But no biggie, didn't affect me at all because I'm a heartless bastard," he spat. Write me, and please actually do," Lucy said playfully while pecking him on the cheek. Aslan knows that in this, I had blood as the law demands. And this painting of Mr Tumnus' father - it's been slashed to pieces by somebody's claws. You're coddling me! Then he pulled the blanket over his head in attempt to end the conversation.

"No one will notice we're gone, and if you get hungry I still have the sandwich mum packed me.". I really wish you did, Edmund. "You've always been there and I never really-" "Save it for later, Pete." You need me. Bring your brother and sisters to my castle.

(The door has beeb wrenced off its hinges) Mr Tumnus! ", "No. Aslan Peter looked down at Edmund, studying him. You have a traitor in your midst, Aslan. Jadis The White Witch We're here," he said while gently shaking Edmund's shoulder. : Peter studied him for a minute before he finally asked, "Why is it so hard for you to believe that you're actually an amazing person? Peter took the silence as a sign to continue, and took a shaky breath.

Of course, you'd have to bring your family. Jadis The White Witch Please can you tell us where Tumnus the Faun has been taken>, I believe that everything happens for a reason. It's as if somebody dropped a bomb. You're also lying. Now alone with a sleeping Edmund on his shoulder, Peter was left to his thoughts. (Pause) Dwarf, we must summon our allies to meet us as soon as possible. I'm just…sorry.". Aslan . . Then how dare you come alone! Peter's face went blank. "Because I'm supposed to do that for you, and I didn't. Really? Come on, then. ", Edmund rolled his eyes.

Jadis The White Witch Trust Edmund to come up with such a threat. Oh, don't waste my time with flattery. Edmund- Stubborn boy who defies his sibling’s wishes. "Yes, but that was an accident. Quickly, Peter got up, grabbed Edmund by the shoulders, and steered him into the bathroom. Jadis The White Witch You know what you're doing? Call the Ghouls, I was there when it was written. The other three laughed, but Peter laugh halted when he saw Edmund's smile slip into an unreadable expression. :

mine, or theirs. : [the witch has discovered Edmund has been rescued by Aslan's forces, and Ginarrbrik tied to the tree in Edmund's place]. "Yeah, you did," he agreed softly. His mind wandered idly over the coming school year, and maintaining his high grades for entrance into a good university, but eventually found their way to Edmund. "How could I not?" Kill them all. Jadis The White Witch No, no. They are like long jokes with a punch line at the end. New monologues added frequently. ", Edmund crossed his arms over his chest. He had been beastly for the past year, an adult trapped in a boy's body, expected to act like a child. You needed me, and I wasn't there. Tiffers? Edmund Pevensie Edmund Pevensie You drop all pretenses around me. Original monologue - girl age 6 to 10. Then she hands it back to him]. : Edmund's face darkened again, and he looked away.

You need to learn to forgive yourself.

k�k���)�o,�ힳC��"��n@ሻ��dց#_(����l��x)����E�x^ �1p��)���Ōr^�6ceEQ��Z ��l '� �f��^A2��pL:��/�Oe���.�����M�"3t+ 8����,�����ѽL� ��a^3�Nx�f8Z7Ӹ����;7���+�Մ��M��"k@0[C�����n۩ܽV��� v=|����s. I love you.

Aslan…….yes, I can speak the name, for he will soon be mine. "Ed," Peter said softly, moving to sit at the end of the bed. ", By the end of Peter's monologue, Edmund's mouth was hanging open. Jadis The White Witch : Go, Edmund. Edmund crawled in, and Peter tucked him in. He felt a pang of guilt that Edmund felt the need to thank him, and another pang when he realized that he probably hadn't noticed if Edmund was sick before. You know, Aslan, I'm a little disappointed in you. It made him uncomfortable. An army?

Enough. He had let that get to his head, and that mixed with a sense of not knowing who he was anymore resulted in disastrous consequences. Jadis The White Witch This style often works best for this age group because they do not require any background information to understand.

It takes time. ", "Because…because that's justification, and-". He nodded solemnly as a shadow passed over his eyes. I'll go in first! :

But you see, Edmund, I have no children of my own. Can be seen as a companion fic to my other story Sorted, but you don't have to read that one to get this one. Forgive me, your Majesty. Edmund, who was always so stoic and never let anyone in, always let that drop around Peter.

I guess I can bring 'em. Come on, then. Edmund's face darkened. He walks further in and see's a stone lion - he draws glasses and a moustache on it) (Edmund continues through the courtyard, he steps over what he thinks is a log of some sort...only to be lurched on by Maugrim!)

He had been secretly loving being taken care of, because he'd spent the last year trying to convince himself he didn't need anybody, especially Peter. I'll go in first! Based off of the PC movie (haven't read the book yet sorry) when Peter starts to tell Edmund what he means to him during the duel with Miraz, and Edmund tells him to save it for later. Peter nodded. And your brother, is he unintelligent? "I hurt you more than you're letting on.". Peter brushed the hair out of Edmund's eyes as his stomach heaved into the toilet. "You need to let it go, Peter. You don't need to hover over me like that.". Jadis The White Witch If it's a war Aslan wants, it's a war he shall get.

Jadis The White Witch ", "Thank you," Peter said. : Well, I think so. When Edmund was finished Peter guided him back to the bed. You just stand next to me, and do whatever you have to for me when I won't even give you the time of day. It takes worth. "Don't," Edmund said shortly and turned to face the wall. He instantly felt bad for being so mean, that wasn't what Peter needed.


Edmund looked at him coldly.

it's a war he shall get. "Why is it so hard for you to accept that no matter how you've been acting that I will always be there? [shouting] 

There is no need to speak about what is past'" he quoted. If it's a war Aslan wants. "You feel guilty about how you treated me for the past year. Jadis The White Witch

Or have you forgotten the last few days? ", "You're being ridiculous. "What-what I'm trying to say is that if you want to talk about, I um, I'm here." | The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe Monologue - Lucy THE LION, THE WITCH, & THE WARDROBE. And you are exactly the sort of boy where I could see, one day, you becoming prince of Narnia - maybe even king. %PDF-1.3 : Not good enough.". You can’t miss it. This is what I'm supposed to do," Peter said firmly. Lucy stepped back to let Susan say her goodbyes. His offense was not against you. As I recall you've graced with me with your stomach contents many times. 4 0 obj [after stabbing Aslan]  Peter ran over to him and gently patted his back until Edmund's breathing went back to normal. Edmund Pevensie : You’ll smell the Turkish Delight all the way.

: He nodded again, but didn't meet her eyes. [to Edmund]  : (Edmund is walking through the courtyard and see's Giant Rumblebuffin. Edmund Pevensie

. Jadis The White Witch Official Sites "Take this, and then change.". Every single movement had Peter asking him if he needed anything. "Thanks," he said softly, looking into Peter's eyes. : "Ed you're burning up. "Come on, Ed. Edmund was interrupted mid yawn by a coughing fit. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardobe Monologue. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. You're being ridiculous. ", Peter rummaged through his bag and pulled out the bottles of pills. : : this land.

Edmund, I would very much like to meet the rest of your family. :

(Flushing toilet as Edmund comes out and sees Lucy) (Follows her to wardrobe Candle blows out when she opens it and walks in as Edmund does) Edmund: Lucy, Lucy. Peter sighed, Edmund always ran from conversations like this. "Bye, Peter. Just take care of me.". Jadis The White Witch "So now you're trying to make sure it doesn't happen again. Edmund: I thought you were teasing, but I guess you were right after all. Jadis The White Witch He sighed. Why can't you just take it for what it is without over analyzing it? "Not really. ", Peter froze, but then felt an irrational wave of anger course through him as he straightened and turned to his bed ridden brother. "Stop trying to act like you know how I'm feeling! Edmund Pevensie "No, let him sleep. I can't even blink without you having a near heart attack.". You don't have to put them back up because you don't think I'll be there anymore. Nodding her head towards Edmund she said, "Look after him, now.

Popular Posts. But you were. But at this rate, Peter wasn't taking care of him, he was coddling him in the worst way.

All rights reserved. ", "And there's no need to be so offensive about it. "Yes you are! So much for love. : My take on later. : | They're nothing special. Aslan

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