Also check the optic sensor, to make sure it’s clean. Maybe its failed or ice maker itself has issues. No ice. Also check fan in the freezer which blows cold air to the ice maker. Eugene, I had the the ice machine turned off for 2 weeks. this was purchased at least 5 +years ago, I have a LG French door model # GC-L197HFS It should be set in the middle and it has to move up and down, and then set in the middle. Had to replace something called the Assembly Bracket Motor (larger fan unit right next to the Evaporator Fan) – another weeks long wait… Ice started immediately and no leaking/freezing since removing the calcium build-up on the ice maker’s intake valve! REFRIGERATOR WIRING HARNESSES 1.Water Filter – If during the test mode your ice maker didn’t fill with water, then check your water filter. Water is coming through the water dispenser. Whirlpool WRS571CIDM01 ice maker not calling for water. Any thoughts next steps? AJ, Hello AJ, E CF related to Condenser Fan Motor. Thanks again. Put in new filter, new water inlet valve, still no water. The lever on the side, I am not sure how hard you are to push the lever down.. It depends. Gene, I bought a new bottom ice maker replacement installed it powered it up it ran Thur a dump cycle returned to fill position indicator arm lock itself to the full position won’t reset. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I have this same issue. Water inlet valve is faulty But if you have the ice maker in the freezer, then nothing controls it. WORKED fine yesterday morning. I replaced the ice maker, water valve, and a water line and still no ice from the ice maker. here is a diagram for your fridge . Which one did you replace? Even when i dont have the feature on it makes ice. I was going to try that but wanted an opinion before ordering. Inlet Valve – When the water inlet valve failed, you will not have water as well. Optical sensor malfunctioning, one of the reasons why your ice maker may complete Harvest Cycle, but not working in Automatic Mode. Recently had compressor replaced on this 2 year old LG (under warranty no less) as it stopped but recalled having this same issue with the dispenser before that. No, I’m still trying to figure it out. Weird that it just stopped working out of the blue. To release it you have to reach your hand up into the chute and flip the flapper down and then an avalanche of ice falls out. Often times, wire harness on the top in the left door came loose or broken. So, you are saying that ice cubes just stuck in the tray? If it will not help, pull the fridge, remove back bottom cover and check if compressor is running. Hey Eugene. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The water get to the inlet valve and stops. I figured there must be a second one to control flow to the water dispenser vs the ice maker, but I can not seem to find it. Here in the ice room put the towel to catch water or ice that may fall when you run the test mode. Just so you know, the ice maker will not work if the temp is high then it should. If you just bought and installed LG refrigerator then it may take about 24 hours. Works fine. Who controls the time for the tray to dump ice? Maybe inlet valve clogged or just wait until temp settle in the ice maker and try to reset again. Let it sit for about 5 hours. What could be going on? Still no ice. The upper ice tray and water dispenser seem to be working fine with no leaks out the back where those lines enter the fridge, but I would presume those lines would have even less pressure than the lower line. Refrigerator Ice Maker NOT DROPPING ICE CUBES From Mold Tray. The compressor sounded fine and was not clicking, slight hum, feel slight vibration to the touch. Can you elaborate? Hello Eugene, Thanks for responding. It takes up at least 1/3 of the bin’s capacity. Very frustrated not sure what to do. Eugene, Yes, it beeps and then nothing happens. Whirlpool Ice Maker Not Making Ice – How To Troubleshoot? I just put in a digital thermometer in the freezer and will report back with temps when I have them. Our ice maker is spewing out white dust when dispensing ice. Basically, what the tech’s thoughts were: with both the Evaporator Fan AND the Assembly Motor Fan down, the compressor was overworked as no air was being circulated in/out. Probably you have ice build up, restricting air flow and causing temp to go up. I called LG customer service and was on hold for 45 mins and then the call dropped can you help? The water in the door works properly. I also hear the ice maker turning to dump ice but because there’s no water, there’s no ice to dump. Want to thank you again for all the great feedback and direction you provide here for not only me, but everyone. Would this issue cause some other issues to the refrigerator if I don’t resolve this issue. On this type of ice maker, there is a tiny hole on the left side. How To Change Fan Speeds On A Ceiling Fan? Thanks. I also made sure the freezer temperature is between 0 and 5. Hello, the ice maker fan ADJ72911303 located in the freezer compartment, behind the panel. Hi Eugene, Thanks for being so generous and helping people diagnose their ice makers! made the first batch after i thawed plastic internal line but it froze again right away. If FULL is shown on the display after the procedure above, Ice-detecting sensor is abnormal. I have an lg French door ref. Please help lg model lmxs30776s00. It should reset control board and start cooling(maybe) . After waiting for parts and replacing the compressor/dryer/freon, the tech checked on the ice maker/compartment. Reset button cycles the tray but no water refill at the end. If so—-maybe the heat don’t go off. The tray moves now which the old one was not. Only by unplugging fridge for 24 hours, i guess. I am not sure. I keep trying to unplug and plug to make this error code go away. But how can I defrost the fans? Seems the freezer door was ajar all night and most of the items in the freezer got soft. Replace the ice maker water inlet valve, it is located in the left door, Hi Eugene, THANKS for all the help you have been providing to the troubled LG community. I posted a comment yesterday but don’t seem to find it so resubmitting – apologies for any duplication. We have the same problem. Is that an easy job? So press and hold the button for about 3 seconds until the arm starts to turn. We just got back to our house after being away for about a month. Hello, seems like something wrong with a filler arm. Thank you! Is it behind the control panel? or try to decrease freezer temp to -5F. I replaced the ice maker this weekend and same problem. Eugene, I am having the same problem as Michael has. Did you get exactly the same ice maker? My model is a Kenmore Elite 795.71073.010. I have pressed the reset button and turn off / on the fridge several times. How To Fix A Freezer Door That Doesn’t Seal Shut, Range Hood Not Working Properly – How To Repair Help & Tips, How To Remove And Replace A Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser, Split AC Leaking Water Inside – How To Fix Air Conditioner Water Leak, Ice Maker Not Working – How to Troubleshoot Refrigerator Ice Cube Dispenser, Refrigerator Making Noise When Dispensing Water. Hi Pat, check the temp inside ice maker with a fridge thermometer, you can get it in Walmart for 5$. LG Ice Maker stopped making ice in left door ice maker. It does not fill with water. I confirmed water is getting to the small reservoir inside the left door but will not pass through inlet valve next to it. Same every time. Sometimes it’s stops after that, sometimes it take three or four wiggles before it stops dispensing ice. What about light? Frozen items seem to be less frozen then they should be for being set at -1. just spent 50 on a new water feed motor. If you continue to have issues with the ice maker or water dispenser you will need to check the following…, 1. Replace it if you find an issue. My wife is there alone and has tried all the trouble shooting tips in the manual. Removed the tray above the lower access door, removed one Phillips screw, however I am unable to remove the panel accessing the water connections. Don’t hear water filling tray either but water indeed getting into ice tray. My ice machine wasn’t working and didn’t have any water in the tray. This fan blows cold air into ice maker compartment and freezes up water. Removed the tube to the ice maker and blew through it to ensure no blockages. The ice maker leaking (water inside door) was told by repair person this is a common issue with LG refrigerator and that it would cost $300 to repair.Was told that after 1to 2 years this would have to be fix again he advised me to just turn off water to ice maker is this normal. I took the water tube off and blew through it to make sure it wasn’t frozen. New filter, plenty of pressure, drinking water dispenser works fine, but no water comes out of the icemaker fill tube. When we press up on the left side of the ice tray it stops and settles back into the correct position. I have the same problem. Eugene, I have water leaking from the bottom of my left French door on my LG LFXS26596S refrigerator. After that you need to check heater and defrost thremostat for continuity. Why Does A Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping? I would check how much ice maker cost, but the model number is not correct. there is no ice in the machine stuck. Ice maker will not fill with water. Ice maker has a built-in timer. We have an LG LFX25974ST /04. Hi Rey, how do you know its making extra ice? It seems it is a very short cycle when I hear the water fill go into the tray. for me it sounds like inlet valve partially clogged with calcium deposit. Is there a procedure to diagnose it? I shut off, reseted it, and changed the water filter. Replace any water lines that you find damaged or extremely kinked. Water Heater Runs Out Of Hot Water When Showering – What To Check? If ice maker tray does not turn it may be jammed. After reset, the icemaker should be filled with water. It doesn’t give me any water nor does it make any noise. I have tried replacing the filter and cleaning the water valve near the ice maker. Doesn’t sit and freeze. Very difficult to find the reset button or pin hole. I am having the same issue as Elizabeth. How To Remove And Replace The Bottom Seal On A Shower Door? At end of that test, it squirts water on the floor again. Dan, My slim line lg ice maker has quit for the 7th or 8th time. For kicks, I turned it back on, and now it’s been making ice for a week. For the first 2 hours, the refrigerator has been plugged in, the ice maker test can only be run once. What is the temp in the fridge? Bent water lines will let some water though but not enough to work correctly. I change the inlet valve with a new one but still no water dispensing or ice being made… I think the small control board in the door is defective but that’s a big guess on my part… Thanks in advance for any suggestions…. Tried test switch nothing. Your email address will not be published. My ice maker continues to drip into the tray and overflows into the rest of the ice that becomes a solid block. Is there any way to get to the wires in the door to fix this problem or is it new door time? As I hit the test button, the tray will rotate almost 180 degrees. Thanks in advance for any help! It works normal other than that. the plastic line inside the freezer freezes right away and no longer makes ice. If you recently changed the water filter and you noticed the ice maker started to leak, the problem can be with water pressure. I have been searching for 5 days and tried everything! Hi Steve, i updated this article and at the very bottom you can find LG fridge Service Manual, see page 106. When you open the door ice falls out to the floor. Hi TRacy, maybe try to decrease water pressure to the fridge? (the ice maker has been replaced as well like a year ago. It will rotate far enough to drop any ice or water when I test but not the full 180 degrees.

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