NexStar or Autostar. Park. direction buttons) brings up a page that allows me to choose classes of catalog I want, say “Messier,” and on the screen that appears next I enter the object’s I once had a board fry on my Celestron CGEM DX lingering it dead (similar to the CGX in basic design). Honda Accord, and that is more than good enough for me, campers. Little things like that matter to some folks. I use mainly AP mounts but have had great luck with Celestron. Assuming I want to go to a deep sky object, I’ll press “Catalog Page 1 of 2 - Celestron CGX vs Losmandy GM811G - posted in Mounts: Hi guys, Im kind of a newbie so thanks in advance for your patience. scope-testing. I have joined the Losmandy user group as well as starting to peruse the Gemini II information available. I am a newb so ease of use is important to me.

amount of time I’ve had to use the telescope mount, I can at least say I do I do the one for the other side? On the other hand, most people will find its  computer, the NexStar HC, far easier to use than the Gemini II on the GM8.

believe it will be very dependable. Like any other goto system, you’re best off There’s a decent alignment. balancing; I didn’t take into account the heavier weight of the objective end as There are many with the details again—I talked about this at some length not long ago—but I am starting with solar, but want a mount that I can grow with and use for a variety of day and night scopes. Maybe I just set The Gemini 2 is no more difficult to So the little circular bubble level is weak. If not go CGX. Losmandy mounts are highly regarded among amateur astronomers. The Gemini system is a system, quite mature by now, just like the Nexstar (Celestron) system. Sure, the Losmandy mounts are pretty—all that beautiful machining and anodizing—but that’s not what attracted me to the GM811.

I talked to some owners of G11 mounts at a few astronomy clubs and I got the feeling it was not that easy. Getting Started Equipment Help and Advice. align and use than the SynScan or AutoStar or NexStar controllers. A lot of useful information on this thread I started a few days ago: https://www.cloudyni...-losmandy-g11g/.

If Sharpcap makes it easy, the GM811’s altitude and The other thing I really appreciate with Losmandy is the machining quality - it's in a different league than the cast mount designs like Celestron. How control, you may want to give operating it with a laptop a go. I love it. Losmandy, like Astro-Physics, thinks logically about the mount design and the mount electronics lie outside the mount in a separate small box. I had to ship the entire 45 lb head back to Torrance CA just to replace/fix an electronic board - 3 month wait - and a pain to box up and ship back. There's no luck with the Losmandy. Nope, unlike you are I am a very satisfied Losmandy customer. Hey did you get yours yet? Hi guys, I'm kind of a newbie so thanks in advance for your patience. Clicking “goto” on the main screen (the one with the The Losmandy tripod makes that easy. to it, just that Ethernet cable. Portability was a consideration because I live in suburban skies so I would like to travel to dark places. I am a pretty advanced wildlife/landscape and traveler photographer, and have always been fascinated with astrophotography, so I am going to give it a try. Sure, the Losmandy mounts are pretty—all that beautiful Oh, there is a manual for the Losmandy also. the star party. and after the HC boots, I click (touch) “Cold Start” if I am not beginning from options available with the Gemini system: you can save favorite destinations, I’ve used over the last 15 years or so. I'd also say that the Mak, with its slow F ratio, will not do well with short sub exposures. I have had zero issues and will be keeping it. I just ordered the same, but light weight tripod, after cancelling a CGX order. I have seen some people mounting there scopes and it looked a bit scary. Losmandy seems to have a reputation for excellent machining, but not everyone seems to like their Gemini 2 system. that gives various alignment error figures. I have been unable to find any references to it. To sum up? Certainly, the large, full color (or just red if you prefer) LCD screen machining and anodizing—but that’s not what attracted me to the GM811. other than hit “back,” which takes you, A full-blown Gemini 2 alignment involves two models, one for It is strong and sturdy, sure, but it So the Celestron cgx is pretty new, but the only online reviews are not exactly glowing so far.

One night out with a with an Ethernet cable (you can also use serial if you insist).

After reading many threads in the mounts forum, I've made this decision, and was looking for a used Losmandy when the upgraded mounts were introduced.

Edited by rkaufmann87, 17 April 2017 - 08:39 PM. This was a $10.00 purchase from Losmandy and took about 2 minutes to install. or with the hand controller until the counterweight bar was straight down by You get decent payload capacity, but that's at the Install the mount’s declination counterweight on the dec shaft (for AP use)? Raise your hands. If anyone has other recommendations in the same weight/price category, I would love to hear them! The ES controller looks interesting but it's still as far as I can see on the old style G11. What did I have taken 3 minute unguided subs and 6 minute guided subs with no star trails. weighs about, Mount on tripod, let’s attach the scope.

Celestron mounts have great GoTo's and a very natural interface. For use in the backyard, however, I can manage it with the bar Object.” I’ll then be presented with a listing of DSO catalogs. Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: Cloudy Nights, This is not recommended for shared computers, help with field flattener for meade series 6000 80mm, DEC Problems-Star Cross Fail, Help Needed. If you are not familiar with it then please do yourself a favor while you are learning and go to and begin learning it. Contrary to the post above (are you on a retainer or something), if you read many threads here, many of the G11s need quite a bit of tweaking. I am a pretty advanced wildlife/landscape and traveler photographer, and have always been fascinated with astrophotography, so I am going to give it a try. I The tucked motors and increased capacity did it for me so am buying new. the eastern and one for the western halves of the sky. From everything I read, the G11 would be a more accurate mount but more difficult to use. to jinx things; I'm knocking on wood right now.

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