Let’s look at a sample 2000 point Night Lord list that achieves this. You have a lot of powerful effects in your Stratagems, but you’ll be hemorrhaging CP left and right for all of your various effects while still using things like Veterans Of The Long War. Night Haunters Curse allows you lots of free re-rolls which can be used to turned failed saving throws into successes. Flyer-185 Demon Prince with Wings, Warp Bolter, Talons, Mark of Slaanesh, Intoxicating Elixir, Delightful Agonies, Warlord-183 Therefore, we recommend taking a single unit of Bikes with the Nurgle Keyword and an Icon of Despair. They also have an unhealthy addiction to flying and lightning. According to Lexicanum, a depiction of Talos Valcoran, the Soul Hunter. This is another example of how NL have a lot of nuance to them compared to many of the other Legions. It’s important to maintain a good combination of ranged and melee threat, as melee is how you enforce your leadership penalties and ranged attacks provide a great way to safely trigger Morale tests. With this information at hand, you should feel very comfortable using Night Lords at all your local events, both casually and competitively, and even be capable of performing well at a large scale event. Although it’s a mistake to build completely around Terror Tactics, it is important to be able to effectively leverage Terror Tactics against an opponent that’s vulnerable to it. We’re going to be looking at all of the Warlord Traits, Relics, and Stratagems, and close out with some crunch on powerful combos and a general evaluation of how good everything is. or "Ave Dominus Nox! In Midnight Clad has always been a powerful Stratagem, and it’s now joined by multiple other power houses in  Vox Scream, Prey On The Weak, Hit And Run, and  We Have Come For You. If you liked this article and can’t wait to get more awesome content like exclusive battle reports, painting tips from pro painters, and tactics from some of the best 40k players in the world, then you should become a member! That wraps up our guide to playing NL. The Night Lords are synonymous with terror and murder, for their favoured mode of warfare is the unfettered application of brutal, overwhelming force. One of them, Talos, disabled a ship's bridge by doing a fifteen-second-long vox-amplified scream, which, thanks to his three lungs and super-humanly strong vocal chords, blew out every unprotected eardrum in the room and put many of the bridge staff in a coma. Against an opponent that isn’t particularly vulnerable to Terror Tactics, you can instead use the Bikes to simply handle infantry or run an objective. These guys got such a … They make use of their sneakiness and fuck shit up that way. It provides your warlord with a free re-roll for one hit, wound, damage, advance, charge, or saving throw roll each Battle Round. Then we skin the crippled remains, and offer it up as an example to any still bearing witness. Lord of Terror causes your Warlord to broadcast a 6” aura that debuffs enemy units by forcing them to roll 2d6 on Morale Tests, and pick the high result. Insult to injury, Nostramo provided most aspirants for the Night Lords, and soon only those that thrived in such a lawless environment ascended to become Space Marines... with all the complications one could imagine. 10 Cultists-40 Otherwise, we heavily rely on volume of attacks and buffs to overcome this. Then the hands. Although 3” isn’t a major difference on paper, the difference between your opponent having to make a 7” charge or a 10” charge is a big one, and moving your cultists speed bumps up can make that difference. The situational nature of the NL trait creates an unusually high degree of nuance to playing NL to their full potential, as you will need to have multiple gameplans for your one list, and you’ll need to be able to adapt to what your opponent is playing. 05:00 - "Decorating". New Night Lords Rules And Tactics – November, 2019, Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Space Wolves Tactics: Space Wolves Codex. There's also the first claw's Uzas, who's all about blood for the Blood God. This aura can stack, unlike most other auras, to a maximum of -3, if you have 3 different units all within 6” of one enemy unit. So you offer them something they want, tell them what to fuck up, let them work out the details on their own and do their thing and, as Huron found out, don't expect them to help much in the actual fighting afterward (which to be fair Huron neither expected nor wanted) nor should you leave any shiny toys for them to elope with while you're busy (now that dit piss Huron off! The Night Lords go back to their caves, hang upside down with their legs and prepare to sleep. This would indeed be faithful to NL lorewise, as their entire strategy revolves around making their opponent break under paranoia and fear. There is some nuance to the list in terms of your approach however. Besides, against a legion fighting in co-ordination, it was a given who would win, not bullshit. Since the AP and damage is the same, we can simply compare the 2.70 wounds to the 2.07 wounds, telling us that the Claws deal ~30% more damage. But being able to prevent your opponent from falling back, wiping that unit out in the next Fight Phase and finding more targets the next turn is really appealing. In fact, earlier incarnations of the background listed them as a Khornate Legion, and Khorne smiles upon those who murder for the sake of murder, even one's allies, which Night Lords do whenever they can. In addition, it’s only 1CP, which makes it very affordable. Of course, if the target simply must die, you can use Endless Cacophony again while also swapping out a power for Death Hex to wipe a unit off the map. Knowing this, one considers them being pretty sensible. Otherwise, you can take Unholy Vigour for a defensive boost, Night Haunter’s Curse for just a general power increase, or you can go for Flames of Spite or Hatred Incarnate to really amp up the damage.

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