Mr. Saturn is the first non-playable character to appear in the panoramic banner. When Belch is defeated and the Mr. Saturn are freed, Ness and friends gain access to the upper part of Saturn Valley and the Your Sanctuary location Milky Well, then they can proceed to Fourside. As we saw before, the localizers seemed to love Belch, so they really had fun with his dialogue. Attaching the former to any character's trophy base will make the character always spawn holding a Mr. Saturn in The Subspace Emissary, while the latter will increase the power of Ness and Lucas's PK moves by 7. Burp!”. In chapter 1, green Mr. Saturns have become a problem in Satralia. A Mr. Saturn later gives Lucas a polished Courage Badge, which is actually a Franklin Badge. A somewhat better translation of what he should say is something like this: “UGH! If we find matches from the people you follow on Twitter, we'll connect you to them right away. Nearly all of the Mr. Saturn live in Saturn Valley beyond Grapefruit Falls (though there is one living back in Happy Happy Village and another in Onett). Effect: damage a single enemy by throwing a Mr. Saturn at the enemy Uses 3 PP DING! Use Facebook, Twitter or your email to sign in. EarthBound fans know that Mr. Saturn says “boing”, “zoom”, and all sorts of wacky things. They are strange, possibly extra-terrestrial life forms who reside in both Eagleland's Saturn Valley and the Nowhere Islands's Saturn Valley in EarthBound and Mother 3, respectively.

Class II sentient species. Affiliations "The origins of the Mr. Saturn race are unknown. When you do, some strange narration text scrolls while some soothing music plays.

", "A creature from a race of unknown origin that speaks its own unique language.

After you defeat Master Belch, you can have coffee with a Mr. Saturn. And who knows, maybe it enlightened you too? First, the mistake.

SPACEBAR resumes the slideshow. This is a situation where they didn’t do that, for whatever reason. Mr. Saturn abilities are abilities that can exclusively be used by Mr. Saturns as suggested by their name. yeah but there an ENTIRE COLONY OF KILLER ROBOTS, and hes just one Mr.saturn.

That’s actually a pretty decent and direct translation. None of it really has any meaning either, although I guess the “pu” could possibly be considered a fart sound.

In actuality, a slightly-better translated version of the Japanese line would be like, “‘Safety First’ Don’t get injured! Please try again. Of Mr. Saturn, Itoi has stated that the race is the symbol of innocence in EarthBound. The only thing that’s noteworthy is that at the end of the Japanese version, whoever’s talking says, “May the goddess of good fortune smile upon you always.” As we’ve seen before, Nintendo of America didn’t allow certain religious vocabulary in their games, so this line was changed to the bland, “I wish you luck…” in EarthBound. Effect: Heal the whole team a little and cures Numb, Sleep and Wrapped ailments. They are generally very peaceful and generous, offering free coffee and stays at the hotel. This is often overlooked to begin with, but at the entrance of Belch’s factory, there’s a sign you can read. Sprites But many believe that they come from outer space. sure he'd be a tough foe but COME ON. Ness also has an alternate costume featuring a white Mr. Saturn sprite on a solid black t-shirt.

It can also be damaged by attacks which sends it flying. Dr. Andonuts and the Mr. Saturns are also responsible for designing the Absolutely Safe Capsule to be used by Pokey Minch in times of desperation. Anyway, I should also point out that the English phrases aren’t 1:1 exchangeable with the Japanese phrases. Mother: Cognitive Dissonance Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This translator changes regular text (A-Z only) into a Unicode approximation of Mr. Saturn's font in the MOTHER series. Mother: Cognitive Dissonance Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I am girl.". This can cause the proboscus or whiskers to move or wiggle." They can be picked up and thrown at foes for minimal damage.

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