The McNab is a medium size, hunting and herding dog that originated in California, USA. It comes in red with white markings, black with white markings; may be tri-colored. All enjoyable !Great family pup, loves her kitten friends, curious, smart, very affectionate, and yes seriously sensitive. Bone is strong, but not coarse. An elegant slender neck supports their pointed head which is rounded This truly amazing dog is only limited by the energy of their owner. The coat is never long on a McNab but can vary from slick and short to This dog has a short and smooth coat. It is a fairly territorial breed that will seldom tolerate strange dogs and people on "its" territory. These Scottish Collies were mated to unfamiliar female dogs brought by Basque Sheep herders. These are made to protect the dog's natural oils that provide the dog's weather proofing. The Scotsman decide to develop a herding dog that could handle rough conditions, was obedient, and had enough energy for the rugged terrain. The new breed became known as the McNab Shepherds. Weighing up The land took its toll on the tough Scot,  and in the early 1900's he handed his ranch down to John, his youngest son. Generally speaking a McNab is a short haired dog which stands 15" to 25" at the shoulders and should weigh about 25-50 pounds. McNab Border Collie, McNab Sheepdog, McNab Herding Dog The McNab is a friendly hardworking dog who is obedient, protective and yet still very well mannered. The top coat is a fine texture. Nails are short and strong. Black, except in red dogs where it will be red. With attuned senses and keen intelligence, it has a watchful but restrained way when meeting with strangers. McNab's never seem to tire, and have been used for search and rescue, as cadaver dogs, and as archaeology dogs.

In contrast, an animal that closely matches and conforms to the breed standard for its breed is considered to have good conformation. The term “dog breed” includes pure breeds, cross-breeds, mixed breeds and natural breeds. It is very trainable due to its well behaved nature but does need a strong and stable trainer. Straight and parallel when viewed from the front, from the side the pasterns are slightly sloping. The term “breed standards” covers the externally observable qualities of the animal such as appearance, movement, and temperament. This is my second mcnab in my lifetime. The McNab has a sleek Approximately the same length as the skull. The exact format of a breed and how a standard is established varies, as breed standards are not scientific documents and change as the needs of the members of the organization which authors them change. Moderately long, reaching at least to the hock joint. The McNab is easy to train; they listen well and obey their owner. This dog is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club. Diesel is timid at first, but very lovable and outgoing once he gets to know you. One of the most prominent features of the dog is the ears, they are long pointy and stand erect although some flop over like a border collie. It is friendly with dogs and pets in its family and specially kind and gentle with children. She was a rescue, and is a bit skiddish when we first meet people, but she has bonded with me and I think would defend me at all costs.

Often a rub down with a damp cloth will have their coat gleaming again in no time. Those characteristics were developed under controlled conditions by breeders who selected for specific traits such as size, coat color, structure, and behavior. Fairly broad skull, no prominence of occiput.

McNab Border Collie, McNab Sheepdog, McNab Herding Dog, Scottish Collies, Nomadic Basque Sheepdogs. This type of dog loves a bit of space to run around in, and would love living on a farm or a country estate.

Though over 100 years have passed since the first puppies were born, the breed is still rare and unknown outside its area of origination. The undercoat is soft and short. If you do decide to bathe them, use a gentle dog shampoo. The McNab does have an assertive streak and if left to get away with it, they can become bossy. McNab crossed the Scottish Collies he had brought with him with some of the tough dogs of the nomadic sheep herders he met in the area.

A renowned cattle herder, the dog can also herd horses, sheep and llamas. All colors or combination of colors and/or markings acceptable.

All dog breeds have relatively uniform physical characteristics known to that breed. © Copyright 2020 - The McNab Shepherd Registry - All rights reserved. Free, smooth and tireless, keeping the feet close to the ground. Regular maintenance includes checking in the ears and gently wiping them out occasionally as dirt and wax can set off inflammation. Common colors for this breed are red with white markings, black with white markings and some can be tri-colored. Generally speaking a McNab is a short haired dog which stands 15" to 25" at the shoulders and should weigh about 25-50 pounds. random patches but they do come in other colors such as red, brown or tri-colored. Not only that, this versatile dog can herd a flock of geese, herd of goats, llamas and even can gather the horses in from the pasture. It dislikes to sit idle, thus not a suitable dog for apartment or cramped living space.
Breeders have the responsibility to avoid any conditions or exaggerations that are detrimental to the health, welfare, essence and soundness of this breed, and must take the responsibility to see that these are not perpetuated. Whereas certain deviations from the standard are considered faults, many breeds contain a wide range of variation in traits such as eye color and markings. However, a large degree of deviation from the breed standard, an excess of faults, or certain defined major faults, may indicate that the animal should not be bred. like paws which gives them great agility. May be carried drop, semi-erect or prick, and need not be matching. Athletic in appearance, with well-sprung ribs and a deep, rather broad chest. It is a human oriented breed that forms strong bond with its family. The long body slopes slightly towards

These dogs do need a lot of time with the family; they will become part of the family and as such, will love to be with you most of the time. Strong and muscular; of good length. White markings may be clear white. He began to reinvigorate the breeding style of his father, adding addition bloodlines from dogs imported from Scotland. The croup slopes gently to the set on of the tail. They are never aggressive unless they are protecting you or the family, which they will do without hesitation. at the top. This breed is not recommended for city or apartment living.

Slightly longer than tall. They look well groomed with a slick single coat, or a bit fluffier with their dense double coat . The loin is deep and muscular, not tucked up. As a family pet, this dog, unlike other herding breeds, has an even tempered and warm personality. The McNab Shepherd is thoroughly sound, willing and able to do its work. Although this dog does not consume a lot of food in relation to his size, just like any other dog a balanced diet is ideal. They do need a good leader who is firm, but fair. The McNab Shepherd is a fast, alert and intelligent dog that is anxious and able to work livestock under the direction of its master. The appearance of this breed can be varied from dog to dog though they will generally resemble the Shorthaired Border Collies. Blondes will be brownish pink to light red. Cat like feet, oval in shape, with deep pads and tight, well arched toes. Bathing should be done only when necessary. The McNab dog is no slouch, they love to run, and herd, and just mess around and can do it for ages.
Expression should be mild, keen and intelligent. The McNab requires an inordinate amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation. It is not a dog who likes to sit idle, doing nothing. Shoulders are well laid back, and the elbows are held close to the body. the tail, and exhibits a slightly tucked This dog likes to be mentally challenged as well, and loves to work so agility trials and disc dog competitions will aptly suit this true athlete. Use Facebook Connect to get access all our features. It was developed by an Scottish shepherd, Alexander McNab, who settled in California. Generally the McNab is a well-mannered, loyal and amiable breed with a heart of gold. They must have a job to do. Known to be a one man or one family dog, it is very devoted to its family. They should be neither nervous nor aggressive, but keen and responsive. Families who like the look of this amazing dog will need to have plenty of time to spend with their four legged friend. Moderately short and smooth. Ticking should be minimal. Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of McNab Dog:

Balance, outline, intelligence, temperament, and movement are of overriding importance. Slightly arched at the crest and broadening as it merges with the shoulders. McNab is an independent dog who is not adverse to a cuddle and attention. Rear pasterns are well boned and parallel when viewed from the rear. athletic look to them, with an alert curious expression on their friendly face. He runs laps around our house yard plays frisby or fetches his toys balls especially squeaky ones.

The shorthaired coat helps the dog sustain scorching hot temperatures during summer. Color and markings always secondary to physical evaluation and gait. Remember to brush your dog's teeth two to three times a week for a nice sweet breath and to keep those pearly whites bright.

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