Mid Range - '77 Quick 52 Punch PG/SG The play starts with a small-guy passing into the post to the Center.

Who cares that you're slow? Isolation - Iso 1 Go Center The center has the ball at the top of the key. "- Big Boss. to your player, don't assign the same play type to a teammate. That 10,000 VC check might look nice, but you're getting that only once. If you want to try to get triple doubles, then make sure to add plays that give you good passing lanes. I play a Center in My Career, and if you play a Center in My Career, this might be helpful for you.

If you get good, the CPU will double you more often, to force the other players to beat them. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I hope “NBA 2K20 How to Increase Team Chemistry in MyCareer” helps you. I am +11, my team is down by 25.

But i agree that generally 6'9 is best uf you want to shoot.

This is for against CPU only.

While there are different colors to playbooks in MyTeam, there is definitely no such thing as Hall of Fame plays in the game itself. You want to look for the MyTeam videos about grinding blocks for evolution. I love it. Keep your team together, or at least your main core.

Apparently, you have to play at least 6 minutes to get VC (some have posted YouTube videos about this).

Even if he was not intended to be a starter or sub, I'd keep him on the bench for positions 11-13, just in case I had difficulties.

Not bad it's my home states team so I haven't any problem but we beat the Lakers but got torn up by the clippers.

Post Up Low - '95 Punch 14 Center The PG passes to you, then cuts to the corner, easy assist if the PG man doubles you (which happens often). Don't start dribbling, because a double-team is usually an automatic turnover.

If the CPU double-teams, look for your teammates.

For MyTeam players, I think it's in the 95 Magic playbook, as a play designed for Penny.
Glitch maybe?

Let us know in modmail. If the screen defender picks up the ballhandler, double team and then the screening defender will pick up the screener when he is within his shooting range..... usually. A YouTuber said "death by a thousand hooks."

I miss responsible game developers, They lied and it’s even worse in 2K20 smfh. If you have a favorite team that is not likely to win a title, but you still want to get the boosts, just play your first season with Lakers or Bucks, win a title, then go to your favorite team in free agency. Questions?

Don't add too many plays to the playbook. I am just wondering when you are going to start unlocking certain things (like in previous years) EG Hit 80 OVR- choose game day jersey, entrance music, certain clothing options. Do not spam it. These plays have an elevated chance of blowing up.
Idk with screen they’ll tell me to switch and either not switch to the driver or not defend the shooter and I’m blamed for either one.

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