Neither party responded to requests from The Santa Clara Weekly for comment. A Santa Clara native, Gillmor graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in political science and Spanish, and aimed to be a bilingual criminal attorney before a stint at Gillmor & Associates, the real estate firm of her father (and former mayor), Gary, led her down a different path. A mere 250 years, 'A huge relief': 30 Humboldt County jail inmates sent to state prison, sheriff says, Final election night report: Atkins-Salazar, Goldstein, Shaefer top race for Arcata council, Final election night report: Arcata Fire District's Measure F results show fire tax passing, Final election night report: Estelle Fennell ahead in 2nd District Humboldt County Supervisor race, Final election night report: Eureka voters favor sales tax increase, ranked-choice voting, Final election night report: Bauer, Moulton hold early leads in Eureka City Council races. The City has had a formal set of core values and code of conduct for nearly 60 years, with the first Code of Ethics and Values adopted in the 1960’s. Here's an update on Wednesday's Dark Money political attack on Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor by McManis Faulkner, Brian Exline SCU Law Student @bxline18, Patricia Mahan.. Santa Clarans saw through your BS, and are smart enough to see this was simply a nasty politically charged hit on Mayor Gillmor just like the BluPac attacks on City Council candidates in 2016. The City Clerk shall have the power and be required to: (a) Attend all meetings of the City Council and be responsible for the recording and maintaining of a full and true record of all the proceedings of the City Council in books that shall bear appropriate titles and be devoted to such purposes; (b) Maintain separate books, in which shall be recorded respectively all ordinances and resolutions, with the certificate of the clerk annexed to each thereof stating the same to be the original or a correct copy, and as to an ordinance requiring publication, stating that the same has been published or posted in accordance with this Charter; (c) Maintain separate books, in which a record shall be made of all written contracts and official bonds; (d) Keep all aforementioned books properly indexed and open to public inspection when not in actual use; (e) Be the custodian of the seal of the City; (f) Administer oaths or affirmations, take affidavits and depositions pertaining to the affairs and business of the City and certify copies of official records; and. “I had given up on the idea,” Gillmor said.

This is especially important given that the position of the elected City Clerk is on the ballot this November. The article should have done a better job of distinguishing between the City Council Policy which allows neutral organizations to use City facilities and the fact that it is legally problematic for City staff to organize candidate forums; instead, it drew false conclusions that attempt to assign a wrong intent.

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