Country music station KBBQ (1500 AM) in Burbank became KROQ in September 1972, changing its format to Top-40 and hiring established disc jockeys from other stations. The duo, who had been hosting the afternoon time slot on KROQ, were notified of their promotion soon after management dropped the ax on longtime DJ Kevin Ryder and the morning show staff. Kelli Skye Fadroski lives for entertainment. After quietly joining Entercom Alternative 106.7 KROQ Pasadena/Los Angeles following the self-inflicted debacle at the short-lived “97.3 The Machine” KEGY San Diego, Kevin Klein has been promoted to afternoon co-host alongside Ted Stryker. In 1997, KROQ/Infinity merged with CBS, later changing its name to CBS Radio. Both Stryker and Klein are very accessible via social media and are pros at uploading content via Twitter and Instagram and replying to fans directly. Il est plus particulièrement remarqué dans les années 1980 à 1990 avec des campagnes de publicité ayant marqué l'histoire de la mode. During the September 24, 2008 episode of Loveline, both DJ Samantha Ronson and actress Lindsay Lohan spoke to Stryker regarding the plane crash involving DJ AM and Travis Barker. [36] The merger was approved on November 9, 2017, and was consummated on the 17th. In more recent years, he’s hosted the afternoons solo but brought on Klein after befriending him following a chance encounter at Bristol Farms on Sunset Boulevard two years ago. Owned by Entercom, it broadcasts an Alternative rock format, branding itself as The World Famous KROQ. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Kevin Klein (né le 13 décembre 1984 à Kitchener, dans la province de l'Ontario au Canada) est un joueur professionnel canadien de hockey sur glace [1], [2]. [8] National Science Network's management of the KPPC stations was turbulent, capped by an October 1971 mass firing of the air staff,[9] but the period also included technical upgrades. [33], In February 2015, KROQ severed ties with Boyd "Doc on the Roq" Britton and Lisa May after deciding to drop news and traffic. Ryder and his morning team are being replaced by “Stryker and Klein,” to be hosted by KROQ’s Ted Stryker and Kevin Klein, from 5-10 a.m. Stryker, another longtime KROQ DJ, tweeted a … [37][38], On March 18, 2020, Kevin Ryder announced on Twitter that he, Allie MacKay, Jensen Karp, producer Dave Sanchez and contributor Jonathan Kantrowe, had all been fired from the morning show.[39]. With KMPX soaring to success but KPPC, with its middle-of-the-road format, ailing, Crosby and Avery brought in the architects of KMPX, Tom and Raechel Donahue, to turn around their new station in Southern California.[3]. They even hosted a Sweatpants Fashion Show for listeners via Zoom, where the winner received a used pair of sweatpants from Angels & Airwaves vocalist-guitarist Tom DeLonge. Enjoy! One of the things both agree on is that radio shows in general have gotten “somewhat complacent” and many of the stations are doing the same sort of segments and material, which is why they’re excited to start fresh with the ability to try out a variety of ideas to see what sticks. Also during this period, KROQ began focusing on college rock (or so-called alternative rock) by adding bands into their playlist such as R.E.M., the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Psychedelic Furs, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Replacements, Camper Van Beethoven, Jane's Addiction, the Pixies, The Alarm, The Cult, Violent Femmes, Love and Rockets, Dramarama and Social Distortion, as well as heavier acts like Faith No More and Living Colour. [2] Coincidentally, he will be replacing Riki Rachtman, who also hosted Loveline from 1990-1995. To my @kroq friends, this is what’s happening and how I feel???????? On March 18, 2020, Stryker and co-host Kevin Klein moved to mornings on KROQ replacing Kevin Ryder and the former morning show. Theodore "Ted" Ramón Stryker (born Gary Ramón Sandorf) known on-air as simply "Stryker", is an American radio personality and disc jockey. [10], In 1971, Ludwig Wolfgang Frohlich, founder of the National Science Network and previous owner of an ad agency, died. She came to The Orange County Register in 2006 after freelancing for numerous regional, national and international music magazines and has covered all things music, stand-up comedy, horror and more. “Today, we announced the launch of a new morning show that we believe will deliver what our fans are asking for and take our station into the future. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 21 août 2016 à 05:53. In 1979, Shadoe Stevens once again left the station, with Rick Carroll taking over as program director, and took all of the new music and combined it in a Top 40 formatic structure. He eventually moved back to Los Angeles, California, and worked at KROQ-FM 106.7 FM as a music DJ from 4pm to 7pm (PST). so many conflicting feelings. [20] The stations' debt load reached $7 million;[20] paychecks began to bounce and Shadoe Stevens and the bulk of the staff walked out, shutting the stations down. Kevin Ryder and the entire KROQ Morning radio show team were unceremoniously booted from the airwaves, Ryder tweeted Wednesday. In 1967, the Pasadena Presbyterian Church sold KPPC-AM-FM to Crosby-Avery Broadcasting for $310,000. Kevin Klein avec les Predators de Nashville. Stryker was born and raised in Los Angeles, but hosted a morning show at 92.1 KFMA in Tucson, Ariz., before being hired at KROQ in 1999.

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