The boars are easy to handle, and great characters, but all male pigs grow tusks, and like goats and cows with horns, you have to be careful they do not catch you by mistake, if you're worried by the tusks, they can be removed. I know Niles doesn't, but I'm not certain about my sows. They also Breeding Boars Kunekune boars are relatively late maturing compared to most pig breeds. same field, in separate units living in arcs. Another possible method to control boar taint is to use sex sorted semen for artificial insemination. management practice. A boar cannot be kept with the sow all the time, unless you want two litters of piglets a year so you will need additional housing and grazing. you therefore get better use from your land if you can divide it up in to fairly [2] Some producers are breeding out the taint and avoiding the few breeds of pigs that are high in taint. You may need planning permission, check with your local council. number. 12 months of trying) before culling. Not being a particularly aggressive breed, though, they do not often use their tusks against other pigs. The piglets can be very small. I can't wait to watch him grow and mature. Goats After the second dose, the boar's testicles stop growing. Rubber rings and the Burdizzo method (a piece of equipment that crushes the spermatic cord and vessels) are not suitable or legal. Great care must The British Kunekune Pig Society is run on a non-profit basis to further the interests of the pigs, the pedigree breed and of those who love to keep them. Even folks who keep multiple boars do not find the need to file down the tusks. They are covered in long hair, which can be straight, wavy or curly. Hi Michael! The roaster pigs will be butchered before they reach sexually maturity so you don't have to worry about taint in them. demand to a police constable, inspector or other officer of the Ministry of Agriculture. pig movements listed in it. one themselves. Pork Bees What should I feed the lactating sow and piglets on? Once the sow is fighting off the piglets for food, it is a good idea to provide the piglets with food in a separate area that the sow can’t get at. Kunes need a maximum of 16% Competitive Advantage Business Solutions, LLC. either prick or semi lop ears. Vegetarian, January 2018 He is a stunning little man. Dedicated to the preservation of Kunekune pigs in New Zealand and beyond. Legal Issues January 2013 Past contributor to our breeding program. do not provide a wallow they will often knock over their water in an effort to create Females mature at around 6 months and males between 7 and 8 months, which is why we try and butcher the males at about 6 and a half to 7 months of age. Formerly from Goose Meadow. People Be Stupid Niles, our breeding boar, strikes a pose. March 2011 grass pellets and water in to August 2010. Articles Homepage. November 2010 Breeding In many situations it is a matter of being patient and setting a time limit (i.e. Electric fencing can be very effective A certificate, when authorized, will This boar is very masculine with an outstanding head, nice topline and high tailset. October 2017 Sows that have low litter numbers or are poor mothers should be culled, but often litter size is influenced by environmental factors (such as feed or the boar’s fertility) more than the sows genetic makeup. all times when exercising or moving it; c) there must be no contact with any other I've never tried the pelleted beet pulp as no one around here sells it. You can either keep Some may wonder why don't you just castrate them anyways? Commercial units commonly castrate boars on farm before they are 7 days old. January 2011 June 2015 In, Hennessy D, Newbold R. "Consumer attitudes to boar taint and immunocastration: A qualitative study." As with any operation, there are potential risks such as pain, infection and bleeding. or even to have to get rid of the pig. This method has been successfully used in cattle breeding, but the technique is still under research and no economical or practical solution yet exists in pig production. Past Contributor to our program. This can be local or general anaesthesia.

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