How many more will need to die for this war to end?”. “while constantly reinforced white majorities eliminated the need to formalize a “buffer” population of mixed race persons in the United States.”. For Rio state alone the number last year was at least 1,124 people. Marielle Franco made the front page of the Washington Post: A black female politician was gunned down in Rio.

The deployment, in response to a surge in crime around carnival, caused grave concerns among rights groups who fear residents could face harassment or worse. Why did the usually testosterone laden men of Maré (Rio) noticeably shrink in the face of being treated as mere chumps as a whole by the police and transferred the responsibility to a single Black sista? This felt like a second blow to the family. She was a brave humanitarian and activist. Who Killed Marielle Franco? That we speak about sexuality, respect, secularity, racism, of LGBTphobia, of misogyny. President Temer has cancelled his trip to Rio. The question is echoed in protests to this day, in the common chant: “Marielle asked/I will ask too/how many more must die/for this war to end?”. Marielle Franco, human rights activist, was born July 27, 1979. Living on the edge. An architect by trade and a human rights defender, Benicio believes it was fundamental for the international community to understand that her partner’s struggle was for human rights and in opposition to racism, gender discrimination and phobia towards LGBT people. On May 27, Brazil's High Court of Justice (STJ) ruled that the investigation of the murder of Marielle Franco, the Rio de Janeiro city councillor killed in March 2018 , would remain in the hands of the state police and not be handed over to the federal authorities. Like me, Marielle was just 38 years old. “Brazil murder case suspect shot dead by police”, If this crime couldn’t become even more horrible…. scrollbar: false, Here’s Marielle Franco Biography and Profile. If it is in schools that the public space that we want is born, then yes, it is indispensable that we speak of gender equality! Even looking at our reaction to Marielle’s execution – although we, especially the black women, could all have remained stuck and taken a step back from the struggle – we had the completely opposite reaction to that attempt to silence what Marielle represented,” Benicio says. WINNER, Hahaha.” – grojo, “By the way, you still haven’t told me how you know Hannibal was black.” – grojo, “One more thing, WTF is “SELAH”? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. [14][15], Beginning in 2007, Franco worked as a consultant for the state representative Marcelo Freixo, and she coordinated the state legislature's Committee for the Defense of Human Rights and Citizenship.

She was one of six women (out of 51 city councillors) during her mandate. theme: { T his Thursday will mark a year since my friend and colleague Marielle Franco was assassinated. [31], In January 2019, police arrested Ronald Paulo Alves Pereira and issued a warrant for Adriano Magalhães da Nóbrega, both suspects in Franco's assassination. She was, in effect, the leader of Brazil’s counterpart to Black Lives Matter. It was soon discovered that all the bullets used in the crime were registered as belonging to the Police Office in Brasilia, the national capital, and it became clear that this was a political crime. links: '#0713eb' [43], A digital art workshop was held in Nairobi, Kenya titled "Portraits of Marielle: Creating Bridges between Kenya and Brazil" with young Kenyan artists participating, and the artworks were displayed at the Museum Mare in Rio de Janeiro on 10 November 2018. The Intercept is an independent nonprofit news outlet.
This has also helped me think through and take the first steps to launch what is now officially called the Marielle Franco Institute, a nonprofit organization in Brazil that will soon become the vehicle for several activities, including the coordination of Papo Franco conversations. I have a daughter, as well as my sister’s daughter to care for, and I can’t give up hope. And I ask you: will we continue to abstain from speaking about gender equality? She had Marielle’s sister and daughter come to the stage. Update IV: | The Star", "Anger in Brazil after prominent police critic is shot dead - France 24", "Mulher, negra, favelada, Marielle Franco foi de 'cria da Maré' a símbolo de novas lutas políticas no Rio", "Entrevistamos Marielle Franco: mulher, negra, periférica e Vereadora do RJ - Mulheres na Política #1", "A Favela-Born Political Up-and-Comer in Brazil", Viuva de Marielle conta que vereadora estava despreocupada dias antes do assassinato, "Da Maré, Marielle Franco chega à Câmara como a quinta mais votada", "Marielle Franco, Activist Against Brazil's Police Brutality, Assassinated in Rio", "Favela Candidates Run for Office, Among 'City Council Members We Want' [VIDEO]", "Thousands march in Brazil after murder of activist councilwoman", "Mãe, preta, favelada e vereadora: Marielle Franco", "Marielle Franco: Why my friend was a repository of hope and a voice for Brazil's voiceless, before her devastating assassination", "Negra da Maré e socióloga, Marielle foi a 5ª vereadora mais votada do Rio", "Assassinato político de Marielle Franco reativa as ruas e desafia intervenção no Rio", "Câmara do Rio de Janeiro rejeita projeto pela visibilidade lésbica", "Protests held across Brazil after Rio councillor shot dead", "Marielle era uma das 32 mulheres negras entre 811 vereadores eleitos em capitais brasileiras", "Direção dos tiros contra Marielle reforça hipótese de ataque premeditado", "Marielle Franco, councillor and police critic, shot dead in targeted killing in Rio", "Marielle Franco: Brazil's favelas mourn the death of a champion", "Ammunition Which Killed Marielle Franco in Rio Stolen from Police", "Ministério muda versão de Jungmann sobre roubo de munição usada em assassinato de Marielle", "Suspects in Marielle Franco's Murder Have Ties to Bolsonaro Family", "Mother and wife of suspected militia member worked in Flávio Bolsonaro's office", "Two held over Brazil politician's murder", "Bolsonaro in spotlight after photo with Marielle Franco murder suspect surfaces", "Jair Bolsonaro pictured with second accused in Marielle Franco murder case", "Police investigates possible participation of Carlos Bolsonaro in Marielle's case, says radio station", "Protests for Marielle Franco are scheduled in over 10 capitals", "Big rallies after Rio politician shot dead, Newshour", "The Unflinching Courage of Rio's Gay Crusader", "Just as U.S. Media Does With MLK, Brazil's Media Is Trying to Whitewash and Exploit Marielle Franco's Political Radicalism", "Bolsonaro criticizes media and again refuses to comment on Marielle's death", "Bolsonaro's opinion on Marielle's death would be too controversial, aide says", "Building Bridges Between Favelas in Kenya and Brazil Through 'Artivism, "Amnesty International launches world's biggest human rights campaign", "Women's rights take centre stage as murdered activists are remembered", "Os últimos momentos de Marielle Franco antes de ser morta com quatro tiros na cabeça", "Rejeição da família, pedido de casamento e luto: a história de amor interrompida de Marielle e Monica", "Viúva de Marielle conta que vereadora estava despreocupada dias antes do assassinato",, Municipal Chamber of Rio de Janeiro councillors, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro alumni, Articles containing Portuguese-language text, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 18:19. For those who want to understand the complexity of brazilian multiparty politics: Luciano Ayan (pseudonym) is the founder of MBL (a new-left group) who disseminated fake news against both Marielle and Bolsonaro.

They are professional killers and have a 30 year record of delivered crimes. Glen Ford’s separate commentary provides a historical and social overview of Black society in Brazil. The 41st Battalion of the Rio de Janeiro Military Police is terrorizing and abusing the residents of Acari. The fake news against Bolsonaro were used by brazilian supreme court to launch an unconstitutional and criminal attack against freedom of speech. Oregon voters’ drug decriminalization applies an anti-carceral logic to more than just weed. in #MarielleLegacy, *Highlight, Interviews & Profiles, Photo-Essays, Understanding Rio. Or was she murdered because she was queer?
Every year the Open Society Foundations give thousands of grants to groups and individuals that work on the issues we focus on—promoting tolerance, transparency, and open debate. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! She studied in a popular preparatory course and succeeded in passing a competitive exam to enter the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, an elite institution. The term ‘gender’ came to be used as a category of analysis starting in 1970, with the goal of giving visibility to the inequalities between men and women. you definately up deserve a thumbs! Do not allow her cause to die with her. It’s no mistake that the two countries with the first- and second-largest populations of people of African descent outside of Africa — Brazil, with nearly 56 million, and the United States with 46 million — are also experiencing a crisis of police brutality. is that like la la la i can’t hear you? With that being said, where were the men of the favelas, you know, those of the ranks of machismo to guard this queen? “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her chains are very different from my own,” Marielle Franco said to the mixed crowd of activists fighting to build a better life in the South American country. Matheus Melo was leaving church when he was killed. Probably her murderers overestimated what she knew and might tell the federal army who was going to occupy Rio.

First, we have to improve our system of education.

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