MGA (303) 422-9272. Sounding awfully close to a full restoration,  as, Nice one family owned Tahiti Blue 1976 MGB here for some refurbishing to include some minor rust repair, repaint, new interior and a rubber to chrome bumper conversion. 1964 MGB restoration (November 2017-A nice early, “pull handle” door MGB … Repairs, Service, and Integrity Inspections on all models of MG including MGB, Midget, and T-Series. The next generation MGC was a six-cylinder unveiled in 1967. I found that the car was barely safe to drive as they detailed the problems that they uncovered. Eventually, I brought our MGB to Al and John at AUTO-TECH for their Integrity Inspection which was VERY thorough. I think I’m almost finished spending money as I have most of the required parts. With the engine issue came even more issues as the more I looked at the car the more work I realized I needed to do. A restored overdrive gearbox and differential.The brake system will be completely new except pedals and rear backing plates. Is there an end to the madness? The project went front being a simple get the car running job to pretty much a full rolling restoration. Cars in the shop or those we’ve repaired. The owner has decided to leave the completion in our hands and bring this family heirloom. Austin A30 door after new metal, let in and contours accurately restored. Other. A nice early, “pull handle” door MGB coming from decades of sitting in the owners garage unused. These are reasonable accurate but some items may be missing. I'll fill them in later. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This car had the very rare chrome rostyle rims which, New customer to us who has a very impressive collection of MG’s from the 1930’s to a 1980 MGB Limited Edition asked us to put a refinish in his lovely, Owned and Operated by: Peter Cosmides, Maple Shade, NJ, Motorcar Garage Auto-Tech, 908-876-1366. MG TD full restoration (Oct. 2016-Sept 2017), 1976 MGB rust repair, repaint, interior and bumper conversion January 2017-May 2017, 1972 MGB minor accident damage repair/rust repair and paint Sept 2016-April 2017, 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite restoration Dec 2005-June 2007, Austin Healey 3000 Engine Rebuild and Engine Bay Restoration, MG1100 - California survivor gets some needed attention, 1953 MG TD restoration June 2015-March 2016, 1955 MG TF 1500 "garage find" November 2015 to August 2016, MG TD wood replacement project March 2015, 1957 MGA restoration November 2004-January 2006, 1958 MGA Restoration October 2013-June 2015, 1960 MGA restoration begins Nov. 2014-Dec 2015, 1960 MGA restoration March 2003-November 2004, 1962 MGA Deluxe Coupe Factory Sebring race car, MGA Restoration Finished for Returning Soldier, 1968 MGB restoration project. British Motor Trade Association MG Car Club of England Classic Motor Sports Magizine. That however could change as the more work I do the more I realize that additional parts are needed. We will put 200 miles on the completed vehicle, twenty laps on our test course to ensure its reliability. Our LBC loves the weather down here and has won first place in both shows that we entered in 2011. Al sold his Midget in 2006 due to a lack of storage space. We are offering Turn Key MGB's using your car or we can supply one, from a basic restored MGB in which we pick out and supply the donor car and restore it to a very good driver condition where it looks nice and is safe and reliable to drive, we would warranty it for workmanship and quality of parts for 12 months or 12000 miles whichever comes first. Bob Devos always puts on a great show, check him out. CURRENT CARS IN STOCKfor Restoration/Sale1964 MGB with factory Hardtop1973 MGB1973 MG Midget1973 MG Midget1964 MGB1979 MG Midget, Phone: 908-876-1366  No excuses other than having too many other things to do to get through the days. 454-740 Exterior paint will be two stage and an original color of your choice, custom colors are available some extra charge my apply. New MGB wing treated with Hammerite prior to fitting. We specialize in the age-old art of Interlocking Metal Weatherstripping; a technique designed to insulate the perimeter of your door or window while maintaining a finished look. All other mechanicals will be new or restored to like new. (972) 271 - 3579. Click on any image below to enlarge the gallery. As things progressed, the car became safe, reliable, and pleasurable as it was restored to it’s original driving characteristics. TC Restoration Services: Some items often require special tooling or expertise in order to refurbish back to a serviceable condition. As the new year comes to an end I thought it would be interesting to have an idea about what I spent on my 1967 MGB GT restoration this year. What did I spend on my MGB GT restoration in 2016, Lotus Heritage: Lotus Cars News and Information, Time to reinstall my MGB GT splash panels, Installing Noico 80 mil Sound deadening mat in my MGB GT, IDEAL Vintage 1963 TAMMY MGB Roadster #9700, MG Car Club Racing Festival at Silverstone 1968, Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It – Hotel Taranne, Paris, What could possibly go wrong?
We’ve already, Starting with a minor accident to the left front fender, this repair has brought on a full bore rust repair/repaint. Interior will have a new dash, seats will have all new foam and frames completely restored, new carpet set for interior and trunk. Feel free to give us a call to go over the options we offer. We have been working on british motorcycles and cars since 1976, gave up the motorcycles repairs in 1982. We also offer staged restorations to help those on a tighter budget, where we would do what is need to make the care safe and reliable, then each winter do another part of the restoration until it is done, Enabling you to continue to drive the car during the summers and each year you would get closer to a restored car without the large amount of cash outlay at on time.

As often happens, life gets in the way and very little, New to the shop is this pretty solid 1972 TR6 who’s restoration has stalled. Check out our work and then call us to talk about your restoration project. Somewhere around $2,525 with perhaps $400 of smaller items that I haven’t listed. That’s what Amkobor, a large Belarus…, Replacing the stock MGB GT seats with Mazda Miata seats, eBay 1969 MG MGB Custom convertible with Corvette engine. John and Al, Auto-Tech. The scary part of all of this is that I could easily spend another $2,000 and still not have a completely finished restoration… and this for car that’s worth perhaps $6,000.

– Tuk Tuk racing in Sri…, A “barn” find 1986 Lotus Esprit Turbo HCI, My sports cars have a newly renovated garage, New carpets and mats for the MGB and Lotus, Nürburgring Classic 2019, MGB GT V8 hits 210 KM/H, Head detached horseperson sign turned up outside. I’m in some ways very happy about this because I will end up with a far better and safer car when I’m done. Offering Complete Service for your Collectible British Sports Car It is our goal to make your British sports car ownership …
See the list below. MGB 5 speed conversion; We Just Finished a Full Restoration for this 1963 MGB … A couple of years ago he sold his 1976 Triumph TR6 and His 1969 Triumph Spifire do to health issues. Yikes, I told my wife Cherie that the MGB GT would only cost about $1,000 to get running. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The results, however, were spectacular, and our LBC turned out to be a show winner even though we continued to drive it year ’round even in the NJ winters as long as there was no snow on the roads. For quotes on custom work feel … We can handle just about any door or window - big or small, new or old. Our Shop. These are reasonable accurate but some items may be missing. Good source of engines and transmissions. -British Restorations / British Car Conversions - V6 engine conversions (and kits) MGB, TR6, Stag, MGA (no longer service or restoration work) 1506 Dixon Ave, Kelowna, BC - Ph: 250-868-0408 - visited Tourist Trophy & Moto-Lita Steering Wheels, Midget/Sprite with HS2 Carbs & MGB with HS4 carbs, TR 5/250/6, Austin Healey 100-6, 3000, MGA, MGB (+1), MGC. Cars in the shop or those we've repaired. Recommended by Fred Wastell ( Owner Woody Cooper. We can do almost anything for your MG, repairs, interiors, sheet metal, transmission overhauls, engine rebuilds,brakes, suspension and everything else.

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