Source: My Music, My Life/André Rieu Productions. Check out for participating cinemas. He plays a 1667 Stradivarius violin, one of only 400 such instruments in the world, “a magical object” he says, that sounds warm like Maria Callas. I have a friend who says: you are not lucky; you work so hard that’s what makes the luck for you. For me there are no borders in music. “I see a lot of jealousy around me,” he says, cheerfully as ever. “My sons came with this idea 10 years ago,” recalls Rieu. One night in New York, at a venue beloved of Frank Sinatra, he had the crowd singing along to My Way. “That’s what makes me happy. I have great respect for him, his music. It is all very upbeat fare, but then I casually ask what gift did his mother give him. This is true of my whole life. "It was very hard. And I'm a very warm person. That’s the way I look at things. That is a gift I have. “You know, I don’t see the difference between classical music and other music.” says Rieu. He had the soloist for that concert picked up in a Mozart carriage. Anyone else would at least have the good grace to complain about sore cheeks from all that smiling. A warm, perennially-smiling presence, he’s careful to use your name and he responds to all efforts to find a chink of darkness in his persona with peals of laughter. The whole house smells nice. And the money is coming in. His concerts are sometimes schmaltzy spectacles where the audiences appear as entirely lost in the moment of absolute joy as the smiling man creating it all - the King of Waltz himself, André Rieu. ", Rieu would like to work with Bruce Springsteen one day. Now, asked by Starts at 60 if the set and expense was worth the risk, Rieu … "It is still there. The musical superstar and Marjorie live in Maastricht, Holland, in a 16th-century castle once owned by Charles de Batz-Castelmore d'Artagnan - who was killed at the siege of Maastricht in 1673 and inspired Alexandre Dumas's romping fictionalised swashbuckler in The Three Musketeers. "I remember that evening very well. ... Andre Rieu has been married for … And that's why we are in a packed hall, because they want this warm feeling. An accident or an illness? She never spoke to me. “Some people are very strict. Members get more. Andre Rieu is touring round Australia throughout November this year. “Almost 40 years ago, I started giving tiny concerts with my first ensemble, the Maastricht Salon Orchestra (five members, including me) in elderly homes for, let’s say, 30 or 40 old men and women. And I said: what? He’s not interested in the canon. “You know I’m so proud when I’m on stage and I see all these happy faces,” he says. The energy he has on stage is fantastic. On March 14, he was in America "to do a concert when Trump said to the nation, 'Please don't go to concerts any more because it's dangerous'. I can only run or sleep all my life.". "I am a positive person. The father-of-two was inspired to create a full-scale replica of the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna after performing there with his Johann Strauss Orchestra in 2008. 2. ", Where does his own seemingly inexhaustible onstage energy come from? He studied the instrument at the Royal Conservatory of Liège and at the Conservatorium Maastricht, where a rapturous response to a university performance of the Gold And Silver Waltz by Franz Lehár schooled him in the romance of three-quarter time. And that’s when people get up from their wheelchairs and throw away their sticks and say: Come on, let’s dance.”. It was a rallying call: 40,000 fans waved flags as Rieu played The Second Waltz by Shostakovich. "No, no…" he says, haltingly. I can tell you that if we were to force ourselves to enjoy the shows or force ourselves to smile, the audience would immediately know it was theatre. I follow my heart and nothing else. "My education was very severe and very classical," says André, who played the violin from the age of five, and attended the Music Academy in Brussels. "Marjorie always says to me, 'You are four horses and I am pulling them back.' His 2019 summer concert outpaced its predecessor. In an era when, we are told, nobody sells DVDs and CDs anymore, Rieu has sold more than 40 million of them. André Rieu tells Barry Egan about the sadness that touched his life - 'I would like to have had a lovely mother who loved me' - and how he has channelled his creativity during the pandemic She never said that she was proud of me. To comment you must now be an Irish Times subscriber. I have a sort of radar with the audience. She married Andre Rieu in 1975 and the couple has two sons, Marc and Pierre. The bank said to me, go out and do concerts because that is the only way we get back our money. Ajax went on to win 5-1 and get to the final in Vienna, where they beat AC Milan, with 18-year-old Patrick Kluivert (pictured) coming off the bench to score the winner. "I worked on it, to solve that. We don’t have a manager overseeing what we do and looking after the money. “I’m sitting here smiling now right now,” he says. I have never felt this way before, Anya Taylor-Joy: ‘This guy stuck his head out the window and said, If you stop you won’t regret it', Frequently asked questions about your digital subscription, Specially selected and available only to our subscribers, Exclusive offers, discounts and invitations, Explore the features of your subscription, Carefully curated selections of Irish Times writing, Sign up to get the stories you want delivered to your inbox, An exact digital replica of the printed paper. Thin Lizzy members on the band’s rise and fall: ‘Heroin was the worst mistake we made’, Netflix: 10 of the best new shows and films to watch in November, Agatha Christie: A realist writer who created true literary magic, Netflix: The best 50 films to watch right now, The return Zig and Zag on The Den: ‘People need a bit of mayhem, madness and boldness’, Fairy forts: Why these ‘sacred places’ deserve our respect, Richard Ford: America could fail. Because what my heart tells me to play works. Meanwhile, thousands of enthusiastic men and women come to see and hear my 60-member Johann Strauss Orchestra; it is the largest private orchestra in the world!”. I promised Marjorie never to do that again. His waltz-dependent tours are invariably spectacular. But it’s incredible, I hear stories about people in the cinema dancing and singing and clapping. When you have reset your password, you can, Please choose a screen name. He adds that his father once dressed up the orchestra in period costumes when they were playing Mozart music. Another night in Australia, he played the theme song to Neighbours. he spends thousands on each of the female musicians’ dresses, Andre Rieu reveals secret to loving 40-year marriage to wife Marjorie, Defying tradition: Andre Rieu’s unique inheritance plan for sons and grandkids. "It wasn't [reconciled]. I can’t believe that.”. "My father just saw the beginning and then he passed away," he says, "and my mother saw everything because she passed away last year. Even the champagne is real champagne. Who really understands Wittgenstein’s ‘bible’ of modern philosophy? "That performance at half-time in Amsterdam changed my career - and my life," Rieu says. And he gushes about the Johann Strauss Orchestra, which he founded in 1987, as his second family. In 2008, he enjoyed performing in front of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna so much that he decided to build a full-scale replica for his upcoming world tour, replete with fountains, an ice rink, a ballroom full of dancers, a state carriage covered in gold, pipers, and real champagne for all. Asked now if he has a performance that has stuck in his mind as a favourite moment, he told Starts at 60: “Almost every concert is a great adventure. So I think they like me as a boss.”. It was so emotional. We filmed this beautiful clip for “Mio Angelo” and it was an amazing day to celebrate with our musical family and to … I got two children out of it’. The people feel that I play for them - because I do. “Before becoming an actor, he dreamed of a career as a composer; I was absolutely gobsmacked when I heard his composition. For me, the glass is always half full. You have turned out pretty well, André, I say. And with that kind of positive mentality, I think we can change the world.”. Rieu lives in a castle in the Netherlands with her husband, acclaimed Dutch violinist and conductor Andre Rieu. “People say: Oh my God, he plays waltzes. She was a cold person. Now, asked by Starts at 60 if the set and expense was worth the risk, Rieu said: “Yes, it was; I am thrilled and honoured by the fact that so many people in all the continents of the world seem to enjoy the music we’re playing. The account details entered are not currently associated with an Irish Times subscription. ", "I'm 70 now," he laughs. The publicity shy Rieu … ", "She never said anything to me. We make compilations for the cinema," he says referring to his latest release, André Rieu's Magical Maastricht - Together In Music. He sees laughter. That ought to have satisfied his most vitriolic critics, but, in keeping with Rieu-brand magic, he bounced back. And I don’t think it’s the case that they come to my concerts and experience joy for three hours and then go back to misery. “And we toured the world with it. I'm a cook but I have never baked so many cakes. She did not believe very much in me. The city is Rieu’s hometown and he’s not going anywhere. She rarely appears in public with André and once said in an interview that she doesn't want to be defined by her husband. "And nothing has changed. I'm a person who cannot sit still.". She asks me: ‘Why can you not use sugar water?’ But then we would be pretending and when the pretence starts, it becomes just a show.”, Read more: Andre Rieu reveals secret to loving 40-year marriage to wife Marjorie. He performed at half-time in the Champions League semi-final second leg between Ajax and Bayern Munich at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. “That is a question that people very often ask me.” he says. If Rieu is harbouring any darkness, then he’s a very good actor indeed. "I worked very hard for it," he says. ", André Rieu's Magical Maastricht - Together In Music is in cinemas for two weeks only from September 18. "After that, I was bankrupt really. He says he had never heard the music of The Beatles or The Rolling Stones until he met Marjorie in the early 1970s. That said, Rieu has an inner sadness that you'd never imagine from listening to his music or attending one of his instantly sold-out shows. They have two sons, Marc and Pierre. He spared no expense when it came to his musicians either, as Rieu previously told The Guardian he spends thousands on each of the female musicians’ dresses, refusing to choose cheaper costumes as he doesn’t want his show to be an ‘act’. “We have a very small organisation around us who organise the hotels and the flights and getting the sets around the world. My wife says: ‘Are you stupid?’ because I don’t even like champagne. What would be the last concert? She made possible what I am now. And it’s amazing to think that there are people in cinemas all over the world enjoying themselves as if they were at the live concerts.”. I go forward. You can see his full schedule and buy tickets on his official website here.

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