A cartridge designed from the outset for use in a handgun. Oh, ok, now I understand. All flunked. Automatic pistol is automatic pistol and avtomat is avtomat, they should never be confused. If that is true, misinterpreted history may have killed off a promising design. Looks like a big velocity gain too.

I only wear simple foam ear muffs when shooting, and I’m perfectly comfortable (if you were to shoot it at an indoor range, then, yeah, you might want to double up on the hearing protection as a lot of people recommend for this gun). By proper design and metallurgy, the Browning locking system has accommodated some fairly high-pressure rounds, such as the .357 and .41 Magnum (Coonan), and the .44 Magnum and .45 Winchester Magnum (LAR Grizzly). Kimball’s pistol was styled heavily after the High Standard, and it looks good and handles well. The closest thing you can get to that “powerful automatic pistol” without spraining your wrist is a compact “assault carbine,” and even then good luck getting that past political crap!

I knew nothing about this particular Ruger, and now I do. Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! The Ruger Blackhawk revolver chambered for the .30 Carbine round has been in the catalogs since the late 1960s. Required fields are marked *. Until you mentioned it I’ve never heard of a 327, had to go look it up.
Actually that same load shot fairly well in the Automag III and it’s one of my favorites from the M1 Carbine. The rounds did stick in the cylinder when new, I sent it back to Ruger and it came back with polished bores and never stuck again. I can only imagine the muzzle blast from the short barrel of the “Combat model” Kimber. Actually this is a common problem. OUT OF STOCK (10) Ruger 0505 Blackhawk 6RD 30CARB 7.5" OUT OF … Before anyone says a blowback or a .30 USC pistol in that role is a strange idea, I would point out two things.

So in plain English I was saying “the best approach is making small carbine instead of a pistol since 30 Carbine is a rifle cartridge.” Anything wrong here? Disassembling the Blackhawk for cleaning couldn’t be easier. It goes like this: Dump the cylinder out the right side of the gun. Don’t know of very many handguns that can do that and I own a few. The Kimball failed because it was a delayed blowback, a hopelessly lightweight way to make a .30 Carbine pistol.

Your comments are correct, but i’ll Bet you a good meal that if they come out with a reasonably priced .30 carbine A la automag design, all the millions of M1 Carbine owners will seriously consider getting one. After shot, slide move rearwards alone 70 mm, then together with barrel yet 5 mm. Firearm comes with the original mag. Since then, others (AMT’s Automag III, Taurus’ brief flirtation with the Raging Thirty) have come and gone, while the .30 Carbine Blackhawk is still available today. https://modernfirearms.net/en/military-rifles/self-loading-rifles/russia-self-loading-rifles/simonov-avs-36-eng/ If I remember correctly, I’ve seen on some forum, somebody stumbled on (many?) This is a J. Kimball Arms Co Pistol chambered in 30 Carbine.

But for a blast (pun intended) at short range, it’s worth a try. While development of this cartridge was sparked by examining of captured MKb.42(H) it is own design. When the short, half-slide made it all the way to the rear, it came up hard against a vertical lug in the receiver.

Winchester had not submitted a “short rifle” in the first tests and the company was urged privately by government officials to get in the running for the second tests. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email.

In consequence, the pistol weighs in at a somewhat boat-anchor-ish 46 ounces. It’s pretty damn accurate. While the gun is not my cup-o-tea, I never write off an oddball. I can’t find any documentation of anyone actually injured in this way, but that was obviously the concern. I have a “New Model” .30 carbine revolver I purchased in 2005. Maybe the best solution to this problem is the basic Browning lock, more specifically the FN Hi-Power variation.

Ammo is not “cheap” as it used to be when surplus was around, but for an adjunct weapon for hunting or a defense weapon when you’re trying to clean the deer and a 4 legged barking thing wants to bother you, this is a very nice piece to have on hand.

But seriously, great review. However, as long as the chambers are kept clean, reliability is essentially flawless.
The gun is very easy to clean — and a good thing too, as it needs to be cleaned rather often. The 32-20 is a bottle neck rimmed case using a .312 dia bullet so what happens to the case when its fired in a 30 carbine rimless cylinder?I stuck a 32-20 in my 30 carbine blackhawk and the rim stops it from going in far enough to close the loading gate let alone spin the cylinder.Now if you had a 32-20 cylinder made for the 30 cal.blackhawk that would be a very interesting conversion.The cylinder on the 30 carbine is the same length as the 44mag super blackhawk so the length would be no problem. The operating system is fascinating. The answer: Pretty well. Along the way, I had been dimly aware of a company called AMT which had specialized in making stainless steel autoloading handguns, but did remember they offered a .30 Carbine for a while.

It’s not a straight-wall case. And I’m not even counting the 600 Nitro Express Pfeifer Zeliska — if it weighs 13 pounds, it’s no longer a “hand”-gun.

Flat-shooting popgun that – in this gun, with its beefy cylinders, could probably be loaded up to near-3000 f/s with the 40 grain bullets without issue. from the carbine, and only 1239 fps from the Blackhawk, giving an average velocity drop of 467 fps. lf noticed the tube under the chamber section of barrel, it is the housing of powerfull return spring of free floating barrel during the dicharge as carrying the sticked empty case as if the barrel being locked with the breechbolt at instant when the highest pressure exists. gas check roundnose. that we would like […], The US military experimented almost continuously with new repeating rifles between the end of the US Civil War and the beginning of the 20th century, and the rifles submitted for testing are a fascinating spectrum […].

developed specifically for paratroopers and at right is select-fire M2 Carbine. ” A spiral groove was cut in the chamber to deal with +P variant of 9 Makarov.” The entire gun, save for the grip frame and ejector rod housing, is made of steel, with a deep blued finish that looks almost black. Get the American Rifleman Insider newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. Its basic configuration was as a 1911 but with outsize grip necessitated by the .30 Carbine cartridge length. They all appear to have been made as one batch, so material problems, heat treatment problems or simply the parts being cut with the grain of the steel running in the wrong orientation,are all possibilities. Might have been a great round but the dust bin of history is the 327 not the still in production 30 Carb!

When the Automag III’s extractor broke, the empty case would That’s right a lot longer that you have been around.

Admittedly, those ballistics don’t sound too thrilling on paper, but let’s compare, shall we? I can’t find any documentation of anyone actually injured in this way, but that was obviously the concern. I have one in particular that will stick after the first shot. Next I tried US commercial ammo, which did fire, but shortly into the project its extractor broke. Teri from Nambu World gave us some more details (thanks, Teri and Chip!) Same approach was used later, by Kel-Tec in their PMR30 .22″MRF pistol without chamber inside ring and cuts; Powerfull magnum rounds stick inside and drag the barrel for a while with slide, weak LR cartridges only push the breechbolt. Kimball barrel is not fixed.

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