David Bromstad (born August 17, 1973) is famous for being tv show host. Launching any new TV series is replete with challenges, yet for HGTV's My Lottery Dream Home those obstacles were even more daunting, and for a very good reason: People who have just won big bucks in the lottery may not be eager for the kind of attention brought by reality television. How much money is David Bromstad worth at the age of 47 and what’s his real net worth now? HGTV's My Lottery Dream Home has consistently been a ratings winner for the network. While it’s relatively simple to predict his income, it’s harder to know how much David has spent over the years. A Disney fanatic basically since birth, who even worked for the Mouse House back in the day, as he told Parade in an interview, the HGTV star only started designing rooms on the side (for kids) to make a little extra money.

I’d rather buy canoes.”. ", The trick, added Bromstad, is to "get the most possible information out of them as I can." In a 2018 press release, HGTV boasted that 15.7 million viewers had tuned in for that season, while ratings for subsequent seasons grew even bigger.

The reality show host first appeared on Season 1 of Design Star in 2006, and won the competition.Since then, he’s had a slew of hosting credits under his belt, and has become a staple on the network. Consider the fact he's appeared as a guest judge on subsequent seasons of Design Star as well as on Brother Vs. So, it was a lot of being on hold — 'Oooh, we have one! As Bromstad's IMDb page details, that gig led to more hosting jobs with HGTV. Now that is a lot of Disney merch. Apart from this, he also hosted another show on HGTV, My Lottery Dream Home. "So they're paying off debts and then moving forward.

He revealed that he is gay, and he has been in a relationship with Jeffery Glasco for eight years. I never wanted to do anything but that and He doesn't play fast and loose with his career either, explaining My Lottery Dream Home started off very slow in the beginning. You know, 'We're in the Hamptons, so we want lots of bathrooms! Further, the 45 years old designer holds Americannationality and belongs to the mixed ethical group.

David Bromstad was born on the date 17 August in the year 1973 in Cokato, United States. No one would see me ever again.". Going back to his past, David Bromstad was born on 17th August 1973.

The townhome's seller — Joe Roy of Meeting Street Homes — told WCNC that when the producers of My Lottery Dream Home reached out to him about having one of his homes featured on the show, he was happy to be a part of it. ", The untold truth of HGTV's My Lottery Dream Home. He currently resides in Minnesota, United States. spend $30 on a scratcher, or $20, or even $10 on a few scratchers. Thanks to all this success, David Bromstad has amassed a net Disney laid him off and so he began a solo project to build children their dream bedrooms. ", However, that's not to say Bromstad hasn't been tempted, which was the case when the Powerball's potential jackpot rose to nearly $1.6 billion. Leo is represented by the lion, and these spirited fire signs are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start. Along with the artist like Julianne Moore and Ricky Martin, he was also selected in the Out Magazine 100 List. The lottery winners who appeared in the show's debut episode, Rick and Lori Knudsen, had won more money than anyone who'd ever appeared on the show: a whopping $180 million. He is the HGTV Season One Winner of HGTV Design Star. David has a strong presence on the social media platform and has millions of followers that make him famous all around the world.

4. Why HGTV’s ‘My Lottery Dream Home’ Host David Bromstad Doesn’t Play the Lotto. “I always say to my winners: you won $5 million and you’re spending $300,000—loosen the purse strings a little,” laughs My Lottery Dream Home host David Bromstad. I'd rather buy canoes. David Bromstad first came to prominence in 2006 as a contestant on the first season of HGTV's Design Star, which featured participants facing off in various design-based challenges to figure out who was the best overall.

Like so many other HGTV personalities, Bromstad isn’t stuck doing "When it comes down to style and location, though, it's hard to get what they like or what they want out of them. "It all depends on how much money they've just won," host David Bromstad told the New York Post. His zodiac sign is Leo.

David Bromstad‘s source of wealth comes from being a tv show host. “Right now I’m in an apartment,” Bromstad said in an interview. Show hosts come and go, but Design Star winner David Bromstad has cemented his status as an integral part of the HGTV family. He also worked as the host of HGTV’s My Lottery Dream Home, in which he helped lottery winners find their dream real estate property. Brother. "But they showed up." "It took a year for each of the first two episodes just to cast. My Lottery Dream Home has also been a strong source of entertainment on other platforms beyond traditional television.

David Reed Bromstad (born August 17, 1973) is an American designer and television personality.

Brother, and most recently, he's been enthusiastically fronting My Lottery Dream Home. A post shared by DAVID BROMSTAD (@bromco) on Mar 8, 2019 at 11:59am PST.

On My Lottery Dream Home, our host David Bromstad takes real life lottery winners on a sensational personalized house hunt in search of the home of their dreams.Whether they win hundreds of thousands or hundreds of millions, lucky lottery winners all over the … David is currently 47 years old. He has three elder siblings named Dynelle Renee, Dean Richard, and Dyonne Rachael. During high school, David decides to become a Disney animator, and after that, he went to Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.

With so much disparity in the amount of money won by the people who appear on the show, this puts series host David Bromstad to the test as he tries to locate ideal homes for a wide range of winners. F… American television show host who became recognized for his roles on HGTV, including hosting the shows Color Splash and My Lottery Dream Home. Though that show ended, Bromstad is still at HGTV plus earning money with his primary career of designer. When Brian Kutz and wife Tuk won $200,000 from a scratch-off ticket, they wanted to use the money to buy a new home — and they wanted David Bromstad to help them do it on HGTV'S My Lottery Dream Home. '", After meeting all those winners on HGTV's My Lottery Dream Home, surely David Bromstad must be tempted to pick up the occasional ticket himself in hopes of hitting the jackpot. Next up were a couple of specials, HGTV Dream Home 2007 and The Ultimate Color Guide, along with an appearance on HGTV Showdown. A few months later, the Kutzes received a visit from Bromstad, camera crew in tow. Later, David started his own company, Bromstad Studio, which provides a designed fantasy bedroom for the children. David Bromstad is a tv show host from Minnesota, United States. Asked to pin down the "weirdest item" he's encountered on a winner's wish list, Bromstad told AOL, "The most bizarre was a guy who wanted a lot of bathrooms in the Hamptons. “My Lottery Dream Home” is boosting Powerball sales. According to the Wall Street Journal, host David Bromstad ultimately steered the Knudsens to a not-then-completed home listed for a relatively modest $5.8 million. In 2006, he became the winner of the debut season of HGTV Design Star.He is the David Bromstad has been an integral part of HGTV for more than a decade.

David Bromstad started working as the Disney Illustrator after completing his graduation.

David was much into arts and design since childhood. In 2015, his relationship broke up due to the drinking and drug problems of David. dream of becoming a Disney illustrator and attended Ringling College of Art and David is a Leo. "They're bringing me in because they're stuck," Bromstad explained. play enough. But as big as it was, it was very cozy...". just one thing. Go to next page for details on David Bromstad’s net worth and earnings. He doesn't play fast and loose with his career either, explaining My Lottery Dream Home started off very slow in the beginning. He told the publication, "It's hard for me to spend $30 on a scratcher, or $20, or even $10 on a few scratchers. But with his vibrant personality and infectious enthusiasm, Bromstad brings joy and fun to any project he works on. David is also known as the host of his television show, My Lottery Dream Home and Color Splash. After being Asked what he would have done had he won the $1.6 billion, he quipped, "I would've dropped the mic and said 'Peace out, b******!' He currently resides in Minnesota, United States. "We had a gentleman who won $4 million who was in his late 20s and wanted to be a landlord. After graduating college, the Minnesota native pursued his life

Recognizing this, HGTV came up with the genius idea to transform this phenomenon into a TV series, launching My Lottery Dream Home in 2015. David Bromstad Net Worth: Salary & Earnings for 2019-2020.

In addition to this, David also does events, endorsements, speaking appearances, spokesperson campaigns, personal appearance, and commercials that include the value of his net worth.

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