Lian Li’s O11 Air is one of the most awaited cases this year, first shown at CES in January. In this setup, CPU performance didn’t improve in any measurable way. It allows for serious airflow with room for up to twelve 120mm fans, which can be distribute across the case's front, bottom and roof panels as well as beside the motherboard.

We moderate comments on a ~24~48 hour cycle. SilverStone retains that. First world problems, Steve.

This isn’t a deal-breaker, as it’s just a matter of trying to socket the panel a few times before it lines-up. The front facing I/O panel includes two USB 3.0 Type-A ports and one USB 3.1 Type-C port. Le boitier Lian-Li PC-O11 AIR RGB mélange style épuré et grands espaces pour une configuration musclée. Last modified on July 05, 2018 at 9:19 pm, Corsair 4000D & 4000D Airflow Case Reviews: Thermals, Noise, & Build Quality, Lian Li Lancool 215 Airflow Case Review & Benchmarks: Not Quite 200mm Fans, Abkoncore Ramesses 780 Case Review: 12 Fans, No Airflow, Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 Case Review vs. Lian Li O11 XL (& Radiator Compatibility), Mostly the same core tooling, but there are some new screw holes in the back (to support 2x 80mm or 1x 92mm rear fans), 2x80 or 1x92mm rear mount (noise is an issue). Vous pourrez ainsi refroidir les configurations les plus puissantes ! The newly-added plastics don’t dampen the quality to any significant degree. | Boitier ATX not sure about exact specifics though. | Boitier desktop | Boitier grand Tour This helps greatly with cable management and to keep your build neat and tidy.

The front panel, a new addition, is somewhat annoying to install and align. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste was specially developed for extremely demanding applications and the most demanding of Overlocking... CM8068403873914, Hyper-Threading Technology, 3.60GHz Clock Speed, 5.0GHz Single Core Max Turbo, 16mb Cache, 95W TDP, Dual Channel DDR4... EK-Vardar EVO is an industrial grade high-static pressure computer cooling fan, designed and built primarily for highest-performance... 3000MHz RAM Speed, CAS 16-18-18-38 Timings, 1.25-1.35v VDIMM, Lifetime Warranty with OcUK. We are one of the largest and most reputable manufacturer of aluminium PC case in Taiwan. Weekdays: 8:30am - 5:30pm Saturday:   9:00am - 5:00pm Sunday:     Closed.

This was most likely a typo but it needed to be corrected. Le Lian-Li PC-O11 AIR peut accueillir une carte mère E-ATX, ATX et Micro-ATX et l'accompagner d'une carte graphique d'une longueur maximale de 420 mm ainsi que d'un ventirad pour processeur d'une hauteur allant jusqu'à 155 mm. Also as previously, a hard drive cage can be removed to instead install a second PSU. Mais là ou le boitier fait éclater tout son potentiel au grand jour, c'est au niveau du refroidissement ! DER8AUER has been a key developer of excellent cooling solutions and has lent his years of experience in crafting the new O11 AIR from Lian Li. Filtrage complet Les 5 filtres à poussière protègent l'ensemble des entrées d'air du PC, pour une protection maximale de vos composants. PC-O11 AIR RGB. As a small aside, the O11 Air does manage to hold one of the better CPU temperatures in this test, but that hardly means much. +44 (0)1782 444455 magnetic dust filters to prevent any dust infiltration. /360/radiators.

The drive caddy can be swapped for second

| Boitier Mini ITX The Lian Li O11 PC-011 AIR is a premium case that is ideal for everyone from beginners to experienced PC builders.

6 it is clearly wider than the current o11 dynamic (now supports 120mm rear fan) so should provide much greater air cooler compatibility. Register now for the latest products and special offers! All rights reserved. The equilibrium performance is averaged to create the below charts.

The Lian Li O11 series uses the same tooling for both the O11 Dynamic and O11 Air, with some subtle changes to tooling on the O11 Air. The item is out of stock and estimated to arrive on the date provided. Un bug à signaler ? 242,99 € 242,99 € livraison incl.

We recently validated our test methodology using a thermal chamber, finding our approach to be nearly perfectly accurate. Le PC-O11 AIR présente un style très classe et est optimisé pour le refroidissement.

Le PC-O11 AIR est grossièrement une déclinaison du PC-O11 Dynamic (successeur du PC-O10) introduit en avril, ce dernier étant un boital dual-chamber relativement bien construit, simple, mais moderne, plutôt accueillant et théoriquement sans prise de tête. This result is within margin of error of the O11 Dynamic with 3 side intake fans and a horizontal mount.

The case maintains high-quality materials, paneling design, and well thought-out layout. Terms & Conditions Apply. We just think this is an easy area of improvement for Lian Li’s ease-of-use department of the case. In Firestrike testing, a stand-in for game benchmarks, the O11 Air gets embarrassed by the G21 and Dark Base Pro 900, respectively a $60 case and silence-focused case. The front of the case features a prominent plastic grill that stretches from the front panel to the case's roof. Prior to load testing, we collect idle temperature results for ten minutes to determine the unloaded cooling performance of a case's fans and air channels. 10 excellent The dBA measurement is the same, at 48.3dBA with fans at max speed, but the pitch worsens. GPU torture temperatures for only the O11 series are now on the screen. The O11 Dynamic with 3 side intake fans and a vertical GPU positioned far back performed best, a phenomenon we explained in our O11 Dynamic review.

The O11 AIR is developed in collaboration with world-famous overclocker DER8AUER of Germany for experienced gamers. DER8AUER has been a key developer of excellent cooling solutions and has lent his years of experience in crafting the new O11 AIR from Lian Li. It made sense to just leave it as 'Gamers.'". the glass secure the panel with ease. Garantie légale de conformité : 2 ans. The Lian Li PC-O11 AIR is a tower case and can hold a motherboard up to E-ATX configuration. Lian Li PC-O11 AIR RGB LIAN LI. At its core is a dual chamber enclosure. Conception interne à double compartiment La conception à double compartiment souligne les composants de base de votre PC, tandis que les câbles, les disques et l’alimentation sont rangés discrètement dans le compartiment arrière prévu à cet effet. the O11 AIR has different front intake to , and instead opting for two intake fans and a grill.

The register can be accessed through Note, as always, that this depends on your configuration – but for a dual-axial card and tower cooler, that’s what you can expect. Blender CPU testing places the O11 Air again toward the bottom of the chart, close to the G21 and SilverStone’s PM02, which is the worse of the two Primera cases on this chart. | Boitier moyen Tour It’s OK, but not great for a case marketed at airflow. Flux d'air extrême pour votre configuration. Testing is completely automated using in-house scripting, and executes with perfect accuracy on every run. On the upside, all panels have easy mount/dismount systems that we think other cases should learn from.

NZXT H700 PUBG (Edition Limitée) | Lian Li PC-O11 AIR | Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic - Noir | Asus TUF Gaming GT501 Case | Lian Li LANCOOL ONE Digital - Noir | Aerocool Rift - Noir.

PC-O11 AIR – LIAN LI is a Leading Provider of PC Cases | Computer Cases. Radiator: 120x 360mm / 120x 240mm / 140x 280mm. Votre adresse e-mail ne sera pas utilisée dans un cadre publicitaire ou commercial. Meilleures ventes de la catégorie : Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 RGB - Noir | MSI MAG FORGE 100R | MSI MPG GUNGNIR 110M | MSI MPG GUNGNIR 110R | Zalman S2 TG | MSI MAG FORGE 100M | Zalman T6 - Noir | Zalman … 4 Vous aurez aussi accès à un port USB 3.1 Type-C, deux ports USB 3.0 ainsi que les deux prises audio sur la façade du boitier.

Aucun prélèvement avant la préparation de votre colis.

Lian Li PC-O11 AIR.

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