I need to also tell you that our Mother her name is Lana Nelson, and my grandfathers middle name was Hugh. husband Todd. The last time I spoke to you was just after filming A Pair of Aces and then ran in to during one of my classes at local hospital. Why write this book about your dad now?” she responded,  “Oh, I want to write it now while we can both remember things”. Lana Nelson played a small part in Nelson’s 1986 film Red Headed Stranger. Fights? Wives? Margo Bollinger / margobollinger@ymail.com 989-561-5044, Lana, how the hell are you? You’ll witness a singer/songwriter in his prime, who’s stumbled upon the authentic identity that would help cement his place in not just country, but American music history. Could we please possibly get a meet and greet and picture of the 4 of us together just it’s been too long , that’s all I know. “Yes,” was all she said. The significance of Shotgun Willie cannot be overstated – it was one of the original albums of the outlaw movement, a revolt against the slick pop-heavy Nashville Sound that was dominant at the time. She  threatens to quit after every show, until he promises he won’t make her stand up again. August 9th in Jackson Mich, his concert comming up, Myself, my husband, my father Marvin Dutmers, and sister Angela Boardman, will be attending this concert. “Dad hasn’t smoked pot for 30 years. but I always think of you and your Dad and your Aunt Bobby. “Slow Down Old World” has an elegant opening of Spanish-infused guitar that gives way to a wonderful mix of acoustic guitar and steel. What can be told by others than hasn’t already been told by himself? The arrangements let the songs have their own life and Nelson once again proves his incredible talents at crafting simple yet effecting songs.

National sales of the album were poor upon release that June, although in Austin it sold more copies than most of Nelson’s earlier recordings did nationwide. He really does appreciate his fans. Thank you for your time reading this and the story is ever so touching, I have read the TAO of Willie and loved every page. Nelson hits a home run by retaining the western swing elements of the song while also updating it for the modern audience. Hows R.& M. & of course, Nelson? “Devil In My Sleeping Bag” gives the middle of the album a nice dose of pep, infusing acoustic guitars and drums in a sunny feel good arrangement. Saturday, 5/1/10 she got to go see him in Binghamton, NY. Very touching. They’ve been at that for years.”, “Billy English is listening to the Grateful Dead on his headphones during the shows.”, “The original title for ‘Me and Paul’ was ‘Me and Paul and Mickey,’ but Paul English beat dad at a game of chess, and he had to drop Mickey’s name from the title.”. If you want to read more about Lana’s book, visit Nelson’s vocal is sharp and confident giving off an intimacy between Nelson and the listener. Lana Nelson is an actress and costume designer, known for Red Headed Stranger (1986), The King of Luck (2011) and Lovey: King of the Roadies. ; ). “No, I’m kinda lookin’ foward to readin’ about what all I’ve done. Lana Nelson is an actress and costume designer, known for Red Headed Stranger (1986), The King of Luck (2011) and Lovey: King of the Roadies. Through his verified accounts, Nelson regularly shares posts of notable memories with Lana: from a time she signed his cast or … Co-written by Cindy Walker, Thomas Duncan, and Willis it’s the drinking song that started the classic theme of drowning your sorrows in a barroom. This entry was posted on Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 at 12:10 am and is filed under April Fools Day, Ramblings, Special Days. When Lana was asked, “Why now? Oh, by the way I’m Betsys dad. But she did throw a couple teasers: Her dad does not smoke marijuana. It has been a long time since I said hello to you.

My dad Marvin Dutmers 73 years old has been to three of your dads concerts in the past 8 mos and has spokaen with him each time, his dream come true. Nelson’s original is phenomenal, with acoustic guitars and pedal steel framing his gorgeously deep vocal. www.stillisstillmoving.com is proudly powered by WordPress Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).

Scribner & Sons has announced that Lana Nelson has received a seven-figure advance to write a tell-all book about her father, Willie Nelson. Lana, we lost touch a bit! Guess what? cya. If you’re only familiar with Nelson’s more popular recordings from the mid to late 70s, go and pick this one up.

Willie Nelson was reached on tour and was asked what he thought about Lana’s revealing book about him. It’s an excellent track, even when Nelson descends to near whisper at the end of the second verse, just before the melody picks up again. Thank you so much for sharing that story! Thank you so mush for arranging the first meet and greet in Oklahoma last year, as for when he went to Texas I think in February of this year my dad marvin stood out by your dad’s bus and by god Your father walked right up to my father again and they shook hands and spoke to one another again, the happiness in my fathers face as he speaks of this to this day is absolutely heartwarming. Daughter of singer-songwriter Willie Nelson and Martha Matthews. It all started when Nelson learned that Lana has been suffering abuse at the hands of her husband, Steve. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. My father and sister were able to get a meet and greet when the 3 of us went to Oklahoma at the Riverwind Casino last November. His show has always brought the biggest joy to her life. Scribner & Sons has announced that Lana Nelson has received a seven-figure advance to write a tell-all book about her father, Willie Nelson. “Bubbles In My Beer” was a second Willis’ cover and a song that became a country music standard shortly after Willis and his Texas Playboys first recorded it in 1947, taking it to #4 on the charts.

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