On February 14, 2007, OSHA updated a portion of Subpart S (1910.302-308), and soon after, compliance officers attended training on electrical regulations and associated NFPA 70E standards. The videos, white papers, brochures and other materials in our Resource Center can help. The most common voltages in the United States are 120/240 V single phase and 120/208 and 277/480 V three phase; in Canada, the 575 V is the most common three-phase power system. If PPE is required, head-to-toe protective equipment would include an electrical-related hard hat Type 1 Class E and/or Type 2 Class G; rubber insulated gloves; and electrical hazard (EH)-rated boots (suggested only as a best practice). It’s important for the safety of your workers and your company to meet the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) standards of your industry. To simplify the method of selecting the proper PPE, the NFPA 70E has created Hazard Risk Categories (HRC) to cover a range of hazard values. The standard includes guidance for making hazard identification and risk assessments, selecting appropriate PPE, establishing electrically safe work conditions and employee training. A general hazard assessment for PPE requirements as outlined in 29 CFR 1910.132, A prework personal hazard assessment, or “job briefing.”. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) published the latest edition of the NFPA 70E Standard in 2018. NFPA 70E regulations breaks down hazard categories into four parts with a risk rating ranging from one to four. The current Standard is NFPA 70E … from uninsulated body parts. Copyright © 2020 BLR®—Business & Legal Resources. To cite specific electrical PPE requirements, OSHA has cited NFPA 70E under the General Duty Clause. Provisions of NFPA 70E® encompass safety-related work practices, safety-related maintenance requirements, and safety requirements for electrical work. In 2009, the NFPA published a more polished, clearer 70E standard and continued with the 2012 edition, covering shock and arc flash hazards for direct current (DC) systems. Now that the definition of qualified worker is settled, here is a three-part process for using NFPA 70E to protect workers. Need a uniform rental program with straightforward contracts, professionals who care, and uniforms that fit your needs? As an example, yellow gloves could be for summer, and red gloves could be for winter. While PPE’s primary purpose is to keep your workers safe, working with a uniform vendor to customize your PPE can make your employees look like a professional team. All rights reserved, Copyright © 2020 Business & Legal Resources. Arc ratings of protective clothing must either exceed the calculated incident energy or meet the corresponding PPE Category minimum arc ratings listed in the Table 130.7(C)(15)(c) Personal Protective Equipment.”. The following is a chart of required garments for each hazard rating and the appropriate garments to use for each: Garments must have a minimum arc-rating of 4 or more. Velcro instead of zippers to avoid the use of metals. Many companies simplify compliance to NFPA 70E through everyday uniform programs using garments made with Westex-brand FR fabric that meet the requirements of NFPA 70E PPE Categories 1 and 2 as a single-layer. Want to learn more about our fabric and ensuring worker safety? 4352 North American Street | Philadelphia, PA 19140 | (800) 825-3266. This may meet minimum OSHA requirements for PPE assessment, but it is not the best way to decide on protection levels for your employees. Analyze, compare, and assess OSHA electrical safety regulations and NFPA 70E electrical safety consensus standards; Take measures to avoid workplace safety violations, injuries, and fatalities related to electric shock and arc flash hazards; Identify methods for determining what PPE is necessary; Determine your training obligations for qualified and unqualified workers.

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