To make a comment or suggest a change to the election site, please contact us. Nick K and Seath H. Ground game is pretty much non-existent apart from the majors. He worked in the area of mobile equipment procurement for Brisbane City Council for nearly 24 years, before switching to Maths and Physics teaching in 2014. That area’s always going to lean conservative but Boyd has now had 3 years of being the incumbent MP there; that should be good for a little bit of improvement at the margin in those booths. Although that primary vote in the 30s isn’t the strongest and anything can change between now and polling day…. Pattrick is a born and bred Queenslander. There was something fascinating about watching QLD in the 2000s deliver landslide victories to the ALP in State elections, but the LNP in Federal. Authorised by Lincoln Folo, Liberal National Party of Queensland, 281 Sandgate Road, Albion QLD 4010. Podcast #47: Queensland election, the next day. Pine Rivers was abolished and replaced by Kurwongbah at the 1992 election, Woodgate representing the seat until her retirement through ill-health in 1997. She grew up in the Pine Rivers area and has lived in the community for more than 15 years. (Boyd’s office is at Strathpine.). She ran in my seat of Bancroft last time and got a swing to her against the statewide trend. That would deliver a Minority government, It is ASB to suggest the LNP will win here unless they were polling 52-48+ statewide which is the polar opposite as of right now. Chapman held the seat until her defeat in 1989. Chapman went on to serve as Mayor of Pine Rivers Shire from 1994 to 2008. They show up that abortion is a crime against humanity. Palaszczuk is my hated in way Newman and to some extent Anna Bligh were. After one term he was defeated by Liberal Rob Akers, winning the seat at the 1974 landslide, and retaining it until defeated by the National Party's Yvonne Chapman after the Coalition split in 1983. The adverts are hard hitting and show the extremity of abortive immorality. I believe the ALP will win this seat (on nothing more than historical precedent), but I was amused by some of the booth figures. Pine Rivers was abolished and replaced by Kurwongbah at the 1992 election, Woodgate representing the seat until her retirement through ill-health in 1997. These are the people the LNP need to win over to flip the seat. 999 likes. (I don’t know what his preference card said, nor how many voters saw it.) Carolyn Male won the new seat of Glass House in 2001. He has lived in the Moreton Bay region for the last 16 years and locally in Lawnton for the past 5 years. Some good points Alexj, the middle of the electorate is the pivot point. Daniel I think abortion is a vote changer for maybe 2-3% of population. When Holswich excluded in 2017, about 41% of the votes he held at exclusion went to Labor. I thought it would have been better for her to run in Bancroft. I still think this will be an interesting one to watch with some of the factors of the last election not present this time: e.g. The issue is very complicated as was described by I think Greg Sheridan in Week end Australian. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. The LNP winning majority government and this seat is Fantasy, Won’t happen. She is a former director of research, policy and advocacy at anti-abortion lobby group Cherish Life Queensland, and has been Mater Hospital Branch Secretary of the Nurses Professional Association of Australia. It was abolished in 1992 and restored in 2009. Labor won a majority of the two-party-preferred vote in the west (52.5%) and the east (61.3%). Brohman is a primary school teacher of three decades standing and moved her family to Pine Rivers in 1988 where she began dedicating time to advocating for animals by committing to actively supporting dog and bird rescue. That end of the electorate also has Mt Nebo, one of the most ridiculously strong Greens booths anywhere (48% primary, 79% ALP 2pp). She held the seat until 2009, when a redistribution changed the seat into a notional LNP seat. Will be interesting to see where people put their #1 if not reaching for a major. And considering how unpopular Dutton is that might hurt her (Remember Dutton only got a small swing to him the Morrison Coattails didn’t affect him as much as his other LNP colleagues, And Nikki Boyd is a hard working local member as another reason why it won’t chance hands. Ever since 1974 the seat has gone with the party of government. Only a small percentage of population regard the human foetus seconds after conception as bein fully human but only a very few percentage of voters regard a partial birth foetus at 8 1/2 months as being unworthy of pain relief. The pivot is that there’s a lot of new development around the Warner area. She then moved to the restored seat of Pine Rivers in 2009. But “mortgagee family with young kids” is exactly the sort of people I’d expect to vote Labor at a state level (health, education) and LNP federally (interest rates). Very few voters would tolerate the Qld Abortion Laws if they had to watch this murderous operation. History The seat of Pine Rivers first existed from 1972 to 1992. You have entered an incorrect email address! Backup cache in use. Boyd and her partner have lived locally for more than a decade. That’s one part of Kara’s background. And since Goss has been a series of labor govts interrupted by single term lnp govts… like Victoria, Thanks for the info re Kara. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. +10 ALP booths. Holswich became one of many LNP 'oncers' at the 2015 election, defeated by a massive 21.3% back to Labor. Labor won a majority of the two-party-preferred vote in the west (52.5%) and the east (61.3%). Chapman served as a Minister in the last term of the National Party government before losing her seat to Labor's Margaret Woodgate at the 1989 election. Geography South-East Queensland. Pine Rivers was held by the ALP’s Kenneth Leese from 1972 to 1974. A proud member of Deb Frecklington's LNP team, … QLD Observer: Not much of a puzzle – Kara and her family live in Pine Rivers. I can assure you there are voters who determine the direction of their vote solely on this issue. Home page of Pines & Rivers, a songwriter group from Zürich/Bern. Pines & Rivers is an acoustic, american-folk, indie-pop music duo consisting of singer/songwriters Rebecca and Ezechiel Theler. Cherish Life has been running adverts in Courier Mail showing a foetus lefty to die on a stainless steeel hospital trolley. A proud member of Deb Frecklington's LNP team, Kara is determined to get Queensland working again. In 2012, Male retired, and Labor candidate Patrick Bulman lost to LNP candidate Seath Holswich. The LNP … Boyd was re-elected in 2017. With a passion for families and child safety, Kara wants to create a better future for our next generation, and give our community the strong representation they deserve. The divide is really shown by the booth results from 2015. The margin is heavily inflated here given the former LNP MP ran as an Independent, pulling almost 8%. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It might be interesting to watch this seat on Halloween night. Austin was the UAP candidate for Dickson at the 2019 Federal election. A qualified Justice of the Peace, Austin has a background in the building and construction industry, currently working as a consultant in hazard identification, risk management, policies and procedures. She increased her majority at the 2017 election. She’s also a theatre nurse, foster carer and has a Masters degree in international and community development and done several government submissions on child safety (including part of the Foster Care QLD peak body submission to the Carmody Inquiry). Seiffert-Smith is a disability support worker and currently studying law at QUT. Same people who want Roe v Wade overturned over in the United States smh, If you are suggesting the LNP will win here you are suggesting the LNP will get a majority government which they have no chance of, Look at the opinion polls 52-48 Labor, And you wonder why Labor is focusing on the regions up north now? Kara Thomas - LNP for Pine Rivers. She has pushed for positive action from individuals and groups to prevent further destruction of wildlife habitats and continues to lobby for an end to puppy farms. The duo formed in 2014 when the siblings decided to shar The other factor (albeit minor) in Nikki Boyd’s favour is that this seat lost an estimated 3 points with the 2017 redistribution in picking up the Samford area from Ferny Grove. AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). A conservative area shifting from one Labor electorate to another shouldn’t have that much of an effect. The electorate of Pine Rivers once covered all of the area north of the Brisbane City Council boundary, but now is only one of several electorate in the Caboolture corridor north of Brisbane. Locals tell Kara they are fed up with the Palaszczuk Labor Government. She moved to the Pine Rivers electorate as a child and is now a long-time resident of over 25 years. When the seat was abolished in 1992 she moved to the seat of Kurwongbah. Boyd is currently Assistant Minister for Health. She served as a minister in the Goss government from 1995 to 1996. Greens will probably continue to get their 8-9% but really unsure about any of the others. Why is Kara running in this seat? In the east around Strathpine there’s the old suburbia (ex housing commission?) The electorate takes in all of Lake Samsonvale and covers 539 square kilometres. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. This electorate draws its name from the former Pine Rivers Shire, named after the local North and South Pine Rivers which have their estuary in the bay between Redcliffe and Sandgate.

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