SOURCE: 2004 Mini cooper convertible roof Make sure that the microswitches in the rear trunk are all depressed. all data in the shop manual or you can call the dealer and talk to a technician.

Top worked when I purchased but broke about a month later  Had repaired twice (by different garages). It will restart the closing cycle and everything will work fine. the 2 motors(if there is any). It only opens the sunroof! The soft roof closes but the trunk hangs in the air. The roof closed but the trunk hang in the air. I went to a dealer today. It stopped half way. my mini convertable roof will only open half way the led flashes when i try and open it further - i think it is to - Mini 2007 Cooper S Convertible question Search Fixya Press enter to search.

What is secret in removing. Goes about halfway down then stops. I lost the fuse map to my fuse box. Posted Saturday, December 20, 2014 11:36:35 AM, Last Active: Monday, November 2, 2020 8:33:18 AM. open roof all the way.

What if it gets stuck... what to do? They did not try to fix it, but they did look at it ($100.00 later!) Rains dont care. I replied to your PM. I can't tell from the pictures what's wrong. Help!!!!! When I go to lower the convertible roof, the first stage with the sunroof opening happens okay. It closes and reopens to that point no … Took it to a 3rd garage for price comparison. Are you holding the button until it is complete?If I stop mine before it completes the cycle I have trouble getting it to go again. Top goes down fine but stops midway when closing. Good news we were able to help from so far away. Come join the discussion about reviews, maintenance, upgrades, and more! Is it bolted on.

saying it is the hydraulic motor that is bad.I'm There is a "star" knob in the middle.

yeah had it a few times, if it does this I tend to drop all the windows myself, then carry on with lowering the roof, then put all the windows up, this seems to clear and reset the system. Works for 2 to 3 weeks then breaks again. But tomorrow they will be looking at the electrics... may be like you said --- the wires. I'm sort of doubtful that it's the fluid level but still worth checking. I have paid over $1000 & have had it in the shop several times for adjustment & they always say nothing is wrong with it. … read more. I will 2004 325ci convertible. They are so over rated................ there is two actuators and two hydraulic cylinder's to open and same for closing when you push the switch you activate the first one and the actuator activate the first cylinder (that's half the way up) in the end of first cylinder stroke the second actuator start work and activate the second cylinder (complete open) then start the folding and closing the trunk in the same principle The one replaced some sort of relay (located in the trunk). We’re a forum community dedicated to Chrysler 200 owners & enthusiasts. Been messing with it again today and seems like either pump or roof control unit. Once i realized it, I did not keep holding down the switch for fear of ruining something. [])). I'm on a road trip and it quit again. I took the car to 2 garages. ones you find what part you need you can do it for your self and in case if you let them do it you know is you paying for whit out wasting money. and if you decided to take it to a dealer or shop for diagnostic only and get estimate. got an '03 cabbie in and it only opens the roof halfway. provided Allen wrench and may Presuming that you have checked that the boot shelf is correctly in place? Any help would be appreciated. Getting the following code. Switch seems to work using VCDS measuring blocks. Can only half close mini convertible roof. I will update. Basically, they washed their hands of it and did say that if they had replaced the relay and it still stopped working there would be no guarantees. Weird!!!! Mini Convertible Roof Problems Anyone had problems with Mini Cooper Convertible roof. Can't afford to soak money into it with no results yet love the car and naturally, want to enjoy the convertible. Any advice on this one: Beautiful day, so I opend the roof fully & drove to the gym, closed it all upon arrival. They put the spring that I lost but the roof doesnt want to close. Switch seems to work using VCDS measuring blocks.

), Bmw 330 ci convertible top won't go up or down, Convertible bonnet will not disengage or open. General auto certifications. Fits 2010 Chrysler Sebring CONVERTIBLE Limited 3.5L V6 A/T.

It stops in the middle of the cycle.

Any advice on this one: Beautiful day, so I opend the roof fully & drove to the gym, closed it all upon arrival. As the purchase of the car cleaned me out totally I'm hoping I'm not gonna get stung trying to get it repaired... Any ideas????? Thank you again for any help/advice you can give me. got an '03 cabbie in and it only opens the roof halfway.

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