Perugia pleaded guilty to stealing it, and was sentenced to just eight months in prison.

The most important discovery was found on the first day of the investigation. Interviews with these people brought out very little. When it was reopened, a line of people had come to solemnly stare at the empty space on the wall, where the Mona Lisa had once hung. Lisa French underwent spinal-fusion surgery in 2014 after her doctor warned her that a fall or trip might leave her paralyzed due to lingering complications from a car wreck.

The Lancelotti brothers left by a staircase, dumping the frame and glass in the staircase, and, still known by many of the guards, Peruggia grabbed the Mona Lisa—painted on a white polar panel measuring 38x21 inches—and simply walked out of the museum's front door with the Mona Lisa under his painters smock. Users shall

She could have been a mom. The literary detective has been a part of our imagination since at least the 19th century. On Aug. 21, 1911, the then-little-known painting was stolen from the wall of the Louvre in Paris. Written by Nine months later, detectives snared Turner and he confessed. A suspicious hit and run rips a Lakeland, Florida family apart. Turner was imprisoned for a few more years because of the law, but the state again set him free in 1998. "So finally he persuaded a guard to go see how long the photographers were going to have the painting," Tom Hoobler says. When a child disappears, he is resolved to prove everyone wrong after the suspect is someone he knows. View detailed alleged violation information from Polk County, FL about the December 15th, 2000 arrest of Lisa Yvonne French. Leonardo Vincenzo, whose real name was Vincenzo Peruggia, was arrested. "Agrippine" is the French version of the name "Agrippina".

Investigators and others speculated that the thief grabbed the painting off the wall, entered the stairwell, removed the painting from its frame, then somehow left the museum unnoticed.

We could very well publish these safety maps at the start of summer when kids are out and about playing, or the start of the school year when kids begin walking to the bus stops. The hue and cry over the loss made the painting far more famous than before, and it was now far too dangerous to try to sell too quickly. ", A New York Times headline from August 24, 1911, reported the investigation into the disappearance of the "Mona Lisa." The Louvre Museum is the largest in the world, covering an area of about 15 acres. Beneath that Leonardo removed a false bottom—and there lay the Mona Lisa. The men were tried and found guilty in a tribunal in 1914. I wonder what Lisa French would think if she could see her local sex-offender registry — the public record of addresses for every person convicted of a sex crime.

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