her to Oliver. Salty is easy-going, friendly and very practical. The number he has is a real number belonging to a member of the Class 07; said locomotive is at the preserved Kent and East Sussex Railway. James is a vain mixed-traffic engine. 98462 and 87546 are painted blue with red and yellow lining. He is Flying Scotsman's only remaining brother and Mallard and Spencer's cousin. This problem was rectified in the sixteenth season. However, Hiro runs on standard gauge track, while the real D51 engines were built for cape gauge. Frank is painted light gray with a red stripe. The drive from the cylinders and to the wheels again uses levers, but in a different pattern. 10751 is painted in a British Rail "Rail Blue" livery with yellow warning panels. Ned is sometimes clumsy, but can always be relied on by his friends. Pip and Emma are painted in the original InterCity 125 livery of yellow and blue. He participates in the Great Race event. 7. Albert is based on the Parker J1 2-4-2 class, rebuilt from the earlier E1 class of 2-4-0 tank engines of 1870, which were built originally by Sharp, Stewart and Co. and designed by Pettigrew.

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