micro exotic bully puppies for sale, the best exotic bullies for sale. If you are searching for that Extreme Micro Bully, Short to Pocket Style Bullies with that distinguished,  Unique smashed in muzzle with bones and girth.... Then our Exotic bullies are for you! Copyright © 2015 Dogwebz.com ™. We produce micro, pocket, standard, and XXL Bully's. Drake Kennels is owned and operated by Sidney Drake. Our pups are massive and grow into huge XL Pitbull adults. supporters who get to be a part of the growing Blue Legacy family, We appreciate the love, feedback, even the criticism .... you guys helped groom our vision! Us American Bully Kennels (USAB) is located in Texas and have over 15 years experience in breeding and selling top quality Exotic Bully's, American Bully's, Pit bulls, and American Pit bull Terrier's. We only breed exotic Bullies with exotic colors such as, Purple Tri-Colors, Chocolate Tri-Colors, Black Tri-Colors, Reverse Tri-Colors, Pocket Bullies, Micro Bullies, Standard Bullies, etc. We thank you all for the love! All of our dogs are registered with UKC & ABKC. :). CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR AVAILABLE PUPPIES & DOGS Champagne, Tri, Blue, Lilac, Merle XL BulliesOur American Bully dogs are perfect companions for people or families who want a pet, a show dog, or a huge addition to their breeding program.  IF YOU … toadline for sale page Checkmate Kennels is a leading American Bullies breeder offering a wide range of exotic & micro bully studs & services. Welcome to US American Bully Kennels! blue legacy exotic bully leads the way in tricolor and blue tri exotic bullies from extreme micro to super pocket bullies coming from southern california!!! We are breeders of XL Pitbull and XL American Bullies. gottiline exotic pups for sale, pocket bullies for sale, here at toadline exotic bully kennels we only have super short hickj exotic bully pups for sale. Our XL Bullies are loved, raised, and socialized by our family owned and operated kennel. Blue Legacy family has been lucky enough to produce pitbull-bullies for breeders and families through the years. Charlotte Bully Kennel, Charlotte NC. We specialize in blue Pitbulls, tri Pits, brindle Bullies, and most of all XL Bully … The stubby arms, girthy bodies with that perfect, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, THANK YOU FOR MAKING US THE TOP PRODUCER OF BLUE-TRI BULLIES. founded by Royce Rocco. CHECK OUT PUPPIES PAGE 1 AND 2 ...... -------------------------------------------, -----------------------------------------. Southeast Bully Kennels is the Home of Block Bloodline, which specializes in producing the Exotic Bully & American Bully in every color. We occasionally have XL puppies for sale. Our American Pocket Bullies are all purebred. We are a small fast growing kennel located in Charlotte, NC. 678-588-4921 andersonbobby91@gmail.com Our Block Blood dogs are known for their consistency, displaying height from Micro to Pocket size, with extreme body types and features, dependent on the breeding pair used. All rights reserved.

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