Two sources with direct knowledge of this are telling us that congressional investigators have obtained an email from a man named “Mike Erickson” — obviously they don’t know if that’s his real name — offering Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. access to WikiLeaks documents. The planetary rulers had taken no chances of tampering with their propaganda. Synonyms (Other Words) for Propaganda & Antonyms (Opposite Meaning) for Propaganda. Find another word for propaganda. But how is it possible that multiple other outlets could “confirm” the same false report? But somehow the telepathy stuff didn't work at all according to propaganda. AP, for instance, merely claims that “a senior Defense Department official with firsthand knowledge of events and a senior U.S. Marine Corps officer who was told about Trump’s comments confirmed some of the remarks to The Associated Press,” while Fox merely said “a former senior Trump administration official who was in France traveling with the president in November 2018 did confirm other details surrounding that trip.”. They are all spreading the propaganda of the new social order. Trump, as well as former aides who were present that day (including Sarah Huckabee Sanders and John Bolton), deny that the report is accurate. Why Do We Have “Red States” And “Blue States”? Find more ways to say propaganda, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
But if one looks at what they actually did, at what this “confirmation” consists of, it is the opposite of what that word would mean, or should mean, in any minimally responsible sense. So the opposite/projection rule is a time-tested way to see the leftist Democrats for who and what they are. Who would hold party elites accountable to the values they proclaim to have? Another word for propaganda. Cable news and online media spontaneously combusted, as is their wont, in shock, hysteria and awe over this proof that WikiLeaks and Trump were in cahoots.

Two clear examples are "Antifa" and "Black Lives Matter.". How could that happen? Though the original false report cannot be viewed any longer (except in small snippets from other networks, principally Fox, discussing CNN’s debacle), one can view the cringe-inducing video of CNN’s senior congressional correspondent Manu Raju explaining, after the Washington Post debunked the story, that “we are actually correcting” the reporting, doing his best to downplay what a massive blunder this was (though the whole thing is fantastic, my favorite line is when Raju says, with no small amount of understatement, “This appears to change the understanding of this story,” followed by, “Perhaps the initial understanding of what this email was, perhaps is not as significant based on what we know now”): The CNN page which originally published the blockbuster story contains this rather significant correction at the top: Washington (CNN) Correction: This story has been corrected to say the date of the email was September 14, 2016, not September 4, 2016.
Propaganda definition is - a congregation of the Roman curia having jurisdiction over missionary territories and related institutions. An overwhelming number of black community leaders have publicly stated the need for more police presence in the inner cities because they are aware that increasing patrols save black lives. For example, nurse Edith Cavell was executed for treason after using her position as a nurse to help soldiers escape from behind German lines. "If I work at all, it ought to be this propaganda job," Eric suggested. But whatever happened, neither AP nor Fox obtained anything resembling “confirmation.” They just heard the same assertions that Goldberg heard, likely from the same circles if not the same people, and are now abusing the term “confirmation” to mean “unproven assertions” or “unverifiable claims” (indeed, Fox now says that “two sources who were on the trip in question with Trump refuted the main thesis of The Atlantic’s reporting”). That’s all it takes to support the journalism you rely on. Outlets claiming to have “confirmed” Jeffrey Goldberg’s story about Trump’s troops comments are again abusing that vital term. “Affect” vs. “Effect”: Use The Correct Word Every Time. Antonyms for propaganda. It is an instrument of propaganda, not reporting. See how your sentence looks with different synonyms. … It goes to the heart of the collusion question. In reality, the group regularly assaults people with different views, shuts down free speech, and uses violence to put towns and cities in a state of fear, which is an accurate description of what a fascist is and does. And let's not forget the constant rants by Hillary Clinton and the leftist Democrats that it would be un-American and dangerous if Donald Trump did not accept and support the 2016 election results. He has made public statements in the past that are at least in the same universe as the ones reported by the Atlantic, and it is quite believable that he would have said something like this (though the absolute last person who should be trusted with anything, particularly interpreting claims from anonymous sources, is Jeffrey Goldberg, who has risen to one of the most important perches in journalism despite — or, more accurately because of — one of the most disgraceful and damaging records of spreading disinformation in service of the Pentagon and intelligence community’s agenda). Quite aside from this specific story about whether Trump loves The Troops, conflating the crucial journalistic concept of “confirmation” with “hearing the same idle gossip” or “unproven assertions” is a huge disservice. As the name suggests, this propaganda technique involves using derogatory phrases to create a negative opinion about someone or some other brand. How many covert wars, miscarriages of justice, and dystopian technologies would remain hidden if our reporters weren’t on the beat? This philosophy, so useful in propaganda, is becoming a burden in action. Indeed, they now use it to mean the exact opposite of what it actually means, thereby draping themselves in journalistic glory they have not earned and, worse, deceiving the public into believing that an unproven assertion has, in fact, been proven. The leftist Democrat opposite/projection rule states that whatever name they have chosen to work under must be 180 degrees opposite of what they are actually doing.Two clear examples are But what is clear is that the “confirmation” which both MSNBC and CBS claimed it had obtained for the story was anything but: All that happened was that the same sources which anonymously whispered these unverified, false claims to CNN then went and repeated the same unverified, false claims to other outlets, which then claimed that they “independently confirmed” the story even though they had done nothing of the sort. Given that none of the sources making these claims have the courage to identify themselves, due to their fear of mean tweets, it is impossible to know. Now, this type of propaganda uses a completely opposite approach to glittering generalities. "If I work at all, it ought to be this propaganda job," Eric suggested. The Intercept is an independent nonprofit news outlet. It’s possible because news outlets have completely distorted the term “confirmation” beyond all recognition.

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