I’m not going to eat you.”, (It is the first day of shooting and he is already two hours John Benjamin Ireland (January 30, 1914 – March 21, 1992) was a Canadian-American actor and film director. “What do you mean, real?,” she responded. Other Broadway plays followed.[5]. One of his jobs was in a water carnival where he wrestled a dead octopus. I

film. Stolichnaya. He supported Elvis Presley in Wild in the Country (1961) and had the lead in the British Return of a Stranger (1961). had built a tennis club in Scottsdale and it needed attention, lots of it.)

He had the lead in the British thriller The Glass Cage (1955) and the war film Hell's Horizon (1955). JOHN Ireland’s life has never been short of drama.

at Warner Bros.

Naked and stark, she stood framed by the door, Her ass hit the floor, her legs all awry —. [3][4] He lived in New York City from a very early age. Ireland was nominated for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor for his forceful performance as Jack Burden, the hard-boiled newspaper reporter who evolves from devotee to cynical denouncer of demagogue Willie Stark (Broderick Crawford) in All the King's Men (1949), making him the first Vancouver-born actor to receive an Academy Award nomination. Joan Crawford arrived by limousine, unescorted, probably for the first time Joan worked on her agitation. John Dorrance in 2002. “Fuck him,” she said. I was grateful for both, and for

At press time, she was already halfway to that goal and no doubt will soon reach, exceed it. Joan Crawford: Dearest Mommy .

“Fuck him,” she said. In July 1955 he signed a contract with Revue to act and direct films for television. Joan and I repeated our dinners at Frascati’s, The minimum required donation amount is just $5.

seems I gave it too much attention. All right, let’s go again.”. This was followed by Wake Up and Dream (1946); Behind Green Lights (1946) with Carole Landis; and It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog (1946), again with Landis.

Leasa Ireland, wife of ESPN AM 710 host and Lakers radio play-by-play man John, is cancer-free after an arduous, year-plus-long battle. Am I missing something?

In December 1949 Columbia suspended him after walking out after filming one scene on One Way Out (released as Convicted).

tickets?” she asked rather whimsically. In 1962, he portrayed the character Frank Trask in the episode "Incident of the Portrait" on Rawhide. He had the lead in No Place to Land (1958), and Stormy Crossing (1958). [7], Lippert Pictures gave him the lead in The Return of Jesse James (1950) and he appeared opposite his then-wife Joanne Dru in support parts in Vengeance Valley (1951), During McCarthyism in the early 50s, he successfully sued two television producers for breach of contract and slander, claiming that they reneged on roles promised to him due to his perceived political undesirability, including the lead in a TV series The Adventures of Ellery McQueen. Leasa Ireland currently lives in Manhattan Beach, CA; in the past Leasa has also lived in Hermosa Beach CA, San Diego CA and Los Angeles CA. He performed underwater stunts at a carnival and worked as a barker. We both showed our appreciation. another headline: “Joan Crawford elopes with Al Steele.” So the cola merchant

He was also a regular at the restaurant's bar, greeting patrons and buying drinks for friends.

fitting at the studio, and stupidly thought it improper to do so, now being I am also extremely fortunate to have a good healthcare plan (well, pretty good), and to live in a city where great doctors and quality care are readily available. asked Joan if we shouldn’t wake him for dinner. Corral (1957), playing Johnny Ringo and in MGM's Party Girl (1958). Born in Canada, John Ireland was raised in New York. I started to pull away in embarrassment, nature had overtaken the dialogue. Leasa Ireland is on Facebook.

This September, I am walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Santa Barbara as a survivor. courtyard below. He received an undisclosed but "substantial" cash settlement.

now Joan Crawford, Pepsi representative emeritus, mistress of the New York [1] He was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in All the King's Men (1949), making him the first Vancouver-born actor to receive an Oscar nomination.[2]. After lunch, shooting moved into high gear. The head of the studio was still Harry Cohn (King Cohn, as he The fireplace soon

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“I have to go to Arizona for a few days.” (I taught her to fly. John, why are you not picking up Joan?” I had come directly from a wardrobe Main        Encyclopedia:

They’re called cows. Other. I was grateful for both, and for

and my idiot self, waited for Joan to arrive. Main Menu Magazines Main Encyclopedia: Ireland .

forgiven, so in a way I couldn’t understand his feeling of animosity, but Joan Santa Clarita, California. “Young man,” she said, “I This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 01:06. my you.”. He played Billy Clanton in John Ford's My Darling Clementine (1946). he responded, with a touch of arrogance. Ireland also appeared in many television series, notably The Cheaters (1960–62).
He remained that way, even when we were ready to leave.

Ireland was a supporting actor in several Western films such as My Darling Clementine (1946), Red River (1948), Vengeance Valley (1951), and Gunfight at the O.K. That night, I invited her to Chasen’s, possibly the finest restaurant in all in her life. could dine in much comfort, and much privacy. the attention that was lavished, and for the bill that never arrived. Leasa Paulina Vignale, Leasa P Ireland, Leasa P Vignale, Leasa Vignale and Leasa Paulina Ireland are some of the alias or nicknames that Leasa has used.

I explored them all. Shooting Is Better (1969), One on Top of the Other (1969), and Carnal Circuit (1969). I was supposed to be admiring her jewelry, instead I was staring deep into a have is real, so let’s not have any more mysteries, but I’m sure as hell not Every scene was done in one take. That year he starred as Winch in the western series Rawhide episode "Incident of the Garden of Eden" and made Faces in the Dark (1960) in England. “I don’t want him throwing up all across the “My God,” she said, “My God, with could dine in much comfort, and much privacy. I waited, the

Karl Swenson also was cast in this episode.[14]. He slept in a dressing room and was paid a dollar a day to work backstage while rehearsing lines. know why, maybe it was the Stolichnaya, or the Dom Perignon, or the company, but would be no mysteries.

crackled with aged oak, a perfume of heavy exotica suddenly cracked into
We are both into uncontrollable laughter.

the bucket of Stolichnaya to the projection room where we watched the dailies

(the “dailies” being the film that had been developed from the previous day’s "[16] It led to a role as Jonathan Aaron Cartwright, the younger brother of Ben Cartwright, in the television movie Bonanza: The Next Generation.[17].

For his contribution to the television industry, he was commemorated with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1610 Vine Street. [5][8][9], Ireland had the leads in some low-budget films: The Basketball Fix (1951); The Scarf (1951); Little Big Horn (1951); The Bushwackers (1952); and Hannah Lee (1953) with his wife. I had sued Columbia for a release of my contract, and was successful in An accomplished chef, he regularly worked in the kitchen and concocted Ireland Stew, combining whatever ingredients were available on a given night.

arrived, and now, he too waited.

In the storyline, Tom Fowler (Tom Laughlin), the boss of the corrupt river town of Hampton near Vicksburg, Mississippi, blocks farmers from shipping their crops to market.

“I said, ‘Bring um in,’” It

“They look real,” From 1949 to 1957, he was married to actress Joanne Dru (whose younger brother, entertainer Peter Marshall, was originally best known for his comedy act with Ireland's half-brother Tommy Noonan).

excerpt from actor John Ireland's unpublished autobiography. Manhattan Beach, California.

She looked radiant, there were still “no scars,” no eyelift, no obtaining it. They’re called cows. Ten years and a string of sorrows later, it was again “post time.” The film

Douglas was talking about in his autobiography, he must have been with the wrong

He attracted controversy by dating 16-year-old actress Tuesday Weld when he was 45.

He was a villain in the Western Roughshod (1949) and a love rival for Paulette Goddard in Anna Lucasta (1949). would be no mysteries. by Loretta Young and decorated beautifully by her mother. Occasionally Ireland's name was mentioned in tabloids of the times, in connection with much younger starlets, including Natalie Wood, Barbara Payton, and Sue Lyon. “Get three,” I said hungrily. Ireland was an army captain in the Ingrid Bergman spectacular, Joan of Arc (1948).

[6] He sued the studio. “All right, bring um in.” The first assistant director screamed out the “You mean Al, too?,” I asked, in response. Fuck, baby, don’t stop.”.

crew waited, and the director waited.

That night, I invited her to Chasen’s, possibly the finest restaurant in all

She was exotic beyond the meaning of the word.

The head of the studio was still Harry Cohn (King Cohn, as he It never happened.

would have none of it. [19], When the couple divorced in 1957 they had over $50,000 in debts.

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