They exclude delivery charges and customs duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options. The system then exerts reverse pressure to instantaneously return the drive to its normal trim position as soon as the object has been cleared. May 4th, 2020: Metal Shark Alabama Delivers Steel Inland Towboat to Florida Marine Transporters, Inc. April 23rd, 2020: Metal Shark Announces New 55-Foot Pilot Boat Now Under Construction. Each Resolute hull is thoroughly welded and rivet-free and made of durable corrosion-resistant 5086 aluminum alloy. Until I came across this awesome prototype boat, I had no idea that Swamp Shark … An integrated forward boarding step allows for quick, surefooted access during landing operations. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates. PRICE Country. Metal Shark Introduces Swamp Shark All-Terrain Surface Drive from Metal Shark Boats on Vimeo. The 21 Riverine can safely drive across logs or other solid obstructions at a high rate of speed, and thanks to its closed cooling system with no appendages, the vessel will never suffer from overheating due to clogged intakes. The highly durable system will safely and reliably propel the 21 Riverine through dense vegetation, mud, and debris-strewn waters. Equipped with a dependable 420-HP Yanmar diesel engine and Hamilton 274 water jet, the 24 Riverine capably delivers crews and armament into shallow water environments of less than 18”, Search among 64,583 products for the boating and maritime sectors. Like all Metal Sharks, the 21 Riverine may be fully customized to meet various mission requirements. Click here to see additional Swamp Shark test footage.

Search among 64,696 products for the boating and maritime sectors. They exclude delivery charges and customs duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options. Or use my zip code. Phone: +1 337-364-0777. Swamp Shark features a fully self-contained, patent-pending, onboard keel cooling system, with no appendages beneath the hull and no need for overboard raw water. Metal Shark boats for sale on YachtWorld are offered at a range of prices from $489,400 on the relatively lower-priced models all the way up to $489,400 for the most expensive, custom yachts. Η Metal Shark είναι ο αποκλειστικός προμηθευτής . Go to the Metal Shark Aluminum Boats website for more information, See all Metal Shark Aluminum Boats products. fireboat professional boat 75 DEFIANT RESCUE. Specially engineered forward and aft transverse hydrofoils elevate the hull at planing speeds, which substantially reduces drag. The Metal Shark 24 Riverine is a rugged and reliable shallow-draft patrol boat specially designed to withstand harsh operating conditions.

Address: 6814 E Admiral Doyle Dr, Jeanerette, LA 70544, United States

Hull Design

The 21 Riverine is shown here in a basic configuration for testing. Address: 6814 E Admiral Doyle Dr, Jeanerette, LA 70544, United States pilot boat 75 DEFIANT.

From seating to propulsion and everything in between, these boats are built to suit. Their wide open layouts offer unsurpassed utility, making them ideal for law enforcement, fire rescue, and the full range of workboat applications.

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