Khepri was not depicted with any weapon or item of his own, and was not said to have had any special powers. So Ra orders thousands of jugs of beer be dyed red and dumped everywhere, and blood-guzzling Sekhmet gets so drunk that she can’t finish driving humanity extinct, the end. Subdivision located in Southwest Fort Wayne, IN. But he didn’t last long, because his brother Set killed him, and dismembered him, and for good measure scattered his body across Egypt. I should mention here that in general, ancient people were – well, I won’t say religiously tolerant, but there seems to have been a “more the merrier” feel to a lot of pantheons. They just paint a nondescript woman with her name on top. He was depicted with a beetle for a head. Anuket, like Satet, was a goddess of the Nile. ancient Egyptians weren’t big on willfulness or introversion or individualism, and Set was all of those, too. Amenhotep renamed himself Akhenaten, declared Aten the one true god, declared himself to be something like God-King-Pope, and spent the rest of his reign trashing the temples of anyone who disagreed with him. In Memphis, they used an actual black bull to represent Apis, which was chosen based on strict criteria including “is there a white triangle on its forehead,” “do the splotches on its back look anything like wings,” and “does it have a beetle-sized lump under its tongue?” If a bull passed, it got to live out its life in luxury, on a private pasture, with a whole harem of cows, until age 25 when it was killed and given a giant funeral and they’d start searching for a replacement. Honestly, my favorite thing about Seshat is her leopard-skin dress. He rode his boat/sun across the sky during the day and through the underworld at night, constantly fending off attacks by the forces of chaos. It’s when a group goes from “my god is the best god” to “my god is the only god” that you get problems. Atum is usually depicted on a throne, sometimes with a ram’s head, and sometimes as an old guy leaning on a staff, and sometimes, as none of the above. There was a period way, way back when early Egyptians thought of baboons as their deceased ancestors, so Babi was associated with the afterlife. He was one of one of the creator gods and depicted as a scarab beetle or as a man with a scarab for a head. Set countered that Horus is young and inexperienced, and challenged him to prove himself a more capable leader in a series of contests, but Horus won them all, proving that he’s both the rightful king and totally better at everything than Set anyway. Khepre was one of the first gods, self-created, and his name means “he who has come into being”. Ain’t No Tragedy Like An Ancient Greek Tragedy, When We Thought Radioactivity Was Healthy, When the US (almost) Nuked North Carolina. Which probably explains why Akhenaten’s religion more or less died with him. The story goes that after his mom got pregnant with him (via zombie-Osiris), he was born and grew in secret while usurper uncle Set sat on the throne. Site built with Wordpress, Frumph's Comicpress theme and a lot of tweaking. She was also the patron goddess of art and drunkenness. First: I opened a store! Which is surprising, because she seems to have been a pretty big deal once upon a time. Family Tree of the Gods female gods male gods Bibliography Khepre. You may know him as Khepri, Khepra, Khepera or Khepre. Apep was blamed for more or less everything bad – storms, famines, invasions, earthquakes, etc. He was also associated with a certain kind of lettuce that has a distinctive white sap. A ram-headed god of earth and water and craftsmanship, who (depending on the version you read) created humankind on a potters wheel. During the contests between Horus and Seth, she warns that if Seth doesn’t do what she says, or she’ll make the sky fall, and while I assume she meant it literally, I like to imagine it more like that scene from Hero. But it magic only lasts so long and he died again, this time to unlive out the rest of his undays in the underworld as the chief deity of the afterlife. Ptah is also the one who created humanity by scultping them at a potters’ wheel, although in some traditions Khnum did that instead. Bastet was a sort of motherly goddess, who took care of pregnant women and young pharaohs and guided dead people in the underworld. Family tree of the most important Gods of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, and also some animals. He was one of one of the creator gods and depicted as a scarab beetle or as a man with a scarab for a head. Neith was sort of the female counterpart of Nun. Symbolism. He was sort of the original creator god, but over a few thousand years he got replaced by/combined with Ra, who was in turn replaced by/combined with Amun. I might as well mention that this is the only pantheon I’ve heard of with stitched-together-zombie-sex. Geb’s counterpart in the almost-incest story – see the entry under Shu for more details on that. She also, apparently, invented birth itself, and weaving, which made mummification possible. Soon after, Set goes bragging that he’s done the “work of a man” on Horus, which Horus denies, so one of the gods calls for their semen, and Set’s answers from a swamp, and Horus’s answers from inside Set.

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