Free Agency: Lost SF Gordon Hayward to the Celtics on a four-year, $128 million deal, and G George Hill to the Kings on a three-year, $57 million deal. Collins and Swanigan both are excellent additions to a front court that needed depth. However, the potential remains for Hield to become an elite NBA scorer in the modern NBA, especially with his efficiency in stop-and-pop and shooting on the move, all thanks to a Curry-like quick release. Somehow Boston landed offensive-star Gordon Hayward despite the Jazz making several moves in an attempt to entice him to stay. And because he is a player without comparison, it sometimes feels a little disingenuous to submit him to hierarchy. The sophomore, little-used as a freshman, erupted this summer at the FIBA U19 Championships, backpacking an undermanned Japan team.

It’s what allows him to become a headache in pick and roll coverage when he blitzes and traps. The Milwaukee Brewers won’t continue to break their own single-season strikeout record. Cedeno makes the cut here. He is married to Cecily Anne Aguilar. The simple explanation is the analytics at play. At halftime of Game 5. Unlike the other major professional sports, there exists no lame duck period between end-of-season and offseason in Major League Baseball. The shooting took place outside a house at Glen Easton Way at approximately 9.15pm.

They were words to gravitate towards. On draft night Denver traded the No. Look forward to March hero Luke Maye and Pittsburgh grad transfer Cameron Johnson to have monster years. Giles is worth the gamble after cementing positive draft night. With all the other Western teams trying to ante up to take down the Warriors, they are likely in for a bit of a fall, placing them just out of playoff contention. The Wildcats play much bigger than gameday pamphlets indicate, but have all the positive qualities of modern-day death lineups on the offensive end.

SF Ben Simmons (foot) has been cleared for contact, but was kept out of Summer League. Poor guy. Further information about the story can be read.

Bench: G Brad Davison (Fr. He’s always had incredible hands. Attacking early and often in each his plate appearances, Altuve could not care less about your fancy “true outcomes.” Altuve, the presumed AL MVP this year, is so damn good that the Houston organization not only let him be, but actually started to take after him. Yet, it felt like the kind of thing you said at a high volume to convince yourself of its sincerity or its truthfulness. Another plus? The Gators also regain John Egbunu from injury, giving them a pair of legitimate rim protectors to supplement stingy perimeter defense. The second baseman could be on track to arrive in late-June/early-July of 2019. The results are, dare I say, GAUDY. Jackson made no alterations to his stiff, straight-on release point, but obviously spent a summer filled with repetition as he improved from 29% from deep in his first two years in Chapel Hill to 37% in 2016-17.

That catch-and-shoot proficiency was the only preventative measure for Jackson’s NBA prospects. It’s awarded amidst the madness of March and early April, and by the time many have reason to care, we’ve moved onto the subsequent NBA Draft. The Big Ten title drought very well could be coming to a close in 2018. That will help clean up the avoidable offensive fouls, and Haas really has no choice being surrounded by knockdown 3-point shooters. Trading Allen Crabbe for Andrew Nicholson seemed unnecessary, and I think actually weakened their roster. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He says it with a thoughtfulness he still has and an innocence that makes me smile.

Ultimately, I would guess that the Bucks pay Jabari what they feel is fair and what he is worth even if there are no other suitors given that he is such a high character individual. This was particularly transparent in his uncompetitive at-bats against right-handed pitching.

The final destination of this franchise is not necessarily hard to conceptualize. And yet his steadiness and his negotiation of the sometimes difficult dichotomy between creating for himself and creating for others earned a late second victory over the highest seeded team in the conference.

Bench: C Marques Bolden (So. ), F Sacha Killeya-Jones (So. The most logical resolution would be to avoid allowing balls in play altogether. The skepticism latent beneath Bucks fandom often impels me to underestimate how good he is. Say what you will about Dwight Howard, but they have at last found a suitable PnR mate for point guard Kemba Walker. Thus, naturally, the billionaire ego felt mere fandom could translate into personnel decision-making.

Own the Future needs to become less of a hashtag and more of a direct course of action. If the Brewers brass is willing to look beyond this noise from recent weeks, his 121 OPS+ from such an offensively-dry position collectively across baseball would be indispensable. How long the journey is. Fresh faces annually devour the attention as the season approaches, faces that almost never factor into the Player of the Year chase in the end. He’s been dangled by the Rangers in potential deals for seemingly 5 years now.

Despite having what I would consider a top 10 draft in 2017, Orlando remains next to Brooklyn as having the NBA’s worst roster, so Mo Bamba could be on the horizon. Free Agency: Nix. “My name is uh… Giannis Antetokounmpo”. Here are 13 more facts about him: (This is a developing story. Yet, Graham’s aforementioned defense is what allows him to college basketball’s most valuable.

It is understood the shooting is related to an ongoing gangland feud. He was stationed at the Fort Hood military base in Killeen, Texas, where Guillen and Robinson were also stationed. Free Agency: Re-signed G Ron Baker to a 1-year deal, and signed SG Tim Hardaway Jr. to a four-year, $71 million deal, and waived F Maurice Ndour in June. Parker’s ability to stay healthy and produce on the court will have a big impact long term on the upside of this Bucks roster as currently constructed as well, especially if he can make strides to improve defensively where he has struggled thus far.
But also emotionally, in a way that was harder to elucidate but maybe more encompassing. The Brewers acquired the free-swinger in an unnecessary, un-Strearns-like rental deal.

A sneaky good offensive squad last season should again go dancing and threaten to reach the Sweet 16.
Aguilar was married to Keon Aguilar, a former soldier once stationed at Fort Hood.

Doug McDermott, the coach’s son with the fluorescent green light, transformed from a second round evaluation following his junior year to a top 10 pick after a POY campaign. The story is a long and winding road.

There was a rhyme and reason to the names of the lowly Astros, and it was somewhat of a revolutionary rebuilding path. The journey towards that has started but the direction and the stops along the way are still mired in a philosophical haze of roster construction.

), F Jarred Vanderbilt (Fr. But eventually, it felt almost irritating. Upside. The Bucks cap situation becomes even more interesting when considering that Jabari is a restricted free agent and will be looking for a long-term deal.

Offloading one of their bad contracts would require them to attach an asset, so that seems unlikely. He, Ja’Quan Newton, and Lonnie Walker will be must-see television. But by no means is he one dimensional with his physical tools. However, my gut tells me Miley turns down the larger payday in favor of helping retain Milwaukee’s ever-unquantifiable culture. ( Log Out / 

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