ADayMoth Hobbyist Traditional Artist. To get colloquial, I remember killing one guy a few dozen times in that game to get a Shiny Brass Shield to sell. A person who don't give a fuck about bitches , has his own swag & flow in his own Lil world juat as you wake up you look to you partner an as you get out of bed …
Google has been lying about the penalty against this site for years. In the commercial, a talking camel named Caleb walks through generic office cubicles asking his coworkers if they know what day it is. Some wikis use a different format for links, so be sure to check the documentation. However, I'd like to point out an even earlier use of the word "woot!" Officers in Essex were given “words of advice” by their superiors after being filmed driving through a town playing Sound Of Da Police, the BBC reported. Arizona 2020 election results: could Trump still win? Inspite of all the explanations (conjectures) about the history and etymology of the word "w00t", no one has yet explained why it is spelt "w-0-0-t" and not "w-O-O-t". (Think limp bizkit) Newb was still originally pronounced "new-bee", you pronounced out that b. Some praised officers for "showing a sense of humour". This page was last edited on 10 December 2017, at 23:07. Definitions include: a general exclamation.

To link to this term in a wiki such as Wikipedia, insert the following. A friend that comes with benefits. Definitely not true. Otherwise, we would be arbitrarily putting in entries like "\/\/007" as if an alternate spelling for woot, is, in fact "back-slash slash back-slash slash zero zero seven," and that it is not supposed to be read as "W-O-O-T" (which it is).

  (To vote, click the pepper. Lists of abbreviations at the time never contained woot, and nobody that I ever asked at the time ever used that abbreviation. The clip, which emerged last month, shows the vehicle at night in an otherwise quiet area of the town blasting out the chorus: “Woop, woop, it’s the sound of da police”. I've changed the language from English to Leet and commented out the category ("English language"). Woop-woop! 19%  (See the most vulgar words. Veeeeeeeeeeeeery interesting.

Valve was the only mechanical v-word I could think other meaning behind it. C'mon people - even AOL chatrooms predate the concept of playing games with other people over the Internet, especially games that allowed more than two players, where the nonsense etymology purports to come from. The intentional corruption (compounding three or more "standard English" broken rules) is likely to have gained acceptance only because it so succinctly breaks so many rules for spelling and word-formation.

This is not meant to be a formal definition of happy hump day like most terms we define on, but is Listeners to the local BBC radio station said the video "made the police seem human". It actually replaced it as a common term. The disclosure came after Nick Alston, Essex’s police and crime commissioner, joked that a question about the incident had “caught me on the hip hop”.
Board games and pencil and paper role playing games simply don't require the same kind of abbreviations. I didn't know Crasher was meant to be female when I was a kid, cause she was voiced by a man in the Swedish dub.

I find it so incredibly unlikely that someone bothered thinking up something like "wow, there's the loot", it's hilarious. It's from hacker slang - "Woot, I got root!" Some of the animals and creatures say random quotes every now and then, in a well know discussion it was said that an owl (there is no owl creature) said "woot". Loot!" (USD-C photo by Army Sgt. Cause we be getting HYPED to the sound of da police! FINALLY worked Crasher into a strip, woot!

It was cool at the time to change the spelling of things. tv. ! - TheDaveRoss 07:35, 31 May 2006 (UTC), Some infamous nonsense has made it back into the etymology. Delivered to your inbox! Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. the word is – not how mean it is.).

One suggested: "If the police really did this, perhaps if they arrest someone they should play I Fought the Law by The Clash, on the way to the station.". It is possible that they borrowed it from the early gaming community but I can't speak to that. I recognize Elita1 and Arcee, but the two end ones, I'm drawing a blank on. Going from wot to woot is less of a change than newbie to noob. Brands and sports teams with the camel as their mascot have also made use of the association in their marketing efforts.

The book was copyrighted in 1992, so it's possible that the strip in question could have run in 1991 (or perhaps even earlier). Is it alright if I create a redirect at wh00t to whoot? Burksaurus Hobbyist Traditional Artist. orders ... full of meaning, and that someone should find it and play it so that everyone can understand. “It’s a question for the Chief Constable, but if someone’s sense of humour got ahead of their judgment then maybe it’s forgivable.”. Override, Airrazor, Slipstream, Windblade. Many people on here have different opinions on what wo0t is.

Definitions include: an expression of excitement or joy, used mostly by computer aficionados. Happy hump day is a phrase variously issued to people on Wednesday, popularly called hump day in office environments. 05:49, 12 November 2010 (UTC).

Oooh, so close.

While still using wo0t as celebration over an opponent, it lacked the ability to make me high, and that was what everyone was missing out on.

I haven't seen it used as a "yay" or any sort of jubilant scream, only as a kind of question, which usually does not even request an answer. The popularity of the word started around 1998-1999 and was a big term among counterstrike players. Overtime the pronunciation changed.

Looking at the release dates, I can accurately place this at the end of '02 or the beginning of '03.)

It's quite possible this migrated to the internet; especially since the only people using the internet back then were the cognitive elite - the very same people who were in Academic Decathlon. August 17. What do others think? Once again wo0t gained new meaning in the gaming community. So the actual article says it's "probably" from "WHOOMP there it is!" on Spotify. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? May 24, 2020.

Since the commercial’s widespread success, wishes of happy hump day have become especially associated with GEICO’s viral commercial. Who is winning the key swing states in the 2020 US election - and when will they be called? This is so adorable. Here original Japanese toy is not meant to be female either, so I guess the character came around full circle! That is, it is spelt: "double-U, Zero, Zero, tee". Essex Police has said two officers who blasted the Sound Of Da Police rap song from a patrol car have been given "words of advice" by their superiors. I'm really quite suprised nobody else has put this possibility forward (but someone came oh so very close, and I commented there, too). interest. This was back when the Planes of Power were still being explored fully, so it was probably in '02 or so. Fixitgirl 10:49, 3 December 2009 (UTC), I've been in the online community for almost half my life now, and I'm pretty sure I know the origin.

--Edemaine 18:28, 25 June 2008 (UTC).

Redefine your inbox with updates. Next week is “Test Week” and oddly, that can be fun, too.

Camels have been brought to schools and public events for no other purpose than to celebrate Wednesday—to make it a happy hump day. See more words with the same meaning… The expression figures Wednesday, the middle of the workweek, as the hump people get over to coast into the weekend. Definitions include: general exclamation. C'mon. At the time the concept of l33t speak was also spilling into the mainstream. Latitude and longitude where we got married.. We each picked our arrow This was eventually changed to 'w00t' by overzealous 1337-speakers, and changed to a celebratory phrase in the stead of its origins of luck-charming. The clip, which emerged last month, shows the vehicle at night in an otherwise quiet area of the town blasting out the chorus: “Woop, woop, it’s the sound of da police”.

Great to see Arcee and Crasher together in the same scene! Vote how vulgar Not "W(orld) o(f) W(arcraft) loot!" The main topic of discussion of this page is about the etymology. Here Be Dragons: A Creature Identification Quiz. Definitions include: acronym for "thank you so much". Most role playing games claiming that it stands for wow, loot did not even exist while the word was in use in the CS, Quake 2, and Quake 1 chats and forums. FINALLY worked Crasher into a strip, woot! Definitions include: abbreviated form of "isn't it". Hold the ponies! Cowabunga: see 30.

Pamela Clohisy, a native of Hudson, Wis., assigned to 501st Military Police Company, 1st Armored Division, prepares her M240B machine gun for the live fire convoy exercise at Besmaya Range complex, Jan. 2. This entry is wo0tastic! Login, Register, Login instantly with Facebook. Please revise. One of the office workers reluctantly answers him, to his delight: “It’s hump day.” Two men with guitars then explain that people who switch to GEICO insurance are “happier than a camel on Wednesday.” This commercial was the seventh most viewed on YouTube in 2013. Accessed 5 Nov. 2020. —⁠This unsigned comment was added by (talk) at 16:05, 21 November 2008 (UTC). This feels definitive to me: barring further references contesting this, we should give this as the accepted etymology, which it is. --Connel MacKenzie 20:08, 29 January 2008 (UTC). Throughout the 20th century, Wednesday was especially referred to as hump day in an effort to liven up the drudgery of the workweek.

-- 17:21, 14 January 2010 (UTC).

Early in 2009, wo0t was being used as slang for smoking ganja. usually by police or when noticed stealing something. The phonation may also conform to some slangs of the english language and words with the same meaning in dialects of other languages. Hump day rose to particular prominence in September, 2013 thanks to a popular commercial by the insurance company GEICO.

How to use woo-woo in a sentence. There is explanation on the main page..

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